146 Part 1

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S Classes that I Raised Chapter 146: Removing Hives (3)


“I furnished the room since it might be used in the future.”


Simyeong Seok spoke in a satisfied voice. He had decorated the room that had been used during my Hong Kong kidnapping incident as a strategy room.

The entrance had been replaced as a miniature portal, and soundproof and security facilities were placed everywhere. Also, there were room and board facilities in case we had to stay for more than a few days. While there was other equipment, I could not guess what they were used for, except for everyday items such as the computers.


“You seem excited. When did you get the miniature portal?”

“I had a spare, and things are more interesting this way.”


Simyeong Seok spoke while pushing up his glasses, and it seemed that the glasses overshadowed the man. People from Sesung arrived soon after, and they were a man carrying a briefcase and a mid-aged woman holding a cane. The cane was slick, black, and had silver patterns, and from the faint light shining out in regular intervals when it touched the ground, it was not an average staff.


“Jisu Min is visually impaired.”

“Hello, everyone.”


The man spoke first, and Jisu Min said her greetings as she looked straight at us. Her gaze was confident as she reached out to Yoohyun, me, and Simyeong Seok with her eyes, and it seemed that her cane might be a dungeon item with abilities.


“Nice to meet you, Jisu Min. I am Yoojin Han.”


She flashed a bright smile in my direction.


“I heard from Mr. Hyunjae Sung that you two are close.”


The words ‘No, I’m not’ came right up to my throat, but I swallowed them and asked another question instead.


“Do you not belong to the Sesung Guild?”


She had said his name instead of calling him the Guild leader, and Jisu Min nodded at my words.


“I don’t have any other abilities, and I help the Guild out when they need me.”


Jisu Min introduced herself by explaining that she had lost her sight at her early thirties and awakened when she was caught up in one of the first dungeon breaks. She said that she learned of her skill when she had been lost amid human and monster corpses. However, Jisu Min stated that she is publicly known to be able to access only monster corpses.


“I had thought it true myself, and only received infrequent monster investigation requests from the Hunter Association.”


However, Hyunjae Sung had come to visit her one day, saying that she might be able to gather information from human corpses also.


“Didn’t you feel any repulsion? If the Sesung Guild leader had forced you to work…”

“That’s not it.”


Jisu Min spoke with a smile.


“I had felt uncomfortable at the beginning, but the fact I could do something more was more welcome. I could not help but be attracted to being able to do something no one else was able to do.”


She found it fulfilling that there were people who asked for her help as she had gone through a time when she found everyday acts to be insurmountable walls.

However, Jisu Min had felt uneasy going through dead people’s memories and only accepted commissions for criminals who had wilfully harmed others. Her skill conveyed information by letters like a novel, so her psychological burden was not that heavy. She said that what she read seemed unrealistic to her because she could not see.


“However, the reason I took upon Mr. Hyunjae Sung’s offer was because he was handsome.”


“I touched his face, and it felt perfect. He must look even better, right?”


He was handsome, but her logic went beyond my estimations.


“Wasn’t it too hasty to ally with him only by how his face had felt? You must have felt a distance, no matter how handsome he had been.”

“I was scared a bit, and I wouldn’t have given him everything if I had not felt it. But, who would be able to resist such an attractive man?”


Jisu Min laughed out loud, saying that she would have immediately packed her luggage and gone to Sesung. At least Hyunjae Sung and Sesung had done right by her. Many would have targeted Jisu Min if her skills were known, so they had hidden and protected her.

While Sesung had planned to ask Haeyeon to send the corpse for analysis, Jisu Min had wanted to come here.


“I wanted to meet the most famous person nowadays.”

“It was not worth the risk.”


I felt embarrassed hearing that I was famous. I lowered my head as she asked to touch my face, and her fingers were careful and warm.


“I heard that this would not be the last.”

“I would welcome and thank you, if our relationship continued.”


I did not want to use Yerim’s skills, if possible until at least she became an adult. Jisu Min went to where we were storing the corpse with Simyeong Seok, and the Sesung hunter who had accompanied her followed them after leaving the data material behind. I knew later that his skill had been to make an object indistinguishable, and while he could not hide her, he could make other people’s memory of Jisu Min fuzzy.


“I can ask her from now on.”

“Yerim Park won’t like it, and she will ask why you’re using another person when she can do the work.”


Yoohyun spoke as we organized the data together.


“While Yerim has a relevant skill, she should be going to school and playing with friends. She is too young to be doing this kind of work, although unusual work might be more interesting to her now.”


Anything would be more amusing than studying. However, she should not be immersed in dungeon conquests, and I wondered whether there was not a group for teenage hunters.

Hamin Do arrived, and I forced him to organize the material with us. I should make a proper team like Simyeong Seok mentioned since we had too little human resources.


“A lot of it went overseas as I expected. Japan and China are at the top, and this graph…”

“It’s a ledger of sales and purchases, lord.”


Hamin Do spoke.


“You know how to read this?”

“Of course, I do since I managed a store. There are a lot of imported goods for hamsters since they have more variety.”


He went on about bedding and nutritional supplements for a while and frowned when I handed over all the export sale routes. He had been worth the gold hamster.

Since Hamin Do had worked riskily and intensely as an informant between hunters even before I returned, his skills would not have gone anywhere. I should protect him so he could live in peace since he must have felt heartburn when he had to give up his hamster store to go into hiding for his safety.

Jisu Min and others came back about after an hour, during which we made slow progress with data organization.


“The person who requested the truck driver was Junbae Kim, who seems to be a hunter.”

“Isn’t this him?”

Hamin Do lifted a page and spoke.

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