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Chapter 133 Part 1


Chapter 133. Being Drawn (3)


The wolf rose up from walking on all its fours. The size of the wolf, which was large enough to have easily carried a grown man in its mouth, became smaller. The haired hide changed into a hardened armor suit. Its long protruded claws were like having drawn many scimitars, simultaneously.

It would have been perfect only if it had been a full moon. Unfortunately, it was a half moon, and not very bright either.

– Krrr.

Although he had become smaller, a lycanthrope that was easily twice the size of Song Taewon stared at me. To be more precise, he was staring at my heart. Certainly, it would look tasty.


“The lycan form has been specialized for man to man warfare. With its extremely hard body, no traits of weakness, and quicker than its wolf form, the range of its attack is also narrow.”

Fortunately, taking out an intact cell phone, he spoke, after alerting the association of the appearance of an S-level monster. Cell phone, hope that you will remain intact until the end.

‘Before the bastard’s return, the bastard had also been captured by Song Taewon .’

Since the bastard was extremely agile, and ordinary people did not pick fights with it, Yuhyun and Sung Hyunjae were also told not to engage it as they would be in much greater danger. They had the firepower to destroy a small army.

“Is it that all I need to do is to keep it engaged?”


Song Taewon said without taking his eyes off of the lycan.

“Yes. Only that I can’t just keep holding onto it. As you know, due to my low stat, I won’t know when I will lose my grip.”

As I did not have the strength to hold on to it, I kept getting bounced around, yes.


“As I’ve increased it to the level of an SS-level damage cancellation, you can use it as a shield.”

Upon hearing that it could be useful, Song Taewon’s eyes moved towards me. Wait, if you remove your attention from it that way.

Pajeek! The lycan took off with the sound of clawing the ground. Without even moving from his position, Song Taewon extended out one of his free arms towards the protruding front claw. Engulfed by a black shadow, the arm bent slightly and it went underneath the claw.


The claw ripped the skin through the thin summer shirt. A streak line of red was made and blood splattered. Although the young claw raked pretty well, the S-level skill caused the wound to be negligible. It was because the skill has been cancelled by the engulfing shadow remaining only a simple physical force.

Tup. Song Taewon’s hand grabbed the lycan’s wrist. With bulging veins, the fingers penetrated the haired hide. The SS-level defensive skill caused the incapacitation of the black armor.




Bewildered, the lycan tried to escape from the grasp, but Song Taewon’s movement was quicker. Pududdd. As the beast’s arm turned, the beast was being pulled in. It was followed by a powerful knee kick to the opposite direction of the joint. Of course, it was all done being engulfed by the shadow. The cracking sound of the bone was heard loudly.

In a blink of an eye, the bastard’s arm dangled as it cracked.




Having barely withdrawn its arm, the lycan quickly retreated back and snarled. Song Taewon lightly shook off his finger. The carcass and blood fell off.

“It was originally a very narrow ranged skill. It can be directed to two places at the same time as well.”

He said quietly. It must have been in reference to incapacitating the opponent’s skills. It would be a scam if the range was wide.

Song Taewon moved as if he was carrying me off with one arm. His feet became heavier. It was the skill that calibrates the body, and the density of the weapon.

That was exercised in two batches.


With an incredible amount of pressure, the asphalt shattered into pieces. Even the ground underneath was dug up deeply. Even though it was an S-level, it was an exercise of power that was difficult to produce by a human’s size and weight, not to mention in a stationary position.

Song Taewon moved towards the lycan, piercing through the spattering black debris. The wolf dodged by instinctively bending its body. At the moment when Song Taewon was believed to be brushing by the top of the lycan,


The lycan’s neck was grasped by the extended arm. Somersaulting, making a great loop in the air, the tip of the foot smashed into the back, which was covered by the haired hide.





The beast, having screamed and spewed out blood with its back half blown up, began to puff up its body.


The wire that was drawn at no time wound around the neck of the bastard that twisted its body as if to escape. Certainly, it wasn’t an ordinary metallic wire. Yet, it wasn’t a weapon that was appropriate to be used by an S-level, either. It was rather an ordinary weapon that even a mid-level hunter would use only as an auxiliary capacity.

As the wire was being pulled, lycan quickly swung its claw. Just before the claw was to make contact with the wire, there was a black light.


In an ordinary situation, the wire would have been cut, but the metallic wire held its integrity although it looked like it was halfway broken. With the unexpected result, the lycan lost its composure and was being pulled in quickly. As Song Taewon quickly lowered the wire that was wrapped around his hand, he raised the tip of his foot high.


The heel, smashing down like an ax, nearly ripped the wolf’s neck in half. The lycan was able to survive the attack, only by merely twisting his body.

Even without any weapons, he was making a mess out of the S-level monster that was supposed to have a strong and durable body. With one-way pummeling, lycan rolled around the ground with its tongue hanging out.




The blood soaked hands hit and grabbed the lower jaw of the wolf that was showing its teeth in revolt. The upper and lower jaws smashed into each other, and it swayed as Song Taewon’s thick wrist made a big circular motion.


Falling on its back, the lycan’s head smashed through the ground. The pieces of asphalt splattered like blood. Song Taewon’s knee was pushing down on the wolf’s neck, and his bare hand was twisting the uninjured arm.


-Kr, Krrr!


Although the stats weren’t the same, they were still the same S-levels. There should have been a great difference between the strengths as it was twice the size, it was that only the two legs of the lycan wriggled without being able to put up much of a fight.

It was because Song Taewon’s current weight was heavier than the lycan’s.

As its back was being twisted, lycan’s kicks weren’t able to reach its target, and Song Taewon nonchalantly crushed the remaining intact arm. Then he drew a sword, and after engulfing black shadow of the cancellation effect at the tip of the sword, he pierced it just below, and through the lower jaw of the lycan.


The sword travelled through from below the jaw and the crane. Twisting as if to be digging the ground, its struggles slowly came to a halt under Song Taewon’s knee.


In the midst of the thick stench of blood, Song Taewon rose up as he dropped his sword. As I was being carried in one of his arms, I too stood up after him.






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