Chapter 170 Yerim


Two baby unicorns hid behind the training dolls as soon as Yoohyun and Yerim appeared, and their gazes were weary. I did not know whether it was class or characteristic, but they were really sensitive.


“Hey, you two, come here.”

They slowly approached me and chewed on my clothes as they stuck clothes to me. I threw many shirts this way.


“I want to move, too!”


The unicorns flinched again at Yerim’s shout.


“Him going alone is unfair!”
“He’s my brother, and we did live together before.”

Yoohyun had left home for only three years, and if things had gone the usual course, we would have been still living together. Yoohyun came in as Yerim scowled, and the unicorns ran away again.


“Is that all your luggage?”


A carrier seemed too little, even though he did not have many personal items in his house.


“I just brought some clothes, and I can buy the rest.”

He was rich, but the fact that he had so little to take with him irked me. Three years would have been enough time to clutter the house a little with memorabilia.


“Go in first. Will you use your old room?”


I had to smile at his smile, as it reminded me of when he was young. I had him go up and asked the unicorns to return to their homes. Then, I approached Yerim, who looked put out.



“I don’t like living alone.”


Her voice sounded sad.


“I like my dorm. It’s convenient, but the room’s lonely.”


I then realized that I had left a young girl on her own. I had thought that she was adjusting well because she had been so bright and carefree. It was natural that she would feel lonely.


“I’m sorry to have not noticed that earlier.”

“No, it’s better than living with someone I don’t like. However, I do want to live with you.”

“I mean, you’re a young girl…”
“I’m much stronger than you, so it doesn’t matter.”

“Wouldn’t be inconvenient?”
“I shared a room with two annoying cousins before.”

I thought things over before motioning to Yerim.


“Let’s take a work.”

“Aren’t you being too serious? You can refuse.”

“It’s not that.”


However, something bothered me. I went up to the rooftop garden, which was dim even with lights. The summer air was still warm at night, and I saw bugs and mosquitos that would bite me.


“Oh, bugs will bite you.”


Yerim gently let out a cold fog, and the air cooled down as bugs went away. It was then Blue flew at us half-asleep to greet us as it was time to sleep for him.


“Why did you come out? You should sleep.”

“Blue, it’s been a long time!”


The griffon yawned as he greeted us before flying away.


“Will you really give Blue to Hyuna?”

“If Breaker successfully bids a monster baby, maybe not. Hyuna would take good care.”

“She will. I wish Blue and my attributes met.”

“I’ll get you one that suits you.”

“Isn’t it a special treatment?”

“You warrant it.”

We talked as we walked. Yerim told me about the S class dungeon she conquered and the nice items she got.


“I now finished paying off my debts with the rest of my items.”


Yerim smiled as she told me that being an S class gave her a good item distribution ratio. I was proud of her but also felt heavy.


‘That skill’s keyword effect…’


I had used it on Yerim without knowing, but I had to think that Yerim overlapped someone on me and began to like me thus. I could not ignore that fact anymore, as if she remained a friendly acquaintance, the fact the skill brought us together would not bother me. I was not a moral person. However, she became too close and would become too closer.


“I have to tell you something.”


The skill window told me if the subject knew about the keyword effect, the skill would be nullified. I did not know the extent of how far I could let her know as that meant other effects would become ineffective, but I had other ways of giving her other skills now.


“You told me that you thought of a guy you knew before.”


Yerim looked surprised.


“You were thinking of that! I don’t now!”

“You don’t?”

“Yes! It was true that you reminded me of him before.”


Yerim looked a bit embarrassed as she continued on.


“I knew that he had passed away, but I was young. I dreamed of him suddenly appearing and taking me away to care for me. However, you appeared and awakened me.”


She told me that she enjoyed earning money, a house, and dolls with her own powers.


“You did remind me of him, but not now. I like you more.”


She looked at me straight, and I thought whether she still liked me without the keyword effect. I took off my fear resistance skill, as that meant I was the only one with protection.


“…First, thank you.”

“Why? You were good to me.”

“However, I still thank you. Yerim, you should know my skill effect brought us together at first.”



Yerim’s eyes widened, and my mouth turned a bit dry.


“The skill…would make you somehow like me. I didn’t know it at first, but you thought of someone you knew because of that.”


I checked the skill window and thankfully, saying only that did not nullify the keyword effect.


“I’m sorry for deceiving you…”

“Wait. Were you good to me because of that skill?”

“What? No. The skill is applied to you.”



“That’s a relief.”


Yerim smiled brightly as she tapped my arm.


“I was surprised that you had been nice to me only because of the skill.”

“No, and your effect seems to have worn off since I don’t remind you of him anymore.”
“Really? So that’s one off my conscience. You were really worried about nothing.”

“You were the one to give me everything, and like me, so the skill should have been applied on you for me.”

“That’s because you liked me first.”

“I cannot help but like someone who helped me out as you did.”

“This is more serious than you think. I used a psychological skill on you, and it’s not something…”

“You’re doing it again.”


Yerim cut me off and shook my hand like a handshake.


“Just say you’re sorry and give me the duplex where Blue lived.”

“One side of that room is entirely open with barristers, so it would be inconvenient.”

“I can use curtains! Also, I want to use it as my second room.”

I nodded as she asked me again.


“Then, smile and convince Yoohyun!”

“I don’t think he will hate that so much.”

“Nah, he will.”


She told me we should hurry since Yoohyun will be waiting, and while I wondered whether things were all right like this, my heart was righter.


“You’re looking at me like that again.”


“Come here.”


I went to her and felt her arm in mine. The warmth was welcome.


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