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S Classes 203 Gaze (1)


“He is an exemplary and responsible student. He is a dedicated young man…”

I could read that Taewon Song had aced his tests and never got in trouble.


“Isn’t this too much?”

I had not planned on finding out Taewon Song’s personal information but had asked Hamin Do. He told me to just search the internet, and there was everything, including his personal life. It seemed Taewon Song had revealed everything when he rose up the bureaucratic ladder.


“He was similar in high school.”

He had been tall. While he was young, the atmosphere was similar but more easygoing.


“There really were no problems. That’s not a bad thing, but…”

It was a bit eerie since the person was Taewon Song. His mother and younger brother died in an accident, and his father died during a dungeon break. He had no family left, which was something I had known.


“This would have had some effect on him.”

There was no news about the accident, and I could not find out who were his close friends. He really should go for therapy sessions.

I threw down my phone and lay down on the sofa. Chickie was riding the robot cleaner with Velare. That was cute.


“This is bad…”

I had to tread carefully, or something might tip him to his death. He really may die to protect me… and damn.


“I’m on the leash now…”

I did not know what to do, but I did not want to give up and see the same fate.


“Maybe if the entire system was gone…but things would not be that simple.”

Telling him, there were even stronger monsters would be too simple.


‘Should I talk about Seokwon Choi? But wouldn’t that backfire?”


I would need to ask him by phone. I grabbed my smartphone again. Or should I ask around? Search his college days?



I searched ‘Director Song college’ unconsciously. I thought it would be irrelevant, but the image results had a familiar picture.

Taewon Song was with children, and I read deeper to see that he had gone to volunteer in his college days.


-Look at the size difference between Director Song and the child’s hands.

-Where did you get this picture??

-My friend’s brother was in the same college.

-He looks so comfortable then…

I agreed with the comments. I looked at the site filled with articles about him and realized that this might be a fan site. I read back to see that he had been overworked and underpaid. That saddened me.

At least he could have gotten a large car instead of carpooling…

I found myself agreeing with complete strangers and went out of the site after bookmarking it.


“Maybe a pet?”


I remembered a picture Taewon Song had taken with a police dog.



The chick was cute. Cute animals may work as animal therapy. Should I send a riding beast appropriate for him?


‘I may be able to donate it to Korea.’


Dogs, cats, rabbits…they may work.

Then, I thought of Yoohyun and that he might have a site like this. I would just not have to look at past articles, as I was known to be close to him now. If there were fans who cared for him…


“Would searching for Yoohyun’s fan site work?”


There was no such site, no matter how I looked. I could not believe this. If Hyunjae Sung had one…

I was still looking when Yerim called me.


[Hey! I will go straight to the roof garden!]

“I will, too.”


Chickie and Velare tailed me, and I took both of them to prevent another fiasco.

I felt strong sunlight for a moment, but a large golden griffin’s wing covered my eyes. It opened its huge beak to cry. Blue looked down at me with playful eyes.

I had finished Blue’s final training, and now Blue was fully grown.


[Class 2 Golden Griffin Blue

S class stats

Stat capacity A~S

Gained skills

Ruler of Wing (S)

Wind Resistance (A)

Golden Arrow (A)
Sharp Shout (B)]


Blue was fully grown now, with maximized stats and skills. Chick looked up and chirped. Velare also hissed.


“Blue’s all grown up!”


Yerim arrived then, and I saw Blue break a tree with its tail. I secretly used a B class Grace.


“You’ve grown handsome!”


The two of them played with each other, and I saw the tiles crack.


“Why am I the same when Myeongwoo grew bigger in three months?”
“You’re still young, and Myeongwoo’s a special case.”


High to middle class hunters were bigger than average. Hyuna Moon and Seokwon Choi were all tall. Defense hunters may grow more than ten centimeters.

Pro sports athletes were mostly at least E class, which ruined pro leagues. Awakened leagues would build up soon.

However, Myungwoo had been previously an F class, and his body had grown according to the rise in stats. I had not seen such a case before.


“Blue, we’re going to a dungeon together today.”


“Would Blue be all right? He was up all night.”

“One night would be all right. Blue will sleep, if necessary, in an A class dungeon.”


Blue was going to accompany Yerim, and Blue would go with her and Hyuna Moon until a specific partner appeared. Hyuna Moon also knew this. I was going to receive a certain profit due to Blue, as Hyuna Moon had said to write one.


“Did you prepare well?”

“I did. There’s no danger. A container that can accommodate Blue is also ready.”

Blue would break it easily but would follow orders. I went with her to the guild parking lot and then gave Yerim the symbol of ownership.


“Blue, let’s go!”


Blue looked happy, and I was relieved. Their team members were one healer, two supporters, and two protectors with Eunha Ha from the ranking battles. They were all older than Yerim.


“I have taken in Yerim’s opinion in choosing the members except for the healer. I gave her advice to choose mostly female hunters.”

“I think that’s the right choice.”

“She is easy to underestimate. We had similar cases at the beginning.”


Simyung Seok told me that some hunters thought they would be able to take over since Yoohyun was still young.


“Class would come before age or sex later, but then we would have to contend with class discrimination. Law and order are key…”


Simyung Seok seemed to be quite concerned with hunter discrimination. I hoped that was why he had been cold to me at the beginning.


“Let’s go!”


Yerim was still her usual self instead of ordering people around. I went into Blue’s container, and Yerim followed me.


“Why did you come?”

“Blue’s my riding beast for now. I have to take care of him.”

I would have to ask the depraved about Yerim and Taewon Song’s riding beasts. The container closed and the car started.


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