Chapter 169 A fake S Class (3)


While they had caused a riot, the MKC hunters did not receive any restraints. Instead, they had just received admonitions since they had been inside the Association building.


“Just you wait. It won’t end like this.”


Even if that guy seemed thirsty for revenge.


“Haeyeon must have done something to our guild leader, but nothing is known! Minyui Kim, I will kill you!”


He was more persistent than I thought, and I stepped forward since going for the real Minyui Kim was a problem.


“I’m telling you this as a favor, but Minyui Kim is a supporter who had only recently become an S class hunter. Therefore, he would not have been able to go against Seokwon Choi, and it would be another S Class attacker.”


The S classes who had been there would be able to eat a guy like him for breakfast.

“Also, have you no conscience? Seokwon Choi brought this on by himself. He kidnapped me with no reason in the first place.”


He shook as I told him not to stain Haeyeon’s name.


“So, what! Why are you talking to me like that-”


Since he seemed to be intent on picking on the weak, I thought I should make myself a target.


“Well, I did play a part in making your guild leader disappear, and…”



Noah pulled me from behind, and Yerim blocked the punch. Her small hand did not shake, and the guy stepped back after he felt ice on his fist.


“Yerim, don’t use a skill. We’re inside.”

“Can I go at him with bare hands?”

“No, calm down.”


Noah also spoke to me in a cold voice.


“I think we should end this quickly. He won’t back down so easily.”

“No, let’s stay legal.”


As Noah said, the man was livid as he looked at me. He seemed like he would come after me first.


“Let’s hear your name.”

“Dongyun Choi. Remember that.”


Was he a relative? He yelled that I would pay for this, and Yerim had been about to summon her weapon before I stopped her.


“No crimes.”

“Can I tell our guild leader?”

“No, don’t. Let’s everybody do nothing. Don’t go near him. However, he dies, we will be suspected.”


We went back to get the hunter’s license, and I could feel Yerim’s anger in her footsteps.


“How can we leave like this?”

“We cannot kill people, Yerim. Anyway, guys like that don’t last.”


I consoled her and stepped away in an empty corridor.


“I’ll use the restroom.”


The restroom was thicker and wider, as awakened without control tended to destroy things. I went to a corner stall before using my phone.


[Can you take care of Dongyun Choi of the MKC? With a valid reason.]


I could not let him walk, as Minyui Kim was in danger. I also worried that Yoohyun may step up. The hunter did threaten first, but Haeyeon was about to bring in other MKC hunters now. So I could not let him take care of Dongyun Choi outright.


[I don’t like the reason.]


Hyunjae Sung sent me a message, but I could not understand it.


[What do you mean when I did not write the reason?]

[Your kids have teeth and claws.]


Was he asking me not to act for them?


[He’s trying to kill me.]

[I’m not saying that I won’t help you.]


I called him since the conversation was going nowhere.


“I’ll find another way if you don’t want to do it.”


I had asked Hyunjae Sung because it was the quickest and the easiest, and there were other ways to do away with a loose A class hunter.


-You don’t request like that.


His voice was smooth and condescending.


-I will take him out if you say so without any other calculations.

“You will do that if I make a deal?”

-You’re cold. I just wanted you to want something for yourself.


What was he talking about?


“I know that you’re the best there is, but you can’t give me what you want.”

-If I can?

“I would have licked your boots and anything else you wanted.”


If I could finish all this and not lose any more things, I really could do anything.


-It’s a shame we’re on the phone. I’ll take care of him as a favor.

“…Thank you.”


I cut him off and came out of the restroom. Yerim was saying something.


“Should I give him a birthday present?”

“Yes, that’s safer.”

“What can I give him when he has so much money?”


They seemed to be talking about Hyunjae Sung’s birthday.


“You don’t need to think about that.”

“He said that may place us at a disadvantage.”

“I’ll take care of him if he does anything.”

“Things will go crazy after that. Anyway, I did use his card. I’ll buy him something.”


Had Noah sent Hyunjae Sung a present from overseas?


“I had not, since it was unnecessary.”

“I was considered Riette’s subordinate, so he did not consider me as an individual.”

“Well, he saw wrong.”


I stepped away, telling him that he grew up well, and announced to the reporters that I will speak in the evening.


“Since Riette went in a dungeon with Ms. Soyoung, we have more time. We can use the fact Riette went away her on her own accord after scheduling a fight to pick a better date.”

“A fight?”


Yerim asked from the back.


“What happened?”

She tapped Noah’s shoulder after I explained what happened with Riette.


“I will root for you! Can I cast a skill?”

“No. Only I’m allowed. However, you can lend him your shawl. Others may lend you your stats.”


I wanted Noah to win if we had to do this.


“Let’s invite Sesung Guild Leader to say that he saw wrong.”




I got back to Haeyeon and woke up Minyui Kim to explain the situation. While he was downcast about the B class part, he seemed happy that he could work in the breeding facilities.


“I don’t like dungeons in the first place.”


He said he did not like blood, and there were hunters like him. I felt my conscience rest at him being happy about his future.


“The contract is for five years, and you have to keep this secret.”

“Are you really paying me as an S class?”

“Of course, it will seem strange otherwise.”


He was paid as same as Yerim, and Minyui Kim seemed flabbergasted.


“You have to lend us your identity whenever necessary.”

“Of course! Can you connect me to the internet?”

“I’ll trust you to keep secrets.”


Minyui Kim smiled as I said he would be targeted the first from enemies and stayed positive. He then interviewed like Simyeong Seok taught him at night about his success story from becoming a common B class to an S class.


At night, Yoohyun came with an angry Yerim.


“Hey! Are you living with Yoohyun now?”



I saw that Yoohyun had come with a big carrier. I looked at him with a questioning gaze. He smiled.


“You told me that I could come. I’ll use my own house when I’m busy. Does that work?”

“It’s loud here at night, but if you want to.”

“That’s fine.”


Yerim looked at me with forlorn eyes.


“How about me?!”


What about you.

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