Chapter 173 Brother and Sister Fight (1)


“Hunter Yu?”


Noah spoke carefully to Myeongwoo after listening to our conversation.

“Could you suggest an item Mr. Yoojin can use to ride me?”

Myeongwoo reacted before me by taking out a tape measure.


“How about a harness one uses for climbing mountains?”

“Yes, it would be easier since it can also be used in human form.”

“That sounds nice! Can you make one I can use in both human and dragon forms?”

“Of course, I can use an S class monster leather Sesung brought to me as a gift.”

“Thank you, Hunter Yu.”

“Don’t worry. Take care of Yoojin for me.”


Myeongwoo measured Noah in both dragon and the human form as I tried to think what a harness like that would look like.


“I will make it sturdy with added features.”

“How much would that be?”

“Free, of course.”


Noah smiled at Myeongwoo’s answer, and they seemed to suit each other well.




Myeongwoo and Noah spoke long and hard about the harness, as Noah did not have an item he could use in dragon form yet. Therefore, Myeongwoo said he would make an item suited for Noah and others as much as he could when hearing about Riette.


“Riding equipment for beasts are rare and varied, so they need to be customized. I already received a few requests.”


Myeongwoo said that Haeyeon, Sesung, and Breaker were all asking, and those for Peace were made in different sizes.


“There’s a limit on adjusting size, as other functions weaken if I focus on size adjustment too much.”


Noah was a small dragon, so the same harness could be used for both forms. Not possible for Riette.


“Hunter Noah, bring your scales after you molt. Using part of your skin makes adjusting easier and increases the performance of an item.”

“I can give you some now since I have a healing skill-“



I managed to stop Noah from cutting off his skin in dragon form.


“I heard your brother and Hunter Yerim Park had come to your house?”

“You did? Yerim told me she was lonely. I’m worried since she’s a girl, but it seemed better than leaving her alone.”


I had given her a bathroom and made sure that she wore clothes in the house. At least the house was large.


“They fight too much, and it seems like a week passed already. They had been like that from their first meeting.”

However, if they really hated each other, my house would have exploded by now.


“You seem well.”


Myeonwoo smiled at me talking about yesterday and this morning. Was I? I touched my face to check.


“Take some honey cookies with you. You liked them.”



I tried to show my gratitude in those words as much as I could.



I visited Team Hayan Seok before going back to the breeding facilities, but it seemed that they were out. Maybe I should come back at night as they said the gate search and measurements were nearly complete.


‘I should place more security on them now.’


I could protect the personnel, but their research results were a different matter. The high-class hunters here belonged to different guilds, and Noah could not see them all day. I should place an S class monster with them since monsters would not search for research material. Maybe getting an S class baby monster that would not grow as large as Blue…

Noah helped me get on the rooftop garden, and Blue flew at me. Peace showed its teeth, and the griffon waved its tail in embarrassment. Blue circled us and flew at Noah, who easily held its tackle.

Blue was now large enough for a human to ride, and he had become too big and powerful for me.  Noah threw Blue in the air, who fluttered its wings to chase after a pigeon. I watched Blue land on the top of the Haeyeon building before looking at Noah.


“Do you have time tomorrow or the day after that?”

He needed a new attacking skill to go against Riette, as his only offensive skills were poison and pain transference. Both would not work against Riette well, who knew about them already.


‘I can give him a skill tomorrow.’


If not, I would find another way, either by asking Riette to give me more time or go to the depraved.


“Anytime. What do you need?”


Noah’s eyes were filled with kindness that I did not warrant. Why was he so nice to me? His keyword had been Riette, which would not have helped him like me.


“You are really too kind to me, Mr. Noah. I never did much for you.”


I only had stopped Riette. Noah hesitated before answering me.


“No, you gave me a lot?”

“A lot?”

“You were nice to me and treated me like a younger brother.”


“I liked that.”


Noah looked embarrassed as he spoke to me, and I was the same.


“You would know, but Riette treated me as a weak being, not as a child. After I became an A class hunter, others believed I could do anything because I was a hunter. Especially after I became an S class…but you were different. You always complimented me when I caught a monster or learned the Korean language.”

“You were…good.”


Noah laughed with a flushed face.


“Also, you worried and pitied me.”

“I didn’t pity you much.”

“No, I liked that. I liked you asking me to do things because your eyes were warm when doing so. I knew you liked patting my head when I was in dragon form.”


I felt heat in my cheeks, as I could not help doing so out of habit no matter how hard I tried.


“I like you treating me like my age instead of an S class hunter or a Guild Leader. You make me feel comfortable, and I feel happier than I ever had. I know I shouldn’t depend on you like this, but can’t I stay for maybe a year or six months?”

“Of course. You’re still young. Do so as long as you want. Adults can act childish, you know. Parents and grandparents see their children as children no matter how long. As long as we don’t harm anyone in doing so, that’s not a bad idea.”


It was much better than hating someone. Noah smiled at my words.


“You do give me a lot. So, just tell me when you need me. I enjoy that.”

“I’m using you too freely…”

“Just treat me as you have done up to now.”

My heart felt lighter at seeing Noah happy.


“I want you to be happy, too. I will help you, you know.”

Noah really had been born an angel. How could he be Riette’s brother? There had been a mistake in heaven.



I saw the curtain flip back, and Yerim flew at me with open arms.


“Look, aren’t my pajamas cute?”


I saw Yoohyun about to say something at her and decided to change the subject.


“There are Myeongwoo’s honey cookies in the kitchen.”



Yerim went to the kitchen, and Yoohyun sat next to me on the sofa. He glanced at the TV before grumbling about how bothersome the Association had been today.


“They have become fairer but stricter.”

“Fairer is better.”


Yerim came back as I consoled him and sat on my other side. I saw Yoohyun frown, but it was a peaceful evening overall.

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