Chapter 133 Part 2

“Now, then you would take care of gate side as well?”

I said as I examined Song Taewon’s expression.  He still had a brusque and cool countenance.  On the surface, he didn’t appear to be inspired by sharing the skill. Perhaps, he was more on the side of being on guard against it as he shared, rather than envying it like Sung Hyunjae.

So, it seemed to be a right time to entertain the idea.

‘Not budging at all.’

His dark sunken eyes turned their attention towards me.  His eyes were slowly lowered and were fixated on the exposed wound on the chest, which was visible through the torn shirt.

“How did you get hurt.”

“It’s nothing.”

“If it was nothing then it would not be there.  Healers and potions can be used at any time.   Mostly, the head of the Hayeon Guild would not have left it alone.”

Well… Maybe now for sure.

“It’s a wound that even Yoohyun does not know about.  As for me, my motto is to conserve potions.”

“If Yoohyun does not know about it then it could not have been there for long.  The shirt had been lost at the Lake Dungeon, that is.”

Was it the implication that if the wound came about prior to that time then Yoohyun would have already heard about it since many people would have seen it.

“One can easily get injured during one’s lifetime.”

“A knife wound on the chest, let alone on the hand, does not normally happen.”


He took out the potion as he said that.  Although the potion was poured down on the wound, there was not any change.

“The wolf was always looking for the opportunity to get to Han Yoojin.  It appeared that the swarm of bees was also chasing after Han Yoojin instead of Hunter Noah.  Even the male bees have come out to attack as well.”

What have you done. A weighted voice inquired.

“Although you are not required to answer.”

Song Taewon’s hand tightly grabbed my arm.  Please be calm and let’s talk about it.

“Not just before the high level hunter, but you were also calm before the monster as well.  Truly, is it also a skill to not be able to feel fear.”

I didn’t come here to be interrogated.  Perhaps, it was a mistake to remain so calm even when the wolves were gnawing.  Should have shown some fear.

As I did not answer, Song Taewon grabbed my neck.

“The name of my skill is ingrained plundering.  With a short time of contact during battles, it is possible to only partially incapacitate the opponent’s skill, but by investing much time on it, it is possible to effectuate a much greater result.”

“…Wait a minute.”

Song Taewon executed a skill on me as I was feeling discomfort.  Even though the effect in the contract was being executed, simultaneously.

‘…It’s no use in this way.’

The contractual penalty was none other than a temporary paralysis.  With that, it would be possible for another friendly hunter, who had been attacked, would have sufficient time to rescue me.  However, I was all alone at this time, and it was impossible for me to open Song Taewon’s stiffened grasp with my strength.

It was not fathomable to consider that a person who has granted a shared skill would attack me.  Gosh, if I was attacked in a corner with an attack skill and breach the contract, there would be no one who could rescue me, so the skill sharing would continuously be delayed and it would be like nullifying penalties.  Geez, I should remove myself from being a friendly hunter, from the contract, or something.

As I established a lesson in which it was difficult to write a contract, Song Taewon was being freed from the paralysis.  And the skill that has been halted began to reinitiate as well.  Although it was an attack skill, perhaps as it was a skill directed to a non hunter, the damage cancellation did not work.

“Gosh, the effect is…”

“You can degrade one of the opponent’s skills by one level.”

Bewildered, I opened the status window.




[Fear Resistance (L)(SSS) – Cancellation of below legendary level coercion]



The fear resistance skill has been leveled down.  Although, based on the persistence of L-level, it appeared to have been only temporary.




Once again, after another level has been lowered, the level fell down to the S-level.  Maybe it was because now that I was at the equal level as Song Taewon, I felt a slight coolness.  Yet, it felt OK still.

“How far can you lower the skill?”

“Normally, it would be about 3 levels.”

But since a double effect exists now….





My heart sank suddenly.  Shit, wait a second.

“Enough now, I’ll explain.”

Song Taewon did not even hear me even in passing.  Then B and then C.  The repulsive stench of blood reached my nose once again.  My heart beat a bit faster.  Damn it.

“The effective time depends on the opponent’s level.  It has not been used on an S-level, and the effect continues for about a half a day on an A-level.  On an F-level, I suppose it would last for over four days.”

“So, are you going to threaten me to reveal everything that I was hiding at this time.”

“Hence, stop being an item for the monsters.  Before I shatter it.”


Song Taewon continued calmly.

“I overwhelmingly felt the reason for the chief of the Saesung Guild to be eying it.  You were very useful.  Even to the level of being excessively stimulating.  I even slightly felt compelled to go on a hunt for monsters, like now.”


That monster is not an implication of being the monster.  Mr. Noah, do not ever come this way.

“At the same time, I felt that it wouldn’t be prudent to leave Han Yoojin at peace.”

“I am going to be certain to use it at every chance after modifying the contract.”

“Do be afraid.  To the level of rejecting the notion of being taken to dangerous places.  And to the level that I wouldn’t want to kill you.”

“Those who are normally in fear of Song Taewon wouldn’t be harmed, Aaah…”

Suddenly, the intense feeling of pressure has become stronger.  I was shaking uncontrollably.  However, what was worse was the teacher skill.  As the opponent’s strength was directly felt, my body not only became frozen, but spiritually felt my neck being squeezed.


As the skill was withdrawn quickly, breathing was possible.  Without the fear resistance skill, it wasn’t possible to use even the teacher skill.

“Mr. Song Taewon.  I will do what I need to do whether I feel fear or not.”

I spoke, clenching my teeth.  I did OK for 5 years even without the fear resistance skill.  If I was to stay put at home due to a bit of fear, I would have done that long time ago.

In the end, what I was most fearful of was not the threats of a mere S-level hunter.

“And, Song Taewon, are you not the one who is truly afraid.  Don’t make others your excuses.  Since you are being drawn in, you want to kill me, isn’t that right?.”

Although I mentioned and mixed others as part of the excuse, it was Song Taewon, himself, who felt compelled or wanted to kill me in the end.  I reached out and grabbed Song Taewon’s collar.  As our eyes met, going beyond feeling fearful, I felt like throwing up.

“Just tell me honestly.  What do you want to do.  However, you must make a choice.  If you insist on your current position, I am going to erase your effectiveness.  Cause it becomes a hurdle.  If you want to live an ordinary life then just live as a government worker.”

“Do you have the skills to do that.”

“Sure in some way. I’ll tie you up to a position and will employ every method to try to block aid from being asked of Song Taewon.  Since you’re a government worker, you must follow the superior’s instructions?”

It might not be easy, but if Song Taewon was to actually live like a government worker then it wasn’t something that couldn’t be done.

“Quietly forget about what happened today.”

“…Truly you are a difficult person.”

Murmuring quietly, he brought his hand to my wrist.  That was, on the wrist band, to be exact.  At that moment, my heart beat greatly.  His thick fingers held on to the wrist band.  At the same time, a blue bird flattered out of it.



-Chirp!  Chirrrp!



It was a high toned sound as if to give a warning.


There was a sudden fire.  Red flame separated Song Taewon and me, and unable to take the heat that went beyond the range of plundering skill, Song Taewon quickly retreated, leaving me there.






There was a presence felt on top of my wrist.  Next to it, Iryn, the red lizard appeared.

“Lynn?  How did you….”



-Hyung, you said you weren’t going to go outside.  What are you doing here.




The voice that came out of the lizard was truly the sound of Yoohyun’s voice.





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