144 Part 1

S Classes that I Raised Chapter 144: Removing Hives (1)


“It’s a common symptom from overworking.”


Actually, blurry vision was not common, but something that happened when a hunter used their skills excessively. Of course, usually it is impossible to use more powers than one has just through sheer will, so hunters became like this when certain monsters sucked mana and vitality from them.


“I only need rest and not a healer.”


It was probably a temporary sight stat decrease, but I might have to get glasses if this was permanent. If I raised my level, there might be a slight improvement.


“What made you work so hard?”


Yoohyun glared at Hyunjae Sung with eyes that said he knew who the culprit was. While he was at fault, I also had to take half the blame for not controlling myself.


“I went overboard using my mental skill on Hyunjae Sung.”

“The Sesung Guild leader is the one to blame then?”

“Well, strictly, he might not be, but let’s say he is.”


The cause was because Hyunjae Sung was too sensitive. He seemed to have memories before the return, but as he remembered them during the fight, it was probable that the parts he said he had absorbed were not thoroughly mixed or had disappeared.

I wanted to ask him things, but Hyunjae Sung was someone far above me in terms of ability. I might have to search for someone who had a hypnosis skill.


“Why did you change your clothes? Your hair is also wet.”

“Someone dragged me with a chain up to the third floor and dropped me in the aquarium.”


Yoohyun swept my bangs stuck on my forehead as an answer. The fire-lizard had climbed on my brother’s shoulder, and I saw flames rolling over it. I hurriedly stopped Yoohyun from taking out his inventory sealing bracelet, thinking I might have said things a little too truthfully.


“Hey, we’re inside, and taking out your weapon means that the building will fall. Think of the Sesung’s general staff.”

I calmed him down and turned around to look at Hyunjae Sung, who was also dripping wet.


“Anyway, you’re alright because of me. I helped you despite almost drowning, hey Yoohyun, calm down.”

“I honestly am sorry to say that I don’t remember.”

“Don’t think of not paying me back by saying you forgot everything, track down the monster honey distribution route. Also, you must have a hunter who can gain information from a corpse. Please send one to Haeyeon.”


I had to confirm the truck driver’s corpse, and Hyunjae Sung took out his phone at my words.


“Things will go up in flames when we get them.”

“I had not thought of burning them down to a pile of ashes. I want this to end by only setting fire to an old roof, so I won’t have to tire myself out. I also need clothes for my brother and me.”

“As you ask.”


Hyunjae Sung was amazingly useful, and that was why I swallowed down so many things.


I went to the bathroom to wash my muddy feet before changing my clothes. The poor tropical fish had met the wrong owner.




Yoohyun had taken a quick shower because of the muddy water that had splashed all over the place and called me when he came out.


“Do you still think of me as young?”

“What are you talking about, you’re young.”

“I mean, as someone you can lean on.”

“I trust my blood and flesh more than anyone else.”


Yoohyun seemed dissatisfied with my answer.


“If something difficult to solve came up, who will you call first?”

“That would be-“

“Tell me the truth.”


Yoohyun stared at my eyes, and I found myself speaking honestly.


“I would not bring you in.”


I would call Hyunjae Sung or the depraved, or perhaps Simyeong Seok or Taewon Song first.


“Not only you, but Yerim, Mr. Noah, and Myeongwoo. It’s not that I don’t trust you, but I don’t want you to be mixed up in trouble.”


They were only kids despite being S class hunters, and I felt I did not need to worry the children if S class adults could resolve it. I wanted them to conquer dungeons after graduating from college, as if they were finding work if possible.

I especially thought of Yerim because although she had to become stronger since who knew what would happen, she was still too young. Yerim seemed to find dungeons more interesting than going to school, but she was missing too many classes.


“I don’t like your way of thinking.”


“I’m stronger than you, and I’ll be safer whatever happens. I won’t be hurt until things go extreme. I can protect myself, and you seem too worried about me.”


Was I? If I had been overprotective, I would not have let him go into dungeons as he wanted.


“You’re my brother, and, naturally, I worry about you.”

“I think the tables had turned sometimes, like when I deceived you because you might be in danger. Was this because I avoided you-“

“It’s not that. I don’t blame you.”


We were not at the period when things went wrong between us, and while I had been shocked because Yoohyun had left and ignored me, there still was hope left. Things became irreparable between us when the Awakening Center was established.


“You’re the most important person to me no matter what others say, and I admit that I hover over you more as a result. However, you act the same while trying to protect me, which led you to leave me.”

“That’s true.”

“So, please understand my position. I will try to tell you everything as much as I can. I know that you’re anxious because Irin told me.”


“Irin told you?”


Yoohyun looked down on the lizard wrapped around his wrist in surprise.


“I used a mental skill that’s a step above the teacher’s skill.”

“What did it say?”


Yoohyun’s expression became rigid like he thought the lizard revealed a secret.


“It told me to be more affectionate to you, and you’ll calm down.”

“That’s all?”

“Yes. Do you have any other secrets?”


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