141 Part 3


I tried to turn off the psychological skill and go out, but Hyunjae Sung stopped me, saying that he believed his memories here would disappear. I thought it had to do with the Hyunjae Sung outside, not being able to remember himself inside here.


“Green willow leaves!”


Leaves that other people could not see fluttered, and when some of them gathered around in front of Hyunjae Sung’s eyes, I lifted the rarefaction. I used the moment he could not see to cut my arm and added poison to the flowing blood.

Poison and fire were at conflict, and the black blood flame was strong enough to burn poison at SS level. However, if I added poison first and then changed it to fire, it became an effective toxic weapon.

It was a sword made of deadly black blood fire. I spread my wings and propelled myself to Hyunjae Sung and swung.

The searcher’s chain broke at once, and Hyunjae Sung reached out to the turbulent black sword, and I could see something black in his hand.


“What is that?!”


The blood fire scattered away, and Hyunjae Sung’s other hand grabbed my collar. I took a hit in the stomach by his knee, and I coughed and used the silent scream skill.


“That skill is troublesome.”

“It’s only pain. You even took a painkiller.”


Hyunjae Sung immediately swallowed the most potent painkiller he had after taking the brunt of the doubled silent scream. While there was a side effect of dulling his senses, he did not seem to have much of a problem. It did seem to hurt since it was a pain that the painkiller could not entirely nullify.

He offset a skill he could not guard with a painkiller, and I had to hand it to him. His mind worked fast.


“Isn’t that black thing Mr. Taewon Song’s skill?”


I asked Hyunjae Sung after shaking off the arm that was holding my collar and threw a blood flame lance at the same time. The lance exploded and dispersed in Hyunjae Sung’s hand with a light sound.


“Yes, it’s called pervading loot.”

“You steal other people’s skills? You are evil.”


He stole a looting skill. Hyunjae Sung’s brow furrowed like he was going through his memories.


“I did not steal it, and I believe he gave it to me as a present.”

“He gave it to you as a present?! Say something more reasonable. I’ll bet your head that you stole it.”

“Then, I’ll bet my item that I received it as a present.”

“I told you to remove the possessive! Take out an arm so I can confirm.”


I spread the day without shadows again. However, light wrapped around Hyunjae Sung’s feet and scattered the shadows. Give me a break.


“Nothing works!”

“I ate the painkiller, and I had to retake it whenever the poison resistance took a certain hit.”


I wrapped the black fire with my dragon nails and clawed the ground at his idle talk of filling himself with painkillers. Half-melted rocks plummeted, and the fire spread on the ground melted the earth as they charged at Hyunjae Sung.

He smiled as the blazing hit and changed the setting. I used transportation the moment I felt my feet in the water.


“Damn, Hyunjae Sung you bastard!”

“Yes, father.”


I almost dropped into the river as my feet slid, hearing his bright voice. That crazy idiot, we both became bastards. I did not know whether to complain or laugh, but in a moment, I felt electricity in the water.

A consecutive line of explosions followed through the river. My barriers shattered in the tornado of heat and magic, and my vision clouded. A tranquil river in a mountain changed to barren land in an instant.


I brandished flame at the sound of metal flying. A chain broke through the fire and I made a flame sword and cut it in two, but the chain span and shot at me anyway. I spread my wings and reflected the chains that ambushed me from behind. Then I felt a merciless hand grab a wing and rip it apart.


“It’s fortunate I don’t have wings.”

“Yes, that’s right. Hey, wait!”


I wrapped him up in poison since his strength was enough to separate my wing. The toxic poison spread thickly, and Hyunjae Sung let go of my wing and wrapped an arm around my neck and held me from behind. I crushed his feet with my heel, but he did not move a muscle because of the painkiller.


“Can I stab you so I can see the memories about your future predictions? I will remember everything after we get out of here, and it would be a win-win situation.”

“Would you meekly be stabbed?”
“No, are you crazy?”


I had memories that I would not want anyone to see. Hyunjae Sung placed his chin on my head. Yes, I admit you’re tall.


“I don’t want to.”

“It’s for world peace.”

“That’s too petty. If you kneel and beg sincerely, I might consider the matter.”

“My knees ache when it’s cloudy from working all night in the factory. Why don’t a healthy S class kneel and pretend that I did?”

“What value does a mere S class have?”


Hyunjae Sung tapped my shoulder while irritating me.


“You remembered, right?”

“Yes, I did. But I don’t know whether I can convey them well.”


I used my teacher’s skills and carved the memories of fighting Hyunjae Sung remembered before the return throughout the battle on my body. It was for him, who would forget everything when he got out, and for others.


“Do you have anything else? Should we do this one more time?”


“How about being stabbed once, maybe three times, or perhaps ten times, and returning my grace?”


Hyunjae Sung just ignored my request.


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