153 Part 1

S Classes that I Raised 153 I Was Assigned (3)



“Come here, chick.”


I lifted the white chick that was rolling around the large bed, as expected, just like at the hotel in Hong Kong, the chick seemed to like looking at strange places. It really was curious about things, shown in its habit of watching TV.


“I’m grateful that at least you’re enjoying it.”


“Your father is not going to be able to sleep tonight.”


My surroundings were exceptional, and I had no trouble sleeping in new places. Dinner had been nice, the walk pleasant, the bathroom luxurious with bath salts I had never seen before. However, there was only one thing missing.


“It’s embarrassing, Yoohyun, but I cannot sleep without you.”


Damn, I really did not want to sleep. When will my fear resistance recover to normal? Is it not the timing now? The debuff was going long enough, perhaps because of the doubled attack skill effect.


“Why can’t I watch TV?”


Was I participating in a temple retreat? You could watch TV even in prison, and even if it was done to make sure I could not watch the news, I had to spend the night awake without anything to do.


“Hey, chick. At least you should sleep.”

I pounded a large pillow to make a niche to place the chick. While I had no thoughts of sleeping, I also climbed up the bed and leaned against the pillows. The bed was nice enough for me to fall asleep, and I thought of sitting on a chair.


“I really will fall asleep if I turn off the lights, but it’s too bright for you, right?”



I should change to indirect lighting. Where was the remote control?


“The remote for lighting…”


“Oh, thank you-“


It was Yoohyun’s voice, and his familiar hands grabbed my wrist as I froze without being able to respond.


“It’s all right. I won’t harm you. It’s difficult for me to appear like this without a catalyst, so I won’t be able to do much. Don’t worry.”


I could not turn around, and the chick came down from the pillow to my lap.


“Your appearance…”

“As this world refuses me, I have to borrow help from someone who belongs to this world. I can enter easily if I come as your most beloved who you think of the most.”


He was the addict to filial duty that had appeared borrowing Gyungsoo Yoon’s corpse and the successor of Diarma. I had thought he would contact me, but did it have to be now?


“Isn’t it too late to visit without asking first?”

“Dreams come at night, and I could have come earlier. But he had been beside you all the time recently, hyung, and if the same person is next to you, the possibility of you refusing me becomes higher because I seem more of a fake.”


Him calmly calling me hyung creeped me out, but he seemed to mean that he had not been able to appear because I had been sleeping in the same room as Yoohyun. Dreams come at night, huh. This addict’s ability had to be hallucinatory when considering that Gyungsoo Yoon’s corpse had taken on a different form for each person and the dungeon’s characteristics. He was not good for mental health.


“So, have you decided on what to bet?”


I looked down on the chick as I spoke. While I could not ignore him, I did not have the guts to turn my head. I wish he would disappear after finishing what he had come here for.


“Ah, hyung. That’s-“


Damn, why does he keep calling me that?


“Are you going to keep refusing to look at me? You should meet the eyes of the person you’re talking with.”

“I don’t need to treat someone with another’s skin as human.”

“That’s disappointing.”


He then smiled, and I remembered the evening phone call. I turned my head as I rubbed the chicks’ downy feathers with the tips of my fingers. He was standing next to the bed and was leaning towards me. An older version of my brother was smiling down at me.

Don’t look at me like that. The only time you ever smiled at me was when-


“I saw you. Speak what you need to say fast and go away.”


Let’s think about other things. It’s about time Yerim and Peace come out, and I hoped they would be all right. The pair had never worked together like this before, and I was curious about how they fared. Their attributes were incompatible, as Peace did not like how Yerim kept bothering him during their first meeting. I hope they didn’t fight and came out of the dungeon closer than before.


“I’m interested in you, hyung.”


The addict with Yoohyun’s face spoke, and his smiling eyes were darker than Yoohyun’s now. They looked even more different since one of them was red nowadays.

I suddenly felt strange. While Yoohyun was the same person, he was becoming different bit by bit already. His skillset will become different, as there is already Irin, and skills via items that had disappeared and could no longer be attained like the White Whale’s tears at the festival will also come up.

Even though he still is my younger brother.


“I tried to examine as closely as possible about what had happened in this world. While I could not know all, I managed to find a bit about you.”


…How far did he know? I gulped while the guy looked at me with interested eyes. I became calmer since that expression at that age was not something I had seen before.


“You’re a breeder who managed to love and raise a born S class.”

“What about that? That happens sometimes.”


Does he know only about the breeder title, or also discovered the Perfect Breeder title? The latter was troubling. He would be an obstacle if he knew about the keyword effects.


“Only very rarely. Only here, the fifth.”


The guy continued to speak as he pulled my wrist towards him, and while he had mentioned that he was weak, it seemed that he was stronger than me.


“The breeder title did not appear in the first, second, third, fourth, and other places. Although breeders who have raised those below S classes are common.”


The guy whispered that a breeder who managed to raise an S class came out from only here. The Fifth Origin, the Snowing Tree, and the space our world belonged in.


“While it may be a pure coincidence since the number is so small, it may be relevant to the origin. So, hyung, let’s strike a deal.”

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