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137 Part 1

Chap 137 Snowfall (1)


‘I should have brought my clothes to the bathroom.”

But you never really do that, especially when the bathroom is connected to your bedroom. I had a large towel, but it would seem strange to hide my chest. I did that anyway.


“Can you go out so I can change?”



My little brother looked me up and down as if to find the wound. It was a weird request since I washed him and went to public baths together when we were young.


“I feel like it. You know, an inferiority complex?”


It was true that my body was less developed than my precocious little brother. I had nothing to be embarrassed about, but he was too much.


“You don’t look so.”

“Anyway, turn around, at least. Irin, you go somewhere too.”


Irin went to Yoohyun, but he did not move a muscle. I must have raised his suspicions, so I went to the closet using my towel as protection. I wore my pajama top first, trying not to disturb my wound since his gaze followed me everywhere. Yerim has gifted them to me, but I had never worn them. What was with the baby chick embroidery?


“Since everyone couldn’t have used gate stones, did you come alone? What happened to Peace and Yerim? It was an S class dungeon.”


I asked, turning around after I finished wearing my pajamas. I could not help frowning since it meant that Yoohyun had been irresponsible as a Guild leader.


“Yerim Park told me to get out after knowing what was going on, and Peace probably felt the same. Since the information is reliable and there are experienced guild members with 2 S classes, it would be all right. Anyway, the dungeon fits Yerim Park’s skillset.”


That calmed me down.


“Yerim told you to get out so easily? She would also have tried to come out.”

“We fixed that peacefully by rock, paper, and scissors.”

“That was the right decision.”


It was nice that they agreed without a fight. However, Yerim would have been at a physical disadvantage, and her hands might have made it easy for him to know.


“It ended smoothly after you left.”


I took an old phone out of the drawer. At least I had this since my data probably could not be recovered. I should have made back up files of the pictures and videos.


“There were no problems?”

“Yes. The dungeon break ended well, too.”


Yoohyun seemed not to have contacted Hyunjae Sung or others yet. I sent a text message to Hyunjae Sung while paying close attention to Yoohyun.


[Please don’t say anything to Yoohyun.]


The answer came back quickly.




What was this? What was he trying to do? A simple emoticon made me want to curse.


[Please don’t say anything. Really.]


I already had convinced Noah and Taewon Song’s phone must be as dead as mine. He would not say anything if I managed to convince him later. Therefore, I just needed to sew Hyunjae Sung’s mouth. I literally wanted to do so.


“Who are you sending text messages to?”


Yoohyun approached as I received Hyunjae Sung’s reply. I managed to hastily press the power button as Yoohyun snatched my phone away. He spoke in a sour voice.


“There had to have been problems.”

“I’m fine. Isn’t that all we need?”

“You seem pale.”

“I’m tired.”


Yoohyun nodded at me as I said I wanted to go to sleep but turned on my phone anyway. Well, the phone’s locked, so…


“Hey! How did you know my unlock pattern?!”

“You unlocked it in front of me a few times. I remembered it then.”

“Why do you remember such things? You can’t just see someone else’s phone without their permission! Give it!”


I tried to take it away from him to no avail. I just made myself more tired. As I caught my breath from that little movement, Yoohyun’s eyes narrowed as he seemed to have checked Hyunjae Sung’s messages.

Damn, everything went to hell. My spine chilled a bit.


“Hey, chick!”


Please use your teleport skill for your father. I heard a peeping noise from the living room and saw him slowly fly to me. However, my little brother caught me before I could escape. Well, I also did not know if he could teleport me.



“Hyunjae Sung just did some outlandish things again.”

“He was asking if you were all right.”


“You have a fever.”


Did I? I was not aware of it. Yoohyun checked my body temperature and made me sit on the bed. The chick sat on my lap. Hey, can you take your father to another place? But if I disappeared from here, more mayhem would ensue.


“Your body is that of a civilian. If you push It too far, there will be consequences.”


Yoohyun spoke, drying my hair. I was reminded of the past, even though our positions have switched.


“I didn’t do much.”

“The monsters were at least A class, and you should have escaped instead of jumping in. Leader Song and Noah should have been more than enough, so you shouldn’t have gone in.”

“Yeah…that was irrational of me.”


I had not needed to act, but I managed to protect civilians from flying poisonous insects and underground monsters. If I had not served as bait, at least tens of them would have escaped outside the barricade. We also would have probably lost the baby wolf.


‘Should I act as bait from now on if a dungeon breaks?”


I did not want to, but my conscience will suffer if I ignore them. I could save so many lives… Damn, at least dungeons are being managed well enough, so there is little chance of breaks happening. If Hayan Seok manages to develop the gate location seeking device, there will be no more undiscovered dungeon breaks.

Ms. Hayan, please hurry. I really do not want more attention as I had more than enough now.


“Turn off the poison resistance for your medicine.


Yoohyun took two pills from the inventory.


“What are they?”

“Fever reducer and painkiller. I use them for magic overloads, but they are effective for common fevers.”

“Aren’t they expensive? We have countertop medicine in the kitchen.”

“They don’t cost much.”


Yoohyun thinks that a million dollars for a meal is manageable, so I had little comfort. Medicine relevant to magic used by S class hunters will go at least by millions.

I used a magic potion instead of water to swallow them. As they were for hunters, the effects showed immediately, and I felt lighter. I really had a fever as my condition improved considerably. Also, I began to fall asleep fast enough that I could not turn the poison resistance skill up again.


“Nice dreams, Hyung”


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