146 Part 2


“He has the same name and is a hunter belonging to a small guild in charge of transporting the honey in this country.”

“Let’s see.”


He was a D class and had no other noticeable characteristics, but it was probable that he was the guy Jisu Min had discerned. We had the justification of him involved in dungeon item trafficking even if he was irrelevant to the truck driver.


“Let’s go after these guys.”

“Should I quietly send some men?”


I shook my head at Simyeong Seok’s words.


“I’m planning to go loud and clear, and the Head of the Awakened Office needs to do some work.”

“Then, those involved would go into hiding.”

“They would run around like rats in a burning house, and we have Mr. Hamin Do with us.”


If we track down the significant suspects regarding the Hunter Association, we would be able to pick those who had been involved in honey trafficking. If they are flustered at a small guild without any ties with the Association, then it would be definite. That was when we send men quietly.


“There are more than twelve people.”


I tapped Hamin Do’s shoulder as he frowned and took out my phone.


“I have to treat Chief Song something.”


I wanted to give him an S class equipment through Myeongwoo even though he would refuse. Was there a way?



Dongju Lottery, the guild Junbae Kim belonged to, was located in a suburban area between Seoul and Incheon. Was the Guild leader’s name Dongju?


“There was no need to follow me.”


Taewon Song furrowed his brow after getting out of the car.


“We’re involved in this case, and don’t you cooperate with relevant guilds regarding hunter related crimes? Hunter Minyui Kim came from Haeyeon, and I came from the hunter related facility despite not being a guild because there was no one else.”


I deliberately sighed, saying that I had too little workforce. Actually, it was true since I had not employed most of the people in the building, and I was simply the landlord.


“There’s hunter Noah.”

“He’s busy with other things.”


Noah was waiting to catch those who would make a move right after hearing that we ambushed Donju Lottery. Noah could make himself disappear and was mobile enough to not perform chores like this. He was a supporter in dungeons, but one of the best hunters outside and with the addition of Hamin Do, he had information, stealth, and mobility.

He could get the target fast and in secret, and I was sorry because he was too useful.


“Don’t worry since Hunter Minyui Kim is reliable, and I’m only going to watch. Since you’re here, things will end in a second anyway.”


I spoke, holding Minyui Kim, or Yoohyun’s arm as he stood next to me. Taewon Song stared at Yoohyun and then nodded as if he gave in.


“Confirm the exit routes and block them.”


The hunters who came with Taewon Song moved at his sign. They belonged to the Awakened Office, and while there were only a few of them, since they were attacker hunters all above mid-class, they would be able to fend off a small guild.

Others waited in position, and only Taewon Song walked to the building entrance. The escapees would be a problem, and if they retaliated, he would be able to take care of them. Fighting alone would be easier for him as he would not have to think of hurting allies.

When he rang the bell, there was no answer. The light seeping through the window hastily turned dark, and they seemed to want to run away after checking who Taewon Song was.

Taewon Song ripped the door open, and I saw his back disappear into the dark.


“This is breaking and entering-“


The shouts did not last long, and I heard things break instead.


“How long would this take?”

“Under three minutes.”


Yoohyun looked up and down the building before answering.


“There are nine in total, and five of them are below, and four of them are hastily taking care of something up above.”

“How can you know all that?”

“I can estimate if the movements are large without much thought. The five that came down are now taken care of.”


I heard something like a thick door break and some shouts. Then, there was silence.


“Has it been about two minutes?”


I hoped there had been enough time for the four above to contact others, and they seemed to have managed it as I received a phone call.


[They started to move.]


It was Simyeong Seok’s voice, and the lights in the building came on again. The hunters who had been covering the exit routes went in and cuffed the criminals. I went to the second floor and saw Taewon Song stand in front of an opened safe. I saw blood on his gloved hands and no other signs of a fight.


“You’re not hurt?”


Of course, he would be fine since this was a light exercise against weaklings, but I was scared for him since a fight is a fight. I breathed in deeply and went to the safe.


“Don’t touch it.”

“Don’t worry. Actually, I have some equipment available if you’re interested-“

“I’m not.”


His answer was firm. I had given equipment from Hong Kong, including the Shawl of Magos to Yerim, and others to Yoohyun. There were limits to how much a person could be equipped, and the characteristics had to be considered. Those were stolen goods anyway.


“Would you buy items if I sold it to you at a reasonable price?”

“It’s against the law if the price is too low.”


Should I go into a dungeon with a recruit after saying that I will reward the individual who completed a dungeon conquest? I had to change the civil hunter contract conditions first. The rules had to change at least so they could receive individual items.



“Don’t worry! There’s no evidence that Donju Lottery has a connection to us!”


A middle-aged man spoke towards the cell phone he was holding in his hand, but his face was dark. The small guild that had been in charge of the honey transportation from the broken dungeon had been tracked down this fast. It meant that the opponent was capable of gathering information.


“However, erase all traces since it’s better to be safe than sorry.”


The man ended the call and rushed out of the house. He drove to a vacation home he had bought under another name, and he had stored the contract regarding the illegal dungeon with the items and magic stones he had gained in the safe here.


“It would be difficult for them to come here.”

However, he had to destroy them or store them in another price. Since he had visited this place often, it would be found soon. The man had opened the safe hidden in the living room wall without turning the lights on when he felt something.




The living room windows opened with a loud bang, and an invisible hand blocked the astonished man’s mouth.


“Be quiet.”


The voice was soft and easy on the ears, but it was powerful enough to stop a man in his tracks. The person he could not see spoke again.


“I caught him.”

[I sent a car nearby. The next place is-]


The man’s body floated with a faint noise of fluttering wings.

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