140 Part 2



My body sunk inside the water with a splash, and I reached the ground in a flash without being able to do anything because of the chain. I looked up to see that crazy bastard standing on water. So, the glass had been something special.

I was not able to breathe, and the little air I had in my mouth had gone up in bubbles.


‘Damage negation does not work against drowning.’


I learned something new, and I could not violate the eleventh article of the contract. Irin could not see and hear anything except certain pre-set conditions as a tattoo, and other skills and protection from the earrings would not work.

However, I did not think Hyunjae Sung would let me die.

A yellow and blue fish swam in front of my dimming eyes. At least say the reason, bastard. That was my last thought before I lost consciousness.




It was an annoying gap.

There was something not quite right. Hyunjae Sung confirmed the date after he had that intuition. August summertime passed as he remembered, but did he not go on a dungeon conquest? It was Soyoung Kang’s words that confirmed that something was twisted compared to his memory.


“I wish Comet would grow faster. Training will begin soon.”


Hyunjae Sung looked at her with surprise because he had no idea what she was saying. Soyoung Kang stepped backward with the same smile and quickly went out of the office.

Other disjointed points came into Hyunjae Sung’s attention, and he felt something akin to anger in a long time on hearing that he had been at the site of the dungeon break yesterday. However, he could not vent that emotion outside of the dungeon, so he had to go home.

The phone rang while he was organizing his thoughts, and the name was ‘My item.’ It was a name Hyunjae Sung had to ponder, and while he wanted to press the call button, he repressed the urge because the gap would increase.

It was not long after that someone came into the house. Hyunjae Sung connected the security system in the house to his phone when the bell rang. The face the front door security camera caught was a strange one, or only vaguely familiar.

The man who looked in to be in his mid-twenties came in with a key.


[Mr. Hyunjae Sung? Are you there?]


The man looked around and stood in front of the garden. He looked up at the aquarium and muttered to himself.


[You live in too large a house for one. How about marriage?]


What was he saying? Hyunjae Sung’s surprise increased when the man shouted what floor he was on. He sent in the searcher’s chain. The man looked weirded out but not surprised when the chain wrapped around him, and he cursed instead. He looked like he was used to the searcher’s chain, and when the man was brought in front of Hyunjae Sung, he opened his mouth despite withdrawing from the intense pressure of an S class awakened.


“I have legs, you bastard.”


I forgot since I always carried you around. Hyunjae Sung swallowed back a reply. How could he carry around a person? The man raised his head as Hyunjae Sung was silent in his surprise, and Hyunjae Sung remembered another individual when he was facing the man in person.


Yoohyun Han, and it had to be…


“Yoojin Han.”


Hyunjae Sung brought him in closer with the chain, and Yoojin Han shook a bit, perhaps because of the water right under him.

According to his memories, he was the older brother of the Hayeon Guild Leader and not an awakened. However, the Yoojin Han he saw was an awakened, but his stats had to be low from the way he could not move inside the loosely wrapped chain. Also, those red earrings.


‘Why does Yoojin Han have them?’


The earrings looked ordinary, but Hyunjae Sung remembered them because he had got them himself. While the essence increase option was useless, there was a B class barrier skill that made them quite valuable. He had never given or sold them.

Yoojin Han again popped his mouth off in Hyunjae Sung’s confusion. His words did not irritate Hyunjae Sung, but he felt that there was a need to show him who was the powerful one in the room to have a comfortable conversation.

Hyunjae Sung opened a part of the special item that shrouded the water, just where Yoojin Han’s body was. The chain pulled him down, and Yoojin Han looked up at him at surprise. While there was no way out for him, he did not move a muscle despite running out of air. He only blinked up at Hyunjae Sung.


‘He thinks I will not harm him…”


That was an expression of trust. However, Yoojin Han lost his consciousness soon due to his low stats, and Hyunjae Sung knew that he would die by drowning soon. While that was not an unpleasant thought, Hyunjae Sung moved the chain to bring him out of the water.




‘The guy’s definitely insane.’


I woke up with a curse in my thoughts. I remembered what happened before I fell into the water. Hyunjae Sung’s eyes had a light curiosity, and his voice looked like he was trying to remember something.


‘Does he really have Alzheimer’s?’


That was not possible, but it was evident he had a problem remembering me. Did the memory before the return in time affect him? That would be a serious matter, and I woke up. While my hair was still wet, someone had changed me into dry clothes. He was too kind or just did not want to get his sofa wet.


“How long was I out?”


I asked Hyunjae Sung, who was sitting on the sofa across mine.


“About thirty minutes.”


I grabbed the phone on the table and sent Yoohyun a message before I did anything else. The phone had been thankfully waterproof, so I did not lose the phone two days in a row.


“Do you remember anything else except my name and face?”

“My item.”

“I said to lose the possessive.”

“It was you.”

He seemed to have guessed rather than remembering. I thought that Hyunjae Sung’s memories had mixed with those before the return from hearing that the way he spoke changed, this was but a complete switch. While they were the same person, it would be awkward to face one who did not remember me.


“What kind of relationship were we in?”

“We recognized each other’s usefulness and would exploit them under mutual agreement.”

“Anything else?”

“A tour guide and an irritated guest. You were the guide.”


“I’m also raising your child. You came rescuing me when I was captured by a dragon, and we did something close to a dance. You bet an eye and arm on me, and we participated in an auction together. You were the guest, and I was the product. The eggs were half-cooked.”

“Are you saying nonsense?”

“I’m telling you one hundred percent truth. Also, we caught two SS class monsters together.”


Hyunjae Sung’s eyes opened wide and silently laughed. Was it me, or did he look younger than normal?


“Did I tell you I fell for you?”

“You also gave me roses.”


“When we brought down the new association building. You weren’t there. I told you to come and watch, but you refused.”

“That was my bad.”


Hyunjae Sung laughed out loud. It was jolly that he looked like he was enjoying himself, but now what should I do?


“Mr. Hyunjae Sung, I know this is like the first time we met each other, and it is too much to ask of you. But can you trust me for this time?”


I have no other choice but to go inside you.




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