155 Part 1

S Classes that I Raised 155 I Ran Away (1)

“While monsters with poison skills higher than C classes are subject to special management, but as Mr. Yoojin Han has a beast breeding skill and a poison resistance skill of a class that can detoxify others, you were made an exception.”


Taewon Song spoke as he handed me a monster registration form.


“However, you have to report to the Hunter Association every time you move it. Do not carry the snake with you except for breeding facilities and hunter related buildings.”


Velare’s poison skill was an A class, and while other attack skills were also dangerous, poison required special care because most of them were persistent and contagious. Those who were not awakened could die if a drop or two of an A class poison dropped on the street. The reason Taewon Song came directly here was probably because of the poison skill, as he could prevent the snake from using the poison with his looting ability.




Velare was hiding behind a teacup and showed only its head after being pressed down by the chick. Myriad shades of light sparked every time its tail tapped the table in dissatisfaction. I found it difficult to even look at it at times because of the bright summer sun.


“Why did you bite your brother…or sister…”


I did not know the sex of the chick nor Velare, even though I was assuming that the chick was a male.


“Did Riette tell you Velare’s sex or other matters?”


I asked as I handed back the signed monster registration form.


“She did not speak of other things.”

“All right. Also, will you help me out?”



I sent a desperate gaze to Taewon Song’s surprised face.


“I’m imprisoned now, and they won’t send me home. Since this is illegal, please get me out, Director Song.”


Two S class hunters placed a weak F class hunter in confinement, and even my cell phone was confiscated. Taewon Song looked at the snacks on the table at my words.


“…I believe that you’re living well, and I believe you need a bit oppressive protection.”

“Not being able to go out, watch television, call someone is not a bit. I have to spend all day with Hyunjae Sung. Can you endure that?”


Spending all day with Hyunjae Sung for more than a day made Taewon Song contemplate. His gaze moved to Hyunjae Sung, who was watching us. Hyunjae Sung unfolded his hands and spoke.


“I’ll prepare a high tower and a dragon if you want to rescue a princess. Had your tastes been more of an underground prison and shackles?”

“I do not prefer them.”


…Was there an underground prison here? What was that about towers and dragons? Was he thinking about casting Riette after renting the Namsan tower?
Taewon Song looked back at me after thinking things over.


“Has the Sesung Guild Leader force[[d]] you to do unjustified acts?”

“…He’s treating me well.”

“Then bear him for a while longer, please.”


Taewon Song went back without rescuing me.

While I had asked Yoohyun to let me go to a dungeon during our evening phone call, his refusal was firmer than necessary. Another day passed as I waited for Hyunjae Sung to ((go away)) [[leave]] from his post.

Finally, it happened on the next day’s evening.


“I heard that the dungeon conquest is finished.”


Hyunjae Sung told me as he spoke about going out for a while. The S class dungeon [[where]] he had sent another Sesung’s S class hunter was complete, and as he [[was]] ((had been)) the one to have gone in officially, Hyunjae Sung needed to show his face.


“Can I expect you to wait quietly?”

“How can you ask me that? I’m going to do everything I can to run.”


I spoke the truth, as Hyunjae Sung will not expect me to keep still.


“However, since my stats are an F class, you don’t need to worry if you place one or two capable A to B class hunters.”


So, just go feeling relieved. Hyunjae Sung opened his mouth as he stared at my face.


“Even if there’s some loss, I should…”

“Just go. The contract does not say that you have to protect me directly. Yoohyun knows well how busy a guild leader is, so don’t sweat about it. You having stuck this much to me was more than enough.”


It was excessive that the Sesung Guild Leader had been protecting a single individual all this time, ((even if)) [[to the point]] he had to be in the guild facilities to pretend that he had gone into a dungeon. Hyunjae Sung left when I said that he could not watch over me all the time now since the conquest was over. Of course, he left behind an A class hunter.


“I hope I’m not causing you much trouble.”


While the hunter answered no, I felt a gaze that was not all that positive. While many people had been friendly towards me in the last few days I had spent in the Sesung Guild. There were, of course, those who looked at me askance.

Even if I had a useful skill, the only one known to the public is the beast breeding skill. I was entirely below the ranks of the Sesung Guild Leader, and since he had been paying attention all day to me, there would be people who did not like the situation.

Some might feel jealous since an S class was admired even if the person’s character was questionable. Some might think that the leader prefers someone whose relationship with Sesung will end after I gave him the beast, who ((had worked)) [[would work]] hard for Sesung and continue to do so.


‘He would have placed someone who is dissatisfied with me.’


Someone who dislikes me would protect me more firmly and completely and would refuse any offers I would make to create a gap. I smiled at Igyeong Hwang, who was said to be an attacker, as it was better for him to hate me so I could run with less guilt.


“I have to have the door open because I need air circulation.”

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