145 Part 2

Anyway, asking Taewon Song outright pertaining to why Hyunjae Sung had said you had given him your skill would only result in him saying he did not know and asking me to stop saying such nonsense. What was the situation? Why did he give it? Did some affection spout after all those years?

I asked him a different question.


“Can you use the looting skill on yourself?”

“I don’t know since I have never used it in that way.”


If it worked, the probability was high that Taewon Song had given the skill by himself, and if not, another person or an item would have been used. It would be too much to ask him to use it on himself now, as his skill levels would fall.


“It works.”


He used it on himself!


“I now know how long the skill continues on an S class hunter. Thank you for your insight.”

“Ah, it’s all right.”


Well, there would have been a skill that Taewon Song found unnecessary. Does being able to use it on himself mean he had handed it over to Hyunjae Sung by himself?


“Can you cancel the skill? It’s inconvenient.”

“No. I think feeling it inconvenient should be a p problem. You’re moving as you had before despite the skill.”


Taewon Song looked at my glasses as he spoke. No, I’m going through unnecessary inconvenience right now. I would have to use the glasses for at least three to four days if it could not be canceled.

We went to Hamin Do’s Happy Hamster after quickly discussing future plans with Taewon Song. The sign from the previous store was leaning against the wall next to the door. I went in and saw stacks of parcel boxes all around the place.


“Lord is better when he is far away!”


Hamin Do sulked as he organized products. It was true that the landlord or the real lord should be far away. The latter especially meant that one had gone over to the afterlife.


“Mr. Hamin, I’ll thank you in advance for your work.”

“I’m busy taking care of them.”


Hamin Do spoke as he grabbed bags filled to the brim with something like hay. Did hamsters eat grass?


“The contract said you’ll help when needed. I need the locations of about six people in an hourly interval.”


Hamin Do frowned as I said that there might be more.


“Even one tires me out.”


Hamin Do’s skill, the Connected Skein, does not show the location of those tracked immediately after use. He had said that there were certain rules, and he needed to calculate according to the unique [phone] number of an object the tracked had used for over a year.

So, using the skill often for a short period led him to feel worn out. Also, he had said having the items made things more manageable, and when he worked at the detective agency, he used only the [phone] numbers often because he had to search for missing people that could not give him objects.


“I should have set a limit on times and people you can ask me to use my skill!”

“I’ll get [as many] (the) real items [as i can] for you (as much as I can.)”

“I’ll fall ill for a few days if I have [to] track six people in an hourly interval.”

“I’ll pay you well and if you cooperate-“


I remembered something and spoke in a friendly voice to Hamin Do as he sat face down on the table.


“I’ll get you a gold hamster.”

“I have many golden hamsters here.”

“Not golden, but a hamster with real gold fur. It’s a D class dungeon boss in Central Africa and has bright golden fur and is two to three times bigger than the average hamster. It has silver fur around its neck, bright blue eyes, and is very smart.”


However, it was fierce and [had] strong attack skills compared to its size and defense skills, which made the hamster a tough monster to capture. So, only its fur would be sold at a high price now. About two years later, it became a popular and expensive pet.


“A gold hamster? But that’s a monster.”

“It’s a D class, so taming is possible. While the price tag would be tremendous, you are valuable enough to warrant it. So, how about it?”

“Wild hamsters would be happiest in their natural habitats.”

“It will be hunted because it’s a boss monster.”

“All right, I accept.”

“Then you’ll help without any complaints?”

“Let me live.”


I would, of course, have to protect his health and thought about asking where Mr. Sunghan got the restoratives. I would have to send some to Team Seokhayan.

Bringing a hamster alive from a Central Africa dungeon would be a difficult task. Since it is a region already messed up before dungeons appeared, securing the rights to the dungeon in question would not be easy. Also, a tamer would have to go into the dungeon to tame it since it was a boss monster, as simply capturing it would not result in the dungeon being conquered.


“I would have to ask for an alive gold hamster for breeding the first overseas riding beast.”


A guild who I would assign a high-class riding beast would manage the mission, and I wished whoever it would be good luck.

It soon became evening after contacting Simyeong Seok and training Blue. Noah had been wary when he [saw] (had considered) Yoohyun as Minyui Kim, but he calmed down once he knew who it was. I asked Noah to have dinner with us.


“So, he will stay as Minyui Kim until the dungeon conquest ends.”

“With you?”

“He can’t go to his house.”


It would be strange if Minyui Kim stayed at the guild leader’s house. While a B class supporter would be able to guard me since I was an F class, being a bodyguard for an S class guild leader would raise questions.

I did not take out the food Myeongwoo had prepared and instead cooked some simple dishes by myself. They both tried to help, but I asked them not to since they were guests.


“You would need to conquer an S class dungeon if you officially wanted to be a hunter belonging to Korea. How about doing it with Yoohyun?”


Since the lake dungeon was an A class, it would not result in being qualified as an S class. For a foreign hunter to move his affiliation to Korea without any guild connections, the individual needed to be the leader in a dungeon conquest of a level he or she desired to be qualified. While Noah was an S class, he was a supporter and did not have any team members, so it would be difficult for him to conquer an S class dungeon alone. While lower dungeons would not be an impossible task, he did not have to go through unnecessary suffering.


“No, it’s all right. I don’t need to be recognized as an S class right now.”


Noah looked at Yoohyun in disdain and raised his chopsticks. He used them well(,)[.] (and) I thought they would become closer like Peace [did] if they went in dungeons together. Well, they might not like each other as their [compatibility] (synastry) was not good, Noah’s being poison and Yoohyun’s being fire.


We finished our dinner and night came without any news. I took the chick and lay on the bed, but it was tough for me to close my eyes. I wanted Peace with me since the chick was too small. Also, my eyes became blurry after I removed my glasses, which made me feel [uncomfortable] (more discomfort).


‘I really need that fear resistance right now…’


I stood up after tossing and turning. I had to sleep because there was a busy day ahead. I pondered over the problem and held the chick in one hand and the pillow in the other and went to the guest room where my brother was sleeping.


“Let’s sleep together.”


“I can’t sleep because I can’t see well.”


I made up a feeble excuse because I could not say I would see you die in my dreams again. I thought having my brother alive next to me would solve the problem. It worked, and I did not dream that night.

The next day, Sesung sent me material regarding the honey and a hunter who could read information from a corpse.

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