149 Part 2

A golden eye playfully winked, and that look could sent shivers down one’s spine. Soyoung Kang wasn’t trembling in fear, because her expression definitely spoke otherwise.


“Oh my god, I love you! You’re perfect! Beautiful! Amazing!”


Soyoung Kang was swooning, and Noah looked like this situation could not be helped since Soyoung Kang was about to switch fan clubs. He seemed like he had gone through similar situations.


“The legs! The massive legs! Thick and stable! The claws are fierce, massive, and sharp! You’re perfect and amazing! Oh, look at your spikes…how many are there! The balance of your body and your tail! Your neck is thick, too! Beautiful, marvelous!”


The marvelously villainous dragon smiled in satisfaction, and Soyoung Kang looked like love made her delusional.


-Dear Soyoung, how about riding me?

“Yes, with all my heart!”


I came back to my senses when Soyoung Kang was nodding her head. That’s going to be trouble.


“Ms. Soyoung, wait!”


Her dragon rider skill would add the stats of the rider and the ridden. Riette was already strong enough, and to add Soyoung Kang’s stats, who was an A class attacker, she would make the situation unmanageable. While Soyoung Kang only had not to use her skill, she was already too far gone. Riette would only have to say a word, and she would use her skill without any hesitation.


“Hey, the skill, the stats!”


I rushed out and almost fell over one of the still unconscious bodies. Yoohyun grabbed me and jumped, and while we had arrived right next to Noah, Soyoung Kang was already on Riette’s back.


“Calm down, Ms. Soyoung! Using your rider skill would cause mayhem!”


Since Yoohyun and Hyunjae Sung had gone out of their senses after having their attack skills doubled, the situation was hazardous. While Soyoung Kang would not be able to add on that much, and they might not be one hundred percent in total, since Riette wanted to fight, she would cause havoc immediately if someone gave her a good buff skill.


“However, I may never get a chance like this again!”


Soyoung Kang spoke in excitement.


“I have never been able to use this SS class skill, and this dragon is so strong and beautiful!”


Soyoung Kang looked and sounded like her life’s wish had come true, and I had to admit that convincing her to stop was not a viable option.


“Hunter Noah, please look after my brother.”


Yoohyun murmured and jumped toward Soyoung Kang, but Riette was faster. The dragon’s claws scratched the ground, and her massive body turned to swing her tail with all the power she had, and the force was too strong even for an S class hunter. Yoohyun was pushed back as he did not try to win against the tail and stood on the thorns. He twisted his body and touched the ground again, and Noah changed to his dragon form and flew with me on his back.


-I’m sorry. My sister…

“No, how can we blame you? I’m the one who feels sorry for all the trouble you must have gone through.


Riette would have stirred trouble wherever she went and had done many things even before she was awakened.


-I should have looked more favorable to Soyoung…

“Ms. Soyoung’s tastes are unique, and you’re the handsome one! Nine out of ten would choose you.”


Noah was the pretty one since he was a sparkling gold dragon. He had a slick body and smooth scales, and a small head with large pale gray eyes.


“I’m on your side and wouldn’t trade you for ten Riettes.”


Ten of her would cause an apocalypse.


“Move the people to a safe place! Riette! Don’t harm people!”


Yoohyun looked up at me and moved to where the unconscious people were.


-Sweetie, this is grand!


The rider skill must have worked since Riette was shouting in joy. The rest of the dungeon building crumbled under her tail.


“Yes, it’s an amazing feeling, isn’t it?”

-That’s right! Do I damage you if I use a poison skill?

“I’m impervious to attack skills of a dragon I used my rider skill on!”

-That’s cute!


It was horrible.


“Don’t use your poison skill!”


Was everyone evacuated? Now was the time for the Association to do their work.


‘How in the world do I stop them?’


I did not know how much of Soyoung Kang’s stats were added, but their response suggested a high rate. Then, it would be difficult for Yoohyun to go against them alone. I could not share the doubling effect on attack skills and thought of applying the teacher’s skill on Riette.


‘If the fight is going to get serious, the damage would be severe.’


Should I contact Hyunjae Sung and ask him to take one of his hunters, who are causing mayhem away? However, he would not be able to take care of that crazy couple without damaging the surroundings.


-Let’s go, sweetie!


“Where are you going?”

“On a drive!”


The roads would break down, and I used my teacher’s skill on Noah since Yoohyun’s gaze was focused on those he was rescuing. The black dragon with Soyoung Kang on her back stomped on the ground. Where were they thinking of going?!


“Calm, down…”


I launched a coughing fit since shouting was tiring me out. While my sight had been the most affected, I was my usual self in all other aspects. I was drinking a mana potion when Noah mumbled something.


-There’s a way to stop my sister.

“Really? What is it?



I made a phone call after Noah told me the method. A car arrived as Noah and Yoohyun had been blocking the dragon and her rider from running out, and Taewon Song stepped out of it.


“Hunter Riette.”


Taewon Song raised what he was holding in his arm with a weary face. A small jewel snake writhed in his large hand and sparkled under the sunlight. Riette stopped moving.



“…Stop your rampage and come back to your human form.”


The black dragon glared at the golden one, and Noah shuddered his wings after revealing his sister’s favorite pet monster’s location.

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