141 Part 2


Did some of his memories before the return spring outside when Hyunjae Sung tried to search them? I did not know and had to ask the children later.


“Can you get out of this place?”

“I think I can now if you can lift the skill.”


So, Hyunjae Sung had been stuck here, but acting like nothing was wrong.


“Did you remember anything?”

“Being thirty-years-old suits you best.”


He remembered something unnecessary, but the number thirty implied that Hyunjae Sung had information before the return despite being unable to remember them on his own.


“I don’t know why memories like these are mixed up. I can predict moves in a fight, not the future.”

“Maybe your skill is about to be upgraded. Predicting the future would be nice.”

“I don’t like prophecies, and I really don’t want to be a fortune teller.”


Hyunjae Sung was indifferent and it was too early to talk about the regression. I had not even told Yoohyun, and I should act like I could see the future. Moreover, this would be a chance to check something out.


“I want to help you remember.”


Something will pop up like that time I cut open Diarma. I changed my right hand to beast mode, and Hyunjae Sung found my hand with golden scales and sharp dragon claws.


“I did not know you had that kind of skill.”

“We are in a psychological world now. I don’t have omnipotence, but I can use the abilities I experienced through my teacher’s skill.”


I could use Yoohyun’s doubled stats from before the return, so the attack effects would be doubled. While I could not receive doubled effects of the cursed venom dragon, it would still be enough to take on Hyunjae Sung.


“You should also start drinking some water!”


A significant drop of water gathered in the air. Hyunjae Sung looked a bit surprised at the water cascade falling over him but soon smiled.

I was winning at the beginning. While Hyunjae Sung was number one in the rankings, he still had a blank of five years. Also, I could use his battle prediction skills. While the skill was nullified when the opponent had the same skill, making him unable to use it was enough.

When I managed to rip Hyunjae Sung’s shoulder open, that was when things went sour. He began to remember memories of fighting from before the return. He even adjusted to the psychological world and changed the setting whenever he wanted. I tried to react but could not match Hyunjae Sung perhaps because the mentality of my actual body and magic stats affected the situation.

My surroundings changed again as electric attacks blocked my vision. It was a valley with a sharp cliff. I felt my body fall and quickly spread my wings to land between the rocks. I soared upward, crushing the boulders below.

The golden chains flew towards me in the air, and I blocked them by creating ice walls as they fiercely attacked me. The chains delved into the ice, and the walls melted into the water with a blinding light.

There was an immense hydrogen explosion. That crazy guy was using electrolysis, and the barriers I managed to make just in time shattered.


“I said not to do this!”


Hyunjae Sung laughed, and a bracelet with blue jewels shook in one of his wrists. That was a grace he stole from me when I thought I was ahead in the beginning. Now, I could not use damage negation items since he was wearing it nonchalantly.


“Isn’t it better than when I exploded in the river?”

“Damn, I really thought I was going to die that time!”


If Yerim had not managed to succeed in transporting us, it would have been all over as an entire river became a bomb. Yerim probably could not use ice and water skills. The explosive power was astounding with the added magic.

I could use Hyunjae Sung’s electric skills, but not to that extent. There was a limit to experiencing them using my teacher’s skills. While most of my electric attacks were thunderbolts showering down, that guy pulled off a trick of stealing them and doubling the power before sending them back to me, so I also could not use that.

While he had five years of memories and electricity was his main attribute, he was above and beyond.


‘Should I use blood flames?’


I spread black fire on the ground and rushed at Hyunjae Sung. I had to get that grace back to win.


“You need to learn physical skills.”


A gloved hand lightly passed a dragon’s claws that rushed at him. I used a tail to strike the ground and twist my body as he tried to bend my arm and throw me away. I scattered poison at the same time.


“Give me an antidote.”


Hyunjae Sung took a large step and smoothly moved his body behind my back. I could not turn off the poison resistance skill, and his range was way too wide.


“Get out!”


I swung a thorny tail, which he stepped on to jump away.


“You were the one to approach me first.”


The ends of his coat grazed my cheek as if to tease me. I should cut my arm with a dagger and use the blood flames. Hyunjae Sung took out a potion and threw it to my wound. That potion had to be a high class since the bleeding stopped and the wound healed just by a few drops.


“Yoohyun’s blood flames are bothersome.”


Did he block me with this method? While he could not use this means as potions were not allowed in ranking battles, I had not expected it.


“Did you remember the black blood flames?”

“Vaguely, but this memory would dissipate when we get out.”

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