S Classes 204 Gaze (2)


“I’ll be back!”


Yerim waved along with Blue, and I saw them disappear into the gate with other team members. Since Yoohyun, Yerim, and Peace would all be gone, I would be alone in the garden. That was already lonely.


“The final drafts for Peace and Chickie’s doll designs will come out tonight. Our law team head was enthusiastic about making a new department for them.”

While Peace’s form could be copied since it was from a preexisting race. Chickie would be registered as a one and only mutation, which meant the bird’s design could be controlled.


“There will be other character goods, and we will push Peace and Chickie as a set.”

“Other goods?”
“Yes. Hayeon wants to make everything, including Breaker’s Sorok. She has requested Breaker’s cooperation and has suggested we build a character goods shop on the first floor of the breeding facilities.”


He told me the first floor would be all right since it would be open to the public and others would give me specific details.

A class hunters from Haeyeon were waiting outside, and I got into the car with Simyung Seok.


“Mr. Seok, isn’t there a fan site for Yoohyun?”

I was still certain there were several, and I had not been able to find it.


“Of course.”
“Can you tell me the site address?”

Simyung Seok looked awkward.


“The biggest one I know is on a membership basis.”

“How do you get in?”

He looked even more awkward now.


“I don’t think you would be able to join.”

“Why? I am his family.”

“There’s a complicated history. Our advertisement team does manage it.”

What was he talking about? However, Simyung Seok advised me to forget.


“Also…since you’re going to Japan. Hunter Yerim and our guild leader are popular in Japan.”
“Japan? That’s a surprise.”


Before ranking battles, hunters were most popular in their own countries. They would become globally famous after ranking battles.


“…We’re managing it, so don’t worry.”
“If they care for Yerim and Yoohyun, they must be good people. Can’t I know them at least by internet?”
“Yes. However, family members can be too much for them.”

I did not understand, but if they felt so… However, I still wanted to say thank you and thought it might be good publicity.

I sent a message to Taewon Song, still thinking things over.


[Director Song, Hunter Yerim has gone into a dungeon. I will stay safely inside and hope you can rest a bit. Have a good afternoon.]


I would wrap up work in the breeding facilities while they were gone. I sent another message before putting away my phone.


[Do you have a favorite animal? Please tell me, especially if you have several.]


Since he did not have a specific attribute, I would be able to get him an A class easily.


“Rumors about Hunter Yerim’s fight will spread from tonight. Since it is a fight between Korea and Japan, they will spread quickly.”


I smiled along with Simyung Seok.


“Yerim will become quite famous.”


I could not wait.



The fire burned not only grass and trees but melted boulders. Forests became instantly barren as the monsters inside burned in black and blue flames.

A huge lizard covered with moss jumped up to avoid the flames, but Peace held it down with its paw. A sharp spear pierced its head a second later and burned the monster’s corpse.

Other monsters on the first floor ran away to survive. However, everything burned down in another moment.

Yoohyun and Peace ran across the dungeon, and a huge twin-headed serpent burst from the stone walls. Peace growled.

Both heads of the serpent needed to be killed at once, and even a S class hunter would find it difficult to kill it alone.


“Blue willow leaves.”


The leaves appeared near the right head, and Yoohyun jumped while Peace went for the left one.

The large serpent glared at Yoohyun with yellow eyes, but he disappeared the next moment. He had accelerated, but the snake could not follow his speed. The serpent saw one red eye smile at it, and its poisonous aura burst in flames the next moment.

Yoohyun grabbed the snake with one hand and gathered flames in the other. The flame changed to a long spear and slid into its head like melted butter.

It dissolved blood and melted flesh. The serpent’s body crumbled, and half of it melted even as it tried to regenerate. Yoohyun looked left as he landed back.


“You’re slow.”


Peace became larger like it heard Yoohyun, and he ripped his left head instantly. The right head stopped regenerating, and Irin came out to swallow a large magic stone.

The gate to the second floor opened after the serpent died, but Yoohyun sat down on a boulder. Peace got smaller, and Yoohyun gave it water and the mana potion.

He took out a bottle of dried fruits, and Yoohyun smiled. It was a completely different one from when he had killed the monster.


“I miss him already.”

Peace growled like he agreed, and Yoohyun stared at the fruit. It was too precious to eat.

Yoojin would come to greet him, and they could go home together.


“Should I get just a light wound?”


Peace looked at its clean paw. It would become dirty at the end of this dungeon. Even if Peace pretended not to like being bathed by Yoojin, it was just the lion asking for attention.

The flames died down, and Yoohyun took a single slice out. It was sharp and sweet.

He was happy and comfortable every day. While many things bothered him, it was enough to endure.

While he did feel anxious for no reason every now and then, he wanted this peace to last for a long time. A home, someone waiting, and being loved.


“I wonder how he is doing.”

Peace whimpered again, and Yoohyun wondered how he had given this up for three years. He stood up as he did not want to waste time.

He had been about to go up to the second floor when he felt a gaze.

Yoohyun raised his weapon, and Peace’s ears prickled.

However, he could not see anything but the barren field. Had it been nothing? However, something still pricked Yoohyun’s senses. He clenched his teeth.




Irin spread out in flames and covered the area. There was a presence, but it disappeared instantly. Yoohyun frowned.


‘Is it something to do with the system?’


Had something happened to Yoojin? He could not know in a dungeon. Yoohyun canceled the skill and went up to the second floor.


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