154 Part 2


“I think this would be a good place. Do you have any preferences in stones?”


Hyunjae Sung spoke like he would cut my shoulder open to place the stone in now. His will to experiment was exceptional.


“I cannot do two at once since my body is a weak F class.”

“You don’t know until you try.”
‘I don’t want to and bring at least an SS class if you want to try. I won’t accept an S class. It’s a waste of physical space when my body’s not that big.”

“I should fatten you up.”


Hyunjae Sung spoke like I was a pig or a goose. I would prefer you to set me free without using any chemicals.


“I’ll reserve the place above your heart at your back. You cannot give it to others.”

“If you pay the price, and since the place would be one of the most effective, the quality of the stones should be amazing.”


It would take a long time to find two or more SS class dragon type stones, and I would make him pay the price during that time for the reservation.




Hyunjae Sung lifted the chick that was waddling at his feet and adjusted his hold on me to turn to the broken door.


“I can sleep here since the bed is all right.”


I could smell that something had burnt and remembered this smell may not be good for health. I would need to move for the chick, at least. Hyunjae Sung opened his mouth after going out of the room, holding me and the chick.


“I would be able to know whether I had something to do with that stone when seeing the completed beast.”

“I said that you do not.”


While my answer was firm, I was nervous as the beast would be affected by the stones it was based on. If it took on a beast form, Hyunjae Sung’s fragment would not stand out that much.


‘The SS class stone and Diarma were both dragonian, and that means the beast will probably be close to human form.”


Would something that looked similar to Hyunjae Sung spring out? I would want to kill if it looked like Diarma, and the only choice left was the SS class dragonian. I wished it well.




“Why is it not possible?”


I asked Hyunjae Sung to take me to a nearby low-class dungeon when the sun rose the next day to meet the depraved. However, he refused without hesitation.


“The contract I have with your brother has an article about forbidding outside activities.”

“Even dogs take a walk outside every day!”


While there was a large rooftop garden, it was within the building. I thought I would be able to go out with a light heart after my fear resistance levels came back, but now I was forbidden to go out.


“You saw the jellyfish visit me yesterday. We have to think of a countermeasure.”

“I also heard that it was not easy to appear like that, and it could not harm you. Come to my bedroom whenever you feel anxious as it is open.”

“I don’t need that.”


I would have to ask my brother to allow me since the contract does not let me go out. I called Yoohyun after getting my phone back, but he did not answer. Why doesn’t he get on the phone in the morning?


“Do you know what my brother is doing?”
“That also is…”

“Forbidden by the contract. Damn.”


I would have to go out using the stealth skill and run when Hyunjae Sung stepped out. I sincerely hoped that he would go to work.

However, the Sesung Guild Leader was not busy as he was again pretending to be conquering a dungeon. He had been doing work a bit, which people brought up to him as he did not move an inch.

I had been trapped until lunch when Taewon Song visited with a small cage holding the jewel snake.


“Hunter Riette asked Mr. Yoojin Han to take care of it, and the Haeyeon Guild Leader has agreed.”

“Yoohyun did? Do you know where he is and what he’s doing now?”

“While he is still moving as Hunter Minyui Kim, I cannot tell you in detail. He told me to tell you to train the jewel snake if you’re bored. He said that since it is diurnal and small, it would not take much effort.”


Did he send a jewel snake since Comet was nocturnal, and Blue and unicorns were full of vigor? Was he telling me not to think about him and look after monsters?

While I did not like the situation, I received the owner’s token. Taewon Song put the cage on the table and opened the door. A small snake with golden eyes, similar to its owner, that looked like it was carved out of a ruby, let its head out. I could see its red body change into violet, pink, blue under the light.


“You’re Velare, right?”



The jewel snake looked up at me in response to me calling its name, and the message board about the breeder effect shot up. I used the sprout skill on Velare.


[Second Class Fantastic Snake Species. Red Jewel Snake (infant) Velare

Current Stat class D

Possible Stat class A~S

Optimized Initial Skill

Jewel Weaponization (SS) Attained after growth

Toxic Fangs (A) Gained

Scale Reinforcement (B) Attained after growth

Poison Resistance (B) Gained

*Grows when intaking a certain type of jewel over a certain amount]


Toxic Fangs and Poison Resistance were common abilities for a poisonous snake. However, Jewel Weaponization was something I had seen for the first time. Did that mean that it could change its body to a weapon?


‘So, is that why Riette asked me to raise Velare when she does not need a beast to ride?’


If an S class uses an SS class weaponization skill, that means the weapon will be at least an SS class. Since it was a snake, it would probably become a sword or a spear. Since Riette used swords, she would want this beast.


‘Yoohyun also uses a sword.’


Could I get one for him? While there was Myeongwoo, I did not know when he would be able to make an SS class weapon. I would raise a jewel snake for Yoohyun day and night until it could be used. I could not steal this one since it did not have a flame resistance skill.




The chick approached the jewel snake as it walked on the table.




Velare launched itself on the chick in an instant.




While Taewon Song quickly grabbed the snake, it had already bitten the chick in the chest. The speed at which it lunged was terrific, but since it was only a baby with small teeth and I could detoxify the poison, I reached out to cover the chick with my hands.


“Don’t pull. Separating them by force will deepen the wound.”


I first needed to take out a potion, but it was then the chick fluttered its wings and threw itself down on its chest with the snake in tow.




It started to press down on the snake’s head, and the chicks’ body was much bigger than the snake’s head with feathers. Wasn’t this like pressing down on someone with a feather pillow?


‘It’s going to suffocate.’

-Peep! Peep!


Taewon Song let go of the hand, grabbing the snake in surprise as the chick confidently pressed the snake down. The snake’s red body squirmed weakly as it lay limp. I gasped.


“Hey, forgive him just this once!”


Velare was going to die!




The chick lifted itself as if it understood me or thought the punishment enough. Velare lowered its head and whimpered. I examined where the chick was bitten after opening the potion cap but could not see any wounds. Had the snake’s fangs been unable to reach flesh because of the feathers?



“All right, all right. You won.”


My chick fought well, but I wished they would get along better.


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