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Chapter 134 Part 1

Chapter 134:  Being Drawn(4)

“You, how did you….”


My legs gave out as I tried to speak.  It was as if all the side effects overwhelmed me at once. Yoohyun’s arms took a hold of me, preventing me from plopping down… The little lizard was already taking on a human shape. It wasn’t a perfect human form.  It was a shape forged from fire like Iryn or Ismuir.


“…Such a thing is possible too….”


– Maybe, I can credit it to the events in Hong Kong.  However, it will be too burdensome to use it for a long time.


“Too burdensome?  How so?”


– First, my real body will be defenseless….


“Are you crazy, Han Yoohyun!  Go back in right now!  You, you are in the middle of attacking an S-level dungeon!”


–  Don’t worry.  It’s safer to be inside where there are only Guild members than being outside. In addition, there are other two S-levels, too.  Besides, Fiz and Park Yaerim will take good care of me because of you.


The little brother spoke nonchalantly, but my heart ached as my concerns grew.  It was not easy to leave the spirit far behind, so it was made such that he would wake up if Eunhae was to respond while sleeping. There was also the scar on the chest that should not be seen.  I did hide it as soon as Yoohyun’s voice was heard though.


– A perfect fairy tale can only be maintained for less than thirty minutes or so.  Iryn, too, will fall back to sleep.  So, contact the leader of the Saesung Guild.


Yoonhyun spoke while watching Song Taewon who was dusting the fire off that might have caught onto his clothes.


“Sung Hyunjae should be inside the dungeon still?”


– He just came back this morning after having been in Hong Kong for work.  It is the Eblin Hunter that went into the dungeon.


It was another one of Saesung’s S-level hunter that launched the attack, rather than Sung Hyunjae.  Not sure what he has been up to, but it sounded like he was keeping Haeyeon informed as promised.


“Hm, as I have determined to stay away from Sung Hyunjae for about three days, it may be difficult for me to keep in touch….  Noah is also in the vicinity.”


– Noah Hunter is not enough.  The leader Song Taewon is the one who has the most battle experience with S-level hunters in the country.  Furthermore, being a man-to-man combat specialist, I don’t think he would even last three minutes being an auxiliary type.


Three minutes, that’s crazy.  Still, I didn’t feel like encountering Sung Hyunjae at the moment. Swallowing my dry mouth, I looked at Song Taewon.  Sudden chill went down my spine as our eyes met.


– Contact’em now.


Yoohyun said as he was forging a spear in fire.  From his low toned voice, there was a glimmering sense of nervousness.


– Not sure what had happened, but it doesn’t look like things will just pass.


At the same time, Song Taewon began to move.  As he was not using the teacher skill, his movements could not be easily detected, visually.  There was only the thumping sound of the ground, and.




The rise of the fire wall when the fire spear penetrated the ground was the only visible thing.  In no time, Yoohyun who was next to me disappeared.  I took out the cell phone as I felt the heat coming from the fire that was all around me. Truly, I really do not want to take part.


After a few rings, Sung Hyunjae answered the phone.  His normal calm voice reached my ears in somewhat different fashion.  I felt timid, just by talking on the phone, shit, should I just say that I dialed the wrong number.


“…If you have some time now, could you please come to the Dungeon Brake Territory.  You don’t have to if you are too busy though.”


[Is the leader Song, alone, not enough?  He would be able to easily take care of Lycan type, even if it was an S-level monster.  I also heard that Noah who is an auxiliary type was there, too.]


He said with some sense of surprise.  You know it well.  The S-level Lycanthrope has become a mess.


“That leader Song is the problem.  As long as I was higher than an F-level, I was told that my life wasn’t supposed to be threatened, but Sung Hyunjae was wrong this time.”


[My item must have been very attractive.]


“If you don’t want to see only the remnants of the item’s debris then you should jump over here within 10 minutes.”


I didn’t think that Song Taewon was really going to kill me, though.  Wouldn’t he just break my arms and legs, so that I remain still and calm.  Perhaps, it was because the degradation of the fear resistance, I felt one of my legs beginning to throb, just from thinking about it.


I like both of my legs intact, so if you could please take it easy.


‘Should I use teacher skill or something.’

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