147 Part 3

“We do not want much, and just want to have MKC’s shares.”


Simyeong Seok spoke as if he had been waiting for the chance.


“You know that the Association is covering for MKC, whose reputation has fallen for a series of mistakes under the justification of balancing large-sized guilds. We want to fix that.”

“Are you saying that you want us to endorse Haeyeon in exchange for getting into the Association again?”

“There’s no need for that.”


Simyeong Seok slowly smiled, and his gaze flickered to Yoohyun, who was sitting next to me.


“We have three S class hunters and a deep connection to the monster breeding facility. We have already overshadowed MKC regarding growth possibilities, and just want fair treatment.”


He confidently spoke, that would be enough.


“It’s astoundingly unfair that the number of dungeons we manage, and the quota of item prioritization rights are the same as when we only had one S class hunter. Since Sesung also has more S class hunters, adjustments should be made extensively.


Simyeong Seok clucked his tongue that the higher up in the Association did not listen. He then fluently explained the potential Haeyeon had and how much they would help manage the dungeons safely in detail. He was planning to raise Haeyeon right below Sesung. While Haeyeon could be the top if you only consider the number of S class hunters, Sesung’s second S class hunter had an exclusive team right after coming to Korea. On the other hand, Haeyeon S class hunters still did not have their own teams, which meant that they were still behind.

While there were differences in other fields, Haeyeon should be evaluated above MKC and Breaker regarding the strength of its hunters.


“We agree with your statement that the Association has been unfair in some parts. However, we will forget the fact we had the conversation here.”


Eunyoung Choi cut off the conversation, and others had similar expressions. It would be better for us, but there would still be traces of what had been spoken here. Memories cannot be erased, and since they knew that there was a discriminatory problem, it would be prioritized over other issues. At the same time, they would think that Haeyeon’s sudden growth was inevitable. While it was a simple truth, they would be more lenient with Haeyeon’s shares on dungeons and item ownership.


“Then, let’s talk about how we would take care of these men.”


The six men who had been picking at the food now grew rigid, and the six individuals across the table glared at them.


The nation erupted again from the early morning.


[An intentional dungeon break!]


It had been only three years from the dungeon shock, and most people remembered the hurt that had come with it. Simultaneously, dungeon breaks were ongoing disasters. The fact that someone had deliberately triggered one angered the entire nation.


[The Director of Dungeon Management Headquarters acknowledges being involved in illegal dungeon transactions!]

[Did the Vice President of the Hunter Association know about the trafficking of the rewards of an A class dungeon, nicknamed The Hive?!]

[The board members of the Hunter Association resign to take responsibility for the ‘Hive Situation.’]

[Who would take the place of the previous Director of Dungeon Management Headquarters, who has been taken into emergency custody?]

[The past and the present of the Hunter Association. Why had the members been replaced?]

[The corruption of the Hunter Association continues to emerge! Sweet honey had allured pests.]


Newspapers and television spoke about this issue for days. People who had made a deal with me resigned with a written apology for responsibility. While they had avoided harsh criticism, the six who had been caught and others involved were taken into custody.

While there were no relevant laws since nothing like this had happened before, I heard that it was highly probable that they would be charged with crimes on the level of overthrowing the state. It was only luck that the casualties had been just a few, so a death row sentence would not be farfetched.


‘I hope the new personnel does not cause problems.’


It would be easy to remove them just in case since I had the contracts, but I hoped I would not have to use them. Please do not rot for about five years.

Since I replaced the basics, I wanted to mediate the misaligned relationship between the Awakened Office and the Association. Should I do something? Can’t things work out on their own? However, Taewon Song should not be relegated to cleaning up messes.

I felt this all the more firmly after briefly experiencing his powers. His looting skill would be fantastic if nurtured, and he would not lose one-on-one fights if the range expanded a bit. If only he had an environment where he could get the proper equipment and train himself. Of course, Taewon Song would refuse all this. Should I try to apply a keyword?


“Comet! You took my glasses again!”


Comet was awake during the day recently, and it grabbed my glasses and flew up. I quickly reached out but only felt air. Where did it go? I could not see it.




“Hey, don’t come near my feet! The table!”

“Be careful, big brother.”


Yoohyun came to give my glasses back to me. Comet indignantly fluttered as Yoohyun held it in his hand. The glasses were proving to be inconvenient, and maybe lenses would be a better choice.


“When will your eyesight return to normal?”

“Maybe soon if I rest.”


Yoohyun furrowed his brow at my words. I rested without doing anything yesterday but needed to go out today. I received information that Riette had come out after finishing the dungeon conquest.





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