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138 Part 1

Chap 138 Snowfall (2)


The tree from which snow fell was the fifth origin, and was where the star-reckoning bird that took Yoohyun’s body stayed. However, I could not see the white-feathered bird, but my brother was quietly lying on the snow plane. The human body looked so small between the tree roots thick as a frozen mountain. I could probably see him so clearly because this was a dream.


‘He might be cold.’


That was the first thought that came to my head. I knew that the dead could not feel the cold, but this was a dream. He might still be alive here. His face was only a bit pale and he looked asleep. I could not see any wounds, and the snowflakes that lightly covered the body were unblemished white. So he might open his eyes if I woke him up.




However, I could not approach him or say anything. This did not need to be such a cliché nightmare. I had enough of not being able to do anything but watch in real life, so I hoped I could move somewhat in a dream.

I never really wanted all that much. I felt sick inside as I continued to blink stupidly at the never-ending snowfall that swam the air as it would last forever.

An especially large snowflake floated in between them.



…What was this?

-Peep, peep!


It was the chick and not a snowflake as a small white bird was flapping its tiny wings to come to me. I saw the white bird fly through the white snow.





The chick peeped when it came in front of me, and I could not hug it because I could not move. What was happening to my body? Was I simply observing without a form like a typical dream?

The chick had been flying in circles in front of me and then flew away. It flew down slowly after shrugging off the snowflakes that kept falling on its small body. The chick flopped on the piled snow and rose to walk to where Yoohyun was.




The baby bird jumped over the piled snow and breathed heavily. Why was it not flying? Did it use all the magic stones in the item?

Items with special effects were categorized to either those that consumed the magic of the user or those that consumed the magic of the magic stones included in the item. The item the chick used was the latter because flying skills consumed a lot of magic.

The chick’s magic levels seemed to be higher than I thought if it was using teleport skills. Oh right, I almost forgot that this was a dream.


-Peep, peep!


The chick finally reached Yoohyun and stepped on the limp arm to jump onto his chest. My heart lurched as Yoohyun’s black hair brushed his pale brow. However, nothing else happened, and it was probably because of the wind.




The chick stared up at me on top of Yoohyun’s chest. Yes, I know that he will not wake up. I closed my eyes and opened them in the midst of peeping sounds.


-Peep, peep.



I rose and wrapped my hands around the chick that was sitting down next to me. Why were its feathers wet? I saw that the light of the screen that we used instead of a window was foggy. The rain was falling in the garden, and I could hear the sound of raindrops through the speaker.


“Did you go out using the teleport skill again?”



The end of the small beak delved into my hand as if it was hungry. If it was so tired, It had used a skill, and I worried for a bit what the chick would face when going out without letting anyone know.


“You shouldn’t go out alone. A bad person might get you.”


I firmly told him as I took out a magic stone for it to eat. The chick would not understand, but it would return if there were enough magic thanks to the teleport skill. I thought it was now winter for a moment because of the dream. Why did it have to be a snowy place where it was lonely and cold? I wished that I could have moved at least once to hold him in my arms.


“Even though it’s summer, let’s dry you up.”



I took out a dry towel holding the chick and wiped the white feathers, and used a pet dryer to finish the job.


“Did you wake up?”


I heard my brother’s voice as soon as I turned off the dryer, which reminded me of yesterday. I had completely forgotten. I unplugged the dryer and placed it back in the drawer before turning around with the chick in my arms. I turned on the poison resistance skill again.


“Did Hyunjae Sung tell you?”



Yoohyun seemed to be watching for my response. You really should not give other people sleep inducers. However-


“Why do you have sleep inducers? Don’t you sleep well?”

“I don’t use them, and I sleep enough.”

“You slept well in Hong Kong. Even an S class should sleep well.”


Yoohyun became silent for a moment.


“Aren’t you angry?”

“Next time, please let me know before you give me one. It seemed effective.”


Except for the dream, I seemed to have slept well, and most of my fatigue was gone.



“What exactly did Hyunjae Sung say? He doesn’t know the specifics.”

“Why are you avoiding your gaze?”


I did not realize I was doing it, but I was unable to face Yoohyun’s head-on.


“You are angry.”

“I don’t become angry about these kinds of things.”



I raised my head and stared back at my brother. He was young. While a twenty-five-year-old was not that old, Yoohyun was still younger. I smiled at his aloof yet uncertain face.


“I’m sorry that I kept silent when I told you I wouldn’t keep secrets. Come here.”


I lightly hugged my brother with one arm and let him go.


“What time is it? Let’s talk during breakfast.”


* * *


I prepared a simple breakfast. Yoohyun said he would help, but I told him to stay. While I was not an expert, I had many years of experience in housework. Anyway, the only dish I cooked was sunny side eggs because the other side dishes were the ones I took out of the refrigerator, and for the rice I only needed to wash and press the electronic rice cooker button.


“He really is quick. How did he know where the magic stone was in?”


I clicked my tongue after Yoohhyun told me what Hyunjae Sung had said.


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