138 Part 2

“They are the cracked magic stone of the Diarma and a magic stone of an SS class dragon.”

“Is it alright to put something like that in?”

“This is a skill to create a new dragon species by fusing magic stones. If the skill works, it will follow me, and the class will be at least S class.”


However, the fact that there were no changes was what unnerved me. Since the time needed for fusing per class differ, it would take a long time, but it still was too long.


“The side effect is monsters coming after me, but I did not expect that.”

“If the dragon is born, does the wound heal?”

“No, it remains the same.”

“Don’t use the skill anymore.”


Yoohyun was firm.


“But it’s a shame not to use it, and having a scar won’t bother me.”

“I want to remove that right now if I could.”


My little brother muttered to take better care of myself and picked a steamed shishito pepper with his chopsticks. Yoohyun stopped moving after taking a bite as I looked at him with some anticipation


“Isn’t it tasty?”


“Myungwoo made it.”



Yoohyun spoke in a sour voice. He refused my offer of bringing some of Myungwoo’s side dishes but might have changed his opinion now.


“Taste other dishes and tell me if they suit you. I’ll have them refilled.”

“No, it’s all right.”


Yoohyun’s voice seemed irritated, and he only ate the eggs and ignored the other dishes afterward. Why? What was wrong with the dishes?

“Don’t be picky.”


I gave him my eggs and thought I should bring other side dishes, maybe some laver.


“My fear resistance class is a C right now.”

“Taewon Song had a skill that could lower the class level of another skill.”


I felt bad for Taewon Song, but I needed to tell Yoohyun this so his skill level would not be lowered by it. If the skill lasted half a day for an A class, it would last at least an hour for an S class. If a resistance skill’s class level fell, it might be dangerous.


“I’m surprised that there’s a skill like that, with that sort of effect.”

“That’s because I shared the skill that multiplies the attack skill effect by two. Normally the level decreases by three classes, so be careful as an S class skill will become a C class. Since it applies by long contact, you would not be affected by the skill during battle.”

“Stop sharing skills. You know it’s dangerous.”

“I’m going to write a contract and then share now.”


I would have to modify it, though. My little brother cleaned after we finished our breakfast. He really is kind and sweet. Why was he not in a relationship? Was he too perfect?


[Last night, the dungeon break that occurred in OO mountain in Gangseo-gu, Seoul…]


There was a special program about the dungeon break that occurred last night when I turned on the TV. Except for regular programs, everyone was talking about the dungeon break, and there was nothing about me. It was probable since it had been a long time since the last dungeon break.


‘It has not ended yet.’


Someone intentionally broke the dungeon, and if this information was revealed, then it was like jumping into fire doused in oil. Why are they hanging themselves with the rope of salvation I gave them instead of retiring peacefully?”


“I have to backtrack the honey on the market and select those who did not reply to me.”


A smart move would be telling me that retirement was forthcoming. The first thing I needed to do was to track the honey, and unfortunately, the only person I could think of was Hyunjae Sung.


‘’There have to be hunters in Sesung who can gain information from people or corpses.”


Since they took the corpse in Hong Kong, it was definite. I did not want to ask Yerim to do it, and anyway, it would be too late since coming out of the dungeon would take at least a week to ten days.

What should I give him? Should I offer him my information about magic stone combinations? He would find a customized riding beast an attractive idea.


‘It’s difficult to find a high-class electricity resistant monster.’


The beast needed to be an S class for the Sesung guild master, and I would not offer him this for tracking the honey transaction route. I would only give him information that it might be possible since I did not know if the skill would succeed and the extent I could combine monsters.

It seemed like a fraud, but Hyunjae Sung could afford it if he had so much. Yoohyun had come out of the kitchen and glanced at the TV. He then sat down on the sofa.


“Aren’t you going to the guild? They will be bustling because of the dungeon break.”

“I’m still in the dungeon on all accounts. Since it would do no good if people knew I came out using a gate stone, I’m laying low until the dungeon conquest is complete. You’ll also be staying at home until your fear resistance skill is restored, right?”


I avoided Yoohyun’s confident gaze.


“No, I need to keep busy. It’s evident that the dungeon break is to cover me, and I need to do something about it. Also, you don’t need fear resistance to go about daily routines. A C class is more than enough as civilians don’t have them at all.”


People will say that a C class skill is more than enough. My brother’s expression turned annoyed, and I was sorry to make him housekeep, but he could use the rest.


“Then, I’ll go along with you.”

“Wasn’t the Hayeon guild master participating in a dungeon conquest?”


Yoohyun phoned somewhere instead of replying. A moment later, Simyeong Seok came in dragging a man in his early twenties.


“Weren’t you in a dungeon now?”


It was Minyui Kim, a Haeyeon B class hunter who recommended a pub for Sunghan Kim before. Yoohyun smiled warmly as Minyui Kim stared at him with surprised eyes.


“Let me borrow your identity for a week.”


“Since you’re on vacation, you don’t need it. You took a leave too.”

“I took it to go on a Europe trip.”


Yoohyun picked up glasses while he gazed at Minyui Kim, stepping away from him. Simyeong Seok put forth a pill in front of him.


“You only need to sleep and wake up.”

“I reserved the plane tickets and the hotel already!”

“We will compensate three times the amount and extend your leave.”


Minyui Kim complained but still accepted the pill. I am sorry, but do not worry. I will try my best to prevent my brother from causing a racket.


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