S Classes 202 The Box (2)


I could not even see how fast Hyuna Moon’s moved. Right after she came in, Taewon Song was blocking her punches. While the sound was not loud, he crashed into the basin. He still stood as if he was protecting me, though.

His left foot crushed the tiles to stand, and his right kicked at Hyuna Moon’s waist. I saw that the attack was unavoidable and heard the hitting sound.

However, Hyuna Moon jumped back like nothing had happened, and they both looked fine. What had happened?


“What are you doing?”

The sound of the basin fragments breaking off accentuated her words.


“Why are you protecting him, Director Song?”
“I have no intention of harming him.”
“You didn’t seem so from outside.”

Taewon Song frowned instead of answering, and Hyuna Moon shrugged her shoulders.


“How about taking a break? You seem tired.”

“…I am fine.”

“I’m serious. You look pale. I can look after things for a week.”


She seemed sincerely worried, but Taewon Song did not budge.


“Thank you, but I will refuse your offer. There are legal problems.”

“This situation is not a problem?”
“I just wanted to confirm something.”


Taewon Song’s voice was calm, and we both looked at him strangely.


“You were growling. Even Mr. Han looks weirded out.”

“…I am unharmed.”

It was true, but the fact he had intimidated me was also true. Hyuna Moon had come in because of that.


“Did you see how you were acting? There’s a mirror.”
“I saw enough.”


My blood turned cold on those words. He could have seen himself clearly in the mirror. Had he done this to observe how he was acting?


“…I don’t know whether I want to ask you this. How did it feel, Director Song?”

There was no answer, but Taewon Song took a step away from me.


“I apologize for what I did.”

My head turned white at the apology. What would he have been thinking?

I would have been the exemplary terrified civilian, and he would have been the predator. I knew that he hated that more than anything else. He would not have avoided looking at the mirror but memorized each second.


‘I had never been in danger.’


While Hyunjae Sung told me to have weak hunters nearby, Taewon Song would not have been able to endure this more. He could not harm me if he saw himself being a monster to a weaker being.


“Director Song.”

I was scared of how far he would go. Would he cut his limbs off so he could not harm anyone then?


“I believe you to be a good person who is necessary in this world.”

“I will not harm you, Mr. Han.”

Taewon Song’s voice was soft.


“I had thought of you as a threat and do want to throttle you because of that. However, I can now say I will die before I harm you.”


Was he saying he would remember himself in the mirror and kill himself before he got into that state again?

“…Director Song, I hope you live long.”

“I will not die easily.”

“Can’t you loosen up? We have been on friendly terms.”
“I am all right now. I’m sorry I have not received your calls. I will not do it again.”
“I’m worried about you.”

I thought he would not survive the contradiction between who he wanted to be and who he was and, consequently, die again.

Taewon Song looked at me.


“You should turn your fear resistance skill again if you haven’t.”

“…Mr. Song.”
“I am fine.”

He was definitely not fine. I was fishing for things to say, and Taewon Song turned his gaze to her.


“About the damage-“
“No, no. Breaker will take care of this. I will say I had done this because I was surprised at going to the long bathroom. That will make me more comfortable.”

“Thank you.”


Taewon Song left, and Hyuna Moon came up to me.


“I don’t know what happened, but it seems you had been refused.”
“You’re probably right.”
“He’s been like that for three years now. You need to make him open himself, but that really might like him.”
“He won’t live long like that.”
“That’s true. I don’t know why he lives like that.”

I had to smile bitterly, as I had not been able to come to terms with who I was for eight years. That was why I hoped Taewon Song could live longer but was afraid I might tighten his noose more.


“Don’t worry. He’s an S class. You should take care of yourself.”


Hyuna Moon tapped my shoulder and went out. I followed her after glancing at the basin again.



The chains flashed with golden sparks, and the tiger-like beast growled. The wind surrounding it was crushing boulders.


“It’s strange.”


The man murmured and looked around but saw nothing.




The beast jumped up, but Hyunjae Sung flicked his fingers. The chains shot through the turbulent winds and penetrated the monster’s head. Golden light spread as the monster flailed.

The light burst on the monster’s head, but Hyunjae Sung did not even notice as he thought deeply. He delicately moved his magic and spread it around the dungeon. He focused on a spot.

Lightning fell with great magic, and the gaze that had bothered Hyunjae Sung disappeared. However, he did not know what it was. He just guessed Yoojin Han had something to do with it.


“I should get the riding beasts soon.”


He looked around at other hunters. Hyunjae Sung himself had no need but thought it may be useful.

Hyunjae Sung was curious about what was happening outside, as he had not felt that gaze before. He would speed up the dungeon conquest to do so.



“Will you be all right?”

I looked worriedly at Yoohyun and Peace. They had decided to go, and while I knew they would be all right, I could not help but be worried.


“It’s shorter this time.”
“You have everything prepared?”
“Of course.”

Yoohyun smiled, which made him seem younger. However, I knew he had to become stronger.


“Peace, you have to be careful, too.”


Peace rubbed its head on my leg and grew bigger. I had raised its fire resistance skill growth level so Yoohyun could use his skills easily.


“Here’s dry fruit Myeongwoo had taught me. I made it, and it goes inside the inventory because the fruit is from the dungeon.”


I gave the bottle to Yoohyun.

“Then, I will go. You should stay in the breeding facilities as you can.”

“Did you keep Irin on me again?”

The red lizard peeked out from Yoohyun’s right shoulder.


“Don’t fret. He’s going to come back.”


Yerim’s greeting to Yoohyun was light, and Yoohyun went inside the dungeon now.


“He’s going to be all right.”

Yerim pulled at my arm. Her team was going to their first dungeon, and it was an A class one to test things out.


“Let’s eat outside! Just the two of us!”


I nodded, realizing they would both be absent from tomorrow. The house was going to feel empty.


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