Chapter 172 Product (2)


“Hunter Eveline, what are you doing?”

Myeongwoo’s voice was surprisingly cold.


“You’re not going to pick a fight in front of someone who is virtually a civilian.”


Eveline’s brow furrowed, but she was quite polite to Myeongwoo.


“You may not know, but revealing a hunter’s skill is forbidden as a rule, especially among high-level hunters. Those not relevant should not get involved in this matter.”


While Eveline’s tone was almost light, she was saying to back off if you did not know what was going on. However, Myeongwoo kept on.


“What did Hunter Noah mean by the word dangerous?”

“He’s oversensitive.”

“No! Hunter Eveline is…”

Noah did not complete his sentence, as he seemed to be thinking about how much he could talk. Myeongwoo spoke again on seeing Noah’s hesitation.


“You should tell me, Hunter Eveline.”

“Skills are confidential, and-“


Myeongwoo threw the arrow he had been holding in the mana furnace, and Eveline’s eyes widened as the arrow melted without a trace.


“Wait, Hunter Yu?”


Eveline hurriedly gathered the pile of arrows on the table in her arms as Myeongwoo reached out for them.


“Why? Just tell me!”

“It’s going to go farther.”


“I will refuse your request for a bow and other equipment. Also, I will forbid anyone connected to you to enter here.”

Eveline looked astonished, and I was also thinking this was too much as Myeongwoo was basically refusing Sesung in his smith.


“Just because I did not speak about my skill…”

“I’m not going to talk more.”


Myeongwoo became silent, and Eveline slowly opened her lips at seeing his rigid face.


“I will believe that you will keep this a secret. I can mildly control another person’s movement with my skill by meeting their eyes. However, since the condition is simple, I can only use it on those below F classes under normal circumstances. It’s not that dangerous. I just become a bit persuasive.”


Eveline’s words did not ring true, as it seemed to be dangerous and useful when used right.


“Also, I use my glasses to stop the skill as is active all the time. Since I need to meet someone’s eyes directly, normal eyewear stops the skill from being used.”


Eveline smiled, which made her look like a kind teacher. Actually, she could be an English teacher here in Korea as she seemed to speak fluent Korean.


“Ms. Eveline.”
“Yes, Mr. Candy Box.”


Eveline smiled with her eyes, and I decided to ignore her nickname for me.


“Your skill should be effective for negotiations against those who are not hunters. Your guild would find you useful.”


Those higher up in governments and institutions were still civilians. There was no effective protection against psychological skills in this era.


“A bit. I am going to negotiate with Japan.”

“Then, I should be grateful.”


While Sesung had announced their contract with Eveline like this was the first time, she may have been connected with Sesung for a long time.


“So, please don’t be so wary.”

“…Her skill is more effective when people feel anxiety.”


I heard Noah whisper behind me and saw Eveline frown before composing her features. She would have heard what Noah said.


“I won’t touch you as I am scared of my Guild Leader. Don’t worry.”

“Wear glasses, Yoojin. I will try to make an item that may protect you against skills like that.”

“It won’t be easy…Ms. Eveline, won’t you use that skill on me once? I would like to confirm your abilities if possible.”

“You can stop her if things get dangerous, and I think confirmation will clear things up.”


I looked at the surprised two men as Eveline took off her glasses. Her eyes glistened with a blue light.


“I would like Hunter Yu not to worry more, as I do need to use his blacksmith.”

Our eyes met, and I did not feel anything except that her eyes were pretty.


“Could you tell Hunter Myeongwoo Yu that I need that bow badly?”

“I can do that.”


I nodded and realized that her skill was working. Why would I say that for someone I had seen for the first time today? It was effective.


“Small favors like these are easy to manipulate. However, will you give me Peace as my riding beast?”

“What? No.”

“See? My skill won’t work if things go too far.”

“It would need control, but it’s a dangerous skill. Enough that I feel you telling me this so easily seems too much.”

“It’s not too much. I need to be on friendly terms with Hunter Yu.”


Myeongwoo nodded at Eveline’s asking to note this fact.


“Also, I won’t be able to use this skill long, as it’s getting known and easy to block.”


Eveline spoke again before putting on her glasses.


“Mr. Candy Box, what do you truly think about the Sesung Guild Leader?”

“Eh? He’s dangerous. He’s powerful, and I have to be careful not to depend on him too much…”


I thought that giving everything to Hyunjae Sung to stop dungeons may be a better idea if he had the will to stop dungeons. A person like him would be better than me at grabbing new chances and abilities…

Noah’s hand blocked my eyes.



“I was just a bit curious.”


The next thing I saw was Eveline with her glasses on, and she asked us to keep her secret well after putting the arrows in her inventory.


“Why do you call me that? Please call me by name if possible.”

“Everyone does.”


What? That embarrassing nickname?


“In the English-speaking world, of course. After Hong Kong, you’re called Candy Box or Honeypot…”



Who said that? Eveline left after telling me she preferred Candy Box.



“Are you all right, Yoojin?”

Myeongwoo and Noah looked worried for reasons I did not know.


“Of course, her skill was a temporary one.”

“You did not seem…well.”

“Did the Sesung Guild Leader do something to you that bad? I will cut off their contract, you know.”

“No, they treat me nicely. Also, don’t say such things like that Myeongwoo. An S class hunter is dangerous despite your position as the blacksmith. Place your safety first. Send a notification later after they go on their way.”

“I don’t do things like this usually. I really have no intention of holding my skill over other people’s heads. But you’re my friend, and I won’t stand for those not treating you well, you know.”


He would go against anyone for me, and I began to feel sorry again.


“I have nothing to say, as I came here to ask you something. You make me feel greedy.”

“You don’t need to feel that way. Ask me anything. You can do that for at least ten years.”

“I already got more than enough from you.”

“If you want to keep it that way, just say please and thank you.”


I had no words and thought that approaching Myeongwoo had been one of the best things I had done.


“Then, please. Can you take a look at this?”


I took out Seokwon Choi’s magic stone from the inventory and held it out.


“Can you create a weapon with this?”

“An SSS class? I can, but it depends on the abilities its original form had.”

“He used a sword and had an armor skill.”

“A monster? That’s rare. I can probably make a sword out of this then.”

“That’s nice. Can it be an SS class?”

“If I use an SS class material I have, maybe. I’m not good enough to bring out the best performance of this stone, but yes. Are you going to give this to your brother?”

“No, it’s for a prize. I’m planning to open an event soon.”


I was going to open a ranking event with a mouth-watering prize to find the other two hunters who are born S classes and those I would need to protect against the jellyfish.


“I will make it as quickly as possible.”

“Thank you. And please, tell me anything you need at any time.”

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