Chapter 134 Part 2





The only things that came into my view were the fires and intermittently rising debris.  At the moment, I felt that it would be impossible to process the information that was to be transmitted through a skill, but I thought that that wouldn’t be a bad thing. Wouldn’t it be better to be unconscious than to face Sung Hyunjae, clear minded with only a C-level fear resistance.

If I pretend to be dead, Song Taewon might just brush by me. He is not a bear. Did they say that one would be devoured and eaten by the bear if one was to play dead.


‘There is nothing else I can do anyway.’


I should just get a hold of myself before Sung Hyunjae arrived. First, I used the teacher skill towards Yoohyun, Iryn. Simultaneously, I felt heat rising in my body.  It was almost like my mouth was drying up.  With the L-level fear resistance, it would be like watching something burning from across the river, but right now, I felt like I was watching a great big fire of annihilation right before my eyes.


And Song Taewon.


‘…That was scary.’


Even if he was engulfed in fire, his eyes appeared ever colder.

As the effectiveness of the skill has disappeared by two folds, the range of pillaging has been narrowed.  Yet, as if he was equipped with fire resistance items, not much of injuries due to burning, even within the flaming fire, could be seen.


But it wasn’t like there wasn’t any.  One of his shoulders had a deep spiked wound, perhaps, from the direct impact of the fire spear.

Kwwadduck, the foot that pounded the ground kicked off a piece of the asphalt in to the air.  The flame that was going to burn Song Taewon melted down the black mass.


Through it all, an edge of the hand engulfed with the black shadow split Han Yoohyun’s chest.  As it wasn’t real flesh, no blood spewed out.  There probably was no pain, either.  It could be said that Yoohyun’s very body was, itself, a skill.  Split widely, the fire did not easily recover its form, and being in a plight, he cringed his red eye brows.


‘At this rate, I wouldn’t last ten minutes, let alone thirty minutes.’


On top of not having the original body, there wasn’t any equipment, nor could skills be used effectively.  As a result, only the simple fire power was being used, causing greater loss of stamina.  On top of that, Song Taewon’s skill was scraping off small bits at a time.

Well, if nothing works, I will just faint.


I again used the teacher skill against Song Taewon.  My vision became blurry.  I was breathing a bit faster, but it wasn’t to the point of losing my consciousness.


‘Song Taewon, you do not reject it, though.’


Why. Although I felt curious, I still unilaterally transmitted Song Taewon’s senses to Yoohyun.  Immediately after that, Yoohyun barely dodged Song Taewon’s kicks, and powerfully swung his arm. Like an iron mace, the fire chunks pounded on Song Taewon.


Being on the direct receiving end of it, he flew back and did a somersault in the air.  Song Taewon threw a powerful kick to the external wall of the ill fated building.




The wall cracked and a great big hole was punctured in it.  In the midst of the fluttering concrete dust, flames of fire rose up and the heat sensor activated the sprinklers.  Water and fire coming together caused a strong rise of vapor.  The two men collided once again in the midst of it.


That building, it looks like it will collapse today.


As the powers of the two men shook the area, I just dropped down as I felt nauseated like being sea sick.


I wanted to lose consciousness before Sung Hyunjae’s arrival, but I suppose I was tougher than I expected. I should really play dead-


– Hyung!


Yoonhyun shouted right then.  I, too, felt an ominous feeling.  Damn it.




The earth shook.  Shit.  Before I was able to get up, something resembling a gigantic mole appeared out of the ground by crushing the sidewalk blocks into pieces.  The monsters must have appeared, whether it was the 1st storey or the 2nd storey.  I had briefly forgotten that I was the monster’s gastro-venture.


– Keeeaaah!


The mole screamed that it looks delicious as it looked at me.  Just before the bastard extended its front paw out towards me.




A black fire, appearing to bend in order to engulf it, blew up the dark skull.  It was followed by a flying dagger, piercing through the head of another bastard that appeared behind me.  The mole with a big punctured head, which was falling towards my direction, was pulled to the side by the wire that coiled around it.




I felt a little dumbfounded by the falling monster which avoided me, falling to my side.  Gosh, leader Song, you just told me that you were going to crush me or destroy me or something, and you really did it.


‘Though it sure sounds like you.’


– Hyung, are you all right?


Yoohyun quickly came over beside me, and again engulfed the mole that was sprouting out.  It’s not like I’ve seen the monsters only once or twice before, I was just a bit nervous.  However, I didn’t think I could get up.  Besides, the ground was still shaking….  They would need to do a major repair project around here.


“Since they are underground type, Noah Hunter must be having a difficult time stopping them without poison.”


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