142 Part 2


I could not respond to what Hyunjae Sung was saying. While Yoohyun had appeared immediately after my return, I still would have run to Haeyeon Guild even if he had not. I would have needed to confirm that Yoohyun was alive with my own eyes.

Anything else that happened after that would have been similar to what had occurred up to now.


“The reason you cover for your brother and want to do everything for him-“


Hyunjae Sung stopped mid-sentence and looked back at me. I wanted him to shut up, and he did not continue. I felt sincerely grateful this time.


“You became involved because I came back out of my own will. Don’t you feel that you’re a victim? You must have worked hard for five years.”

“I feel sorry for my past self.”


Hyunjae Sung clucked his tongue as his expression turned to one of pity.


“To live such a tedious life listening to a foolish lizard’s gibberish. I don’t know how I managed it.”


He is the same person as you. I wanted to erase the times I wanted to apologize to him even a little. I thought Hyunjae Sung would think his situation a shame but did not expect him to criticize himself. Poor Mr. Hyunjae Sung of before.


“I’ll hear this outside the next time in more specific detail.”

“In your dreams.”


Did he really think I would tell him anything? I would not have said anything if he remembered after he got out…and probably would have torn me apart. Why was that guy so powerful on all accounts? I thought I would definitely win this time, but the memories of past battles before the return had sprung out.

I thought it would be enough to have double of Yoohyun’s stats and an attack skill buff, but Hyunjae Sung had memories of having been strengthened. It was inevitable since the buff was powerful enough to get me thinking Hyunjae Sung had been involved with the depraved or the filial duty addict.


‘Then, Yerim would be extremely powerful in the psychological world.’


She had the memory of having received the Mermaid Queen skill. Only Yoohyun did not have one, and I should remedy this fact. I turned off the skill grumbling inside, and Hyunjae Sung disappeared while I also felt faint for a moment.

It was right then when someone grabbed my wrist, and I heard a familiar voice.


“Hello, Yoojin Han.”


I saw golden eyes narrow at me. Did one come in when another went out? What was happening?




“No, it’s impossible.”


Soyoung Kang stared at the man in front of her with some force. Minyui Kim from the Hayeon Guild was a B class supporting hunter. On the other hand, Soyoung Kang was an A class, and while she could not receive the effects of the Dragon Rider skill, she was still an attacker who fulfilled her duties.

So, Minyui Kim should not be able to even move in front of her and shrink like a mouse facing a snake at Soyoung’s glare.

However, Soyoung Kang felt the opposite was happening. She felt a tiny bit frightened at his cold eyes that stared back at her. Did he have a special skill? Since Yoojin Han would not go out with only an ordinary B class hunter as his guard, it was a high possibility. Or perhaps his actual class was different.


“Please wait here. You received a message that said Mr. Yoojin Han was fine.”

“It was only a text message that anyone could send if they took away his phone.”

“Are you insinuating that our guild leader threatened Mr. Yoojin Han? You’re stepping out of your bounds.”

“Can you confirm that would not happen? Really?”


Soyoung Kang tightly shut her lips at his cold question. She did not believe her guild leader would harm Yoojin Han, but he would lay a hand whenever it was necessary.


“He, he is not a person who would lie by a false text message and expose that he had caused some mess.”


Soyoung Kang was certain of that.


“Like pretending he was Mr. Yoojin Han sending a message saying that they would need more time to talk, so come if you’re worried…”

“Then, I can enter.”

“No, I meant nothing is wrong up to now. So, you can’t.”


A Sesung hunter approached the two who were causing a skirmish.


“Leave it at that, Hunter Minyui Kim. I’ll guide you to the sitting room so you can wait comfortably.”


Minyui Kim or Yoohyun Han did not even glance at the new hunter. Instead, he took a step forward towards Soyoung Kang, who was blocking his path. The Sesung hunter moved as he decided that action as a threat.


“I cannot overlook any more high-handedness. So excuse me-“


Yoohyun Han grabbed the hunter’s wrist the moment before his hand reached Yoohyun Han’s shoulder. He twisted it widely while Yoohyun Han’s other hand grabbed the hunter’s neck.


“What are you doing?”


A surprised Soyoung Kang tried to make Yoohyun Han fall by kicking him, as Yoohyun’s grip became stronger. However, the hunter’s body was dragged upward and blocked Soyoung Kang’s kick faster than she could react.

Soyoung Kang quickly changed the direction of her kick, and her leg swung only to fall on the ground. She spun once using the foot on the ground as an axis, and this time turned the edge of her hand towards the back of Yoohyun Han’s neck. However, he was already not there.

The captured hunter rolled on the floor, and Yoohyun Han stood where Soyoung Kang had been and stared at her. Their positions have been reserved, and the two Sesung Hunters vaguely stared at him brushing his hands off as if nothing happened.


“Give me the portal key, and you can say I took it from you by force.”

“No, wait.”

“I’ll come back if he does not open the door after I ring the bell.”


That would definitely not happen, and Soyoung Kang bit her bottom lip. Should she call for more support? But Soyoung Kang had to consider Yoojin Han if she was going to oppress him by force. They seemed to be close, and she could not displease Yoojin Han. In all honesty, Soyoung Kang valued her connection to Yoojin Han more than her position within the guild.

Also, the guild leader who could blame her would want her to focus on the latter.


“I’ll try to contact the guild leader for one last time.”


She would have to let Minyui Kim go in if he did not answer. Soyoung Kang quickly took out her phone and called a number. Hyunjae Sung finally answered back, and he gave his consent after Soyoung Kang’s short explanation. She let out a long sigh.


“This is the miniature portal key. Please don’t forget to return it.”


Soyoung Kang handed Yoohyun Han the key and helped the hunter still lying on the floor with vague eyes. They stared at Yoohyun Han’s back as he walked forward without any hesitation.


“He is not a B class hunter.”

“No, definitely not.”


If he were a B class supporting hunter, they would have to be downgraded to C classes.


‘Hunter Minyui Kim from Haeyeon.’


Where had he come from, and why was he hiding his class? Soyoung Kang tilted her neck and could not stop looking at the corridor the man had disappeared into.


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