Chapter 171 Product (1)


“I really don’t need to go?”


I had to go to either the Association or the Awakened Office regarding Seokwon Choi today. However, my brother told me I did not need to go.


“You’re formally a simple witness, and I only need to go with Hunter Minyui Kim. You said MKC tried to pick a fight with you.”

“They cannot help but be sensitive, so just let them be. Many of them will come to Haeyeon.”

Hyunjae Sung would take care of the one who was livid at me, and the rest was not worth mentioning.


“Take care of Minyui Kim.”


I shouted to the living room as I went to the entrance with Yoohyun.


“Yerim, won’t you go?!”

“I can go later!”

“You have to go to the dorm before your ten o’clock class. Get out.”


Yerim grumbled as she appeared.


“I can go slow, as I can fly.”


Yoohyun was looking down at her, and I had stopped them from fighting yesterday. Before they started again, I changed the subject.


“Yerim, here is the key. I’m going to change them all soon. But take them.””


I was going to change all the locks in the place as Yerim was here now, and while other guilds may complain, this was my house.


“I can have them?”
“You live here, so of course.”
“That’s right.”


Yerim took the keys happily, and I checked whether they had beast hair on their clothes as they went out.


“You’re not going anywhere, right?”

“Yes. I’m only going to Myeongwoo.”

“Call me if something happens, and don’t go out alone.”

“Don’t worry, Peace and Noah is here.”

He was five years younger than me but treated me like a child. What’s more, Yerim was looking at me the same way.


“Call me too. I’ll fly here.”

“Study well, Yerim. I asked the school to contact me if you don’t.”

“Yes, yes. See you.”

“Me, too.”


The two went out and I closed the door after seeing them disappear into the portal. I saw the duplex with the curtains open when I went back to the living room. She seemed to have wanted to do that when refusing my offer of putting up a temporary wall. I hesitated as I wanted to close the curtains, but it was a young girl’s room.


“Peace, you can’t. Your fur.”


Peace stopped, and I went alone as I did not want to cover Yerim’s room with Peace’s hair. The duplex had only a bed and a small dresser that she had brought in the middle of the night. I organized the bed and thought that I wanted to prepare more furniture for her now. Maybe I should go shopping with her for furniture tonight and would buy the best since I now had the money.

If I am going to live with them…

That was when my head turned white. I had believed before that he would come back before, and he did. However…

Chirpie came up to me, and I heard Peace’s whine afar. I had been standing here for over thirty minutes.


“Let’s go down.”

Peace stayed close to me as I went down the stairs, and my phone rang. It was Yerim’s teacher telling me she did not come. I called Yerim to check it out.


[Blue wanted to play with me…I’m flying there now!]


While she was making excuses, her voice was bright. I went out after cleaning up with Peace, Chirpie, and Velare. I was heading to the building when I heard wings, and Noah came down and landed in front of me.




Noah hesitated as he continued to talk.


“I heard that the Haeyeon Guild Leader and Hunter Yerim Park are going to live with you.”
“People seem to be already talking?”
“It was loud yesterday.”

Yerim had come flying with a large bed, and Yoohyun had tried to burn it. Things had been loud.


“Yerim came here since she seemed lonely.”

“Yes, she is young.”


Noah seemed to want to say more, and I did think him not much apart from Yerim. However, saying so outright would be rude to him since he was a guild leader.


“You’re a mature adult.”


However, Noah seemed disappointed at my words.


“I asked you to let me stay at your house when my sister was here.”

“Yes, but Riette’s in a dungeon now, so things will be all right.”

“You’re right.”

“If you win against her this time, you will become more confident.”


He may not feel the need to hide anymore, and Noah looked flustered. Was he scared of his fight with Riette? She had been an object of fear for him since childhood, and it would take much effort to break free. I tapped Noah’s shoulder.


“Don’t think it so hard. No matter the result, you took a step forward.”

“What I was saying…Is that I also…”


Noah was murmuring something I could not hear, and he disappeared without a trace with a skill. I could not see a hair, so I asked him where he was.


“I’ll follow you like this.”


I did not know the reason but let him do what he wanted. People greeted me in the building, as Myeongwoo brought in a lot of hunters. His workshop had heavier security before as there had been a few break-in attempts. However, since so many powerful hunters wanted to impress him, so things had ended well.

The blacksmith had more equipment, and there were more people I had not seen before. Dongbaek Seo approached me with a smile.


“Hello, have you come to see our teacher?”


“I’m now learning to make items for real.”


So, he did. Minseok Lee was holding something still unmade in his hands.


“We have a guest, but you’re all right. Come here.”


I followed him to see Myeonwoo and Sesung’s S class hunter Eveline. She was looking attentively at the arrow Myeongwoo was holding, and it seemed that she was its owner.




Myeongwoo smiled on seeing me, and he looked better than last time. The two seemed to make a nice pair.


“Am I bothering things?”

“No, come here.”

Eveline looked at me with interested eyes.


“Are you that candy box? It’s so nice to see you!”


What was she talking about? An arm pulled me back, and it was Noah.


“Be careful. Hunter Eveline has magical sight.”



Eveline frowned, and the air turned chance. She glared at Noah and me.


“You should not talk so lightly about your former comrade’s skills.”


It was a sensitive issue, but Noah seemed to have no intention of stepping back.


“You’re too dangerous to let you near Yoojin.”

“How loyal of you.”


The air was becoming heavier when a hammer thudded. Myeongwoo was staring coldly at Eveline and Noah.

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