147 Part 1

S Classes that I Raised Chapter 147: Removing Hives (4)


“You’re Yoojin Han, right? You look much better in person.”


I smiled, saying thanks to the fussing words. Most of the people I encountered recognized who I was, which had been the case when I had gone out to buy a cell phone and glasses. It was inevitable since I had been on television for quite a while before the dungeon break occurred.


“Their gazes are too focused on me.”


There were many people in a supermarket near supper time, and all of them stared at me and whispered to each other. While their response was more positive than they had been before my return, I still remembered my memories.

I dropped the bag of pasta I had been holding as my hold on it loosened. Yoohyun, as Minyui Kim, picked it up, and a person nearby spoke to me in a worried voice.


“Are you alright? You seem unwell.”

“Actually, I still feel tense when there’s a crowd. I become a bit scared when a lot of people stare at me.”


I smiled as if to laugh away such an experience, and others looked upon me in sympathy. Being kidnapped was traumatic, but I had also gone to the auction house.


“Are you alright coming out like this?”

“I have to work on getting used to going outside, and that’s the reason I came out to shop for groceries. Thanks for your concern.”


Efforts to overcome an unfortunate experience looked and sounded good. I heard people cheer me on, and others made the crowd disperse and asked them to stop staring. I felt uncomfortable watching them.


“You’re acting, right? Are you all right?”


Yoohyun asked in a small voice as others went on their ways.


“I have no reason not to be, and it actually had been a vacation.”


I had rested amid friendly service. The kidnapping was acceptable if it meant I could relax without being it a burden on my conscience. It might be nice to be kidnapped every few months if the accommodations met previous standards, and the extra income had been sweet.

I went to the meat corner and chose the best beef available and the most expensive seafood the market had.


“It’s been a long time since we went shopping for groceries together.”


It had been ten years for me.


“What do you want to eat? Just say the word.”

“Whatever you choose.”

“You said the same thing when you were a child. There’s no limit on the budget anymore.”


It was not my money since I was using the credit card Hyunjae Sung had given me in Hong Kong at the checkout counter. I was going to spend as much as I could before he asked me to return it, but the problem was I had little use for the card.


We headed to one of Haeyeon’s vacation homes by car after we finished shopping, and of course, it was under another name. Noah entered soon after we lowered the luggage in the spacious kitchen of the luxurious house. Moonlight illuminated his golden hair when he came out of hiding, and it would have been difficult for Noah to go about inconspicuously day or night if he did not have the hiding skill.


“You did well, Mr. Noah.”


Noah smiled widely at seeing me greet him at the door. He seemed much younger than Yoohyun, although they were only a year apart. I thought he was cute because I saw his dragon form when seeing his face.


“Thank you for helping out. Please ask for anything at any time.”


I did not want to use him for free, and he always said that he was fine whenever I asked.


“I don’t have anything to ask for now…”

Noah mumbled and started to speak. Him saying ‘for now’ meant one thing.


“Is there something you need, in future?”


Finally, his light gray eyes looked around the house and spoke again.


“If my sister comes out, she will reside in Korea for a while. Can I stay at your house during that time?”

“Of course.”


There was no reason not to, and come to think of it, Riette was spending a longer time than I had expected for the dungeon conquest. Was it because she had gone with the Association hunters? Since she could transform into a dragon, going solo might have been faster.


“I will stop Riette from barging into your home.”

“Please don’t hurt yourself for me.”

“Don’t worry. Riette won’t touch me if she has a monster for me to raise.”


Even if the monster grows up, Riette had not threatened me before. She did try to have her way with me, so I just needed to avoid being alone with her.

Yoohyun and Noah prepared the dinner, and they made me sit despite me saying that I would finish what I started. They were sweet kids.


“My sister can’t cook.”


Noah spoke as he put the pasta in the boiling pot. I thought she was skillful with her hands, so that was a surprise. Did she not, at least, use a knife well?


“She tends to be excessively creative and puts weird things in her cooking.”



She might be the kind of a person who would ruin a completed dish with a garnish.

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