155 Part 2


I opened my new bedroom door wide and spoke to him.


“So, please step away from the door. How about taking a chair over there?”


I pointed to a spot about four steps away from the door.


“Don’t come to look at me suddenly, since there’s the matter of privacy.”

“I won’t need to if you remain quiet.”


Igyeong Hwang moved after nodding. Since the bedroom was large and a small living room was attached to it, Igyeong Hwang would not be able to see the bed if he does not come in. I placed the chick on the bed and stroked its head.


-Chick, you keep still.



I whispered since he might hear me and placed toys for under five-year-olds on the table. Igyeong Hwang would think I was staying still if he heard the chick play.

I could not leave Velare behind since I could not leave the owner’s token to the hunter, and it might escape causing accidents. What if someone who came to clean became poisoned because the snake dripped poison?

I wrapped the snake on my wrist and went to the bathroom next to the bedroom, and as I could set the timer for a hot bathtub, I set it for one hour and closed the door with the lights on. Igyeong Hwang would think I was in the bathroom even if he looked at the bedroom, and the sound of water would confuse him more.


‘I would have to go out and come back quietly.’


My goal was to return without being discovered, as the bedroom door might become a locked cage if I was caught.

I took my wallet and used my stealth skill, Find the Hidden Picture. I went out of the wide-open door as carefully as possible to not make any noises. The hunter did not find me out as he sat and only looked around when I passed right in front of him.

I went down the stairs to the exit where the miniature portal was, and while the front gates made a sound, he would not have heard it because of the distance. It was a relief that the manor was large.

One did not usually need a key to go out from inside through the miniature portal since having a gatekeeper in and out was burdensome when the guild members and the hired help had to use the portal.

An A class hunter who had the portal key was standing guard outside. As I had asked for a late-night snack at ten, I could come back in with a cook.


‘There are about two hours left.’


I could come back after meeting the depraved if I moved fast. I went out of the long corridor with quiet steps. Since there was an A class hunter standing guard at the portal, other security systems were minimal. Of course, no one would be able to win against the owner even after getting in. I managed to get out of the building without being caught and went to a nearby ATM machine. I took out twenty 50,000 won bills, folded them, and wrote a memo.


[Excuse me, but please lend me your cell phone. This is for the rental fee. The cell phone will be stored in the No. OOO storage locker at Sadang Station, and please come back for it after 11 o’clock today. I will place a post-it on the locker as a sign.]


I wrote that I would place the cell phone in the lost-and-found center if a locker were unavailable with the password number.

I looked around at the pedestrians walking by after placing the memo amidst the folded bills. They all wore lightly since it was summer, and I followed someone who took out a cell phone from an unprotected eco-bag inner pocket. He unlocked the screen with a pattern, checked the messages, answered, and put it back in the bag.

I exchanged the cell phone and the bills as he stood in front of the bus stop and looked over the direction board. While the bag shook a bit, he seemed not to notice.


‘Where’s a nearby low-class dungeon?’


I searched low-class dungeons that had been publicly bid on the cell phone, as information on public bids was available to everyone as [[long as]] the team or guild for the dungeon conquest are ((let)) known. An E class dungeon close by was planned to be conquered tomorrow after being ((bid)) [[auctioned]]. While one cannot delay the conquest due to the possibility of a break, one can go anytime beforehand. A team consisting of E classes with a D class hunter as team leader had bid on it, and the team leader had listed his phone number.

I went inside a narrow alley and phoned the team leader, and a man about thirty answered.


“I want to purchase the rights to conquest the E class dungeon you have bid.”


I was not going to conquer it, but just meet the depraved and come out before the gates closed. I would then give the rights back to this team, saying that I gave up on the conquest. I called a million won when he called five hundred and fifty thousand. I thought of the ATM limit and decided to give them a high-class potion if I could not get the cash. Potions were easy to sell for money.


“All right, I’ll then see you in front of the dungeon building.”


After laying a 10,000 won bill on the counter in a nearby store after I ended the call, I took a mask. I should see what my brother was doing if I had time left after getting out of the dungeon.




There was another phone call for Minyui Kim’s cell phone, and a mid-class guild’s name appeared on the phone number app with a bright ringtone. Yoohyun Han confirmed the name and blocked the number.

It seemed everyone tried to contact him after the rumors about Minyui Kim surfaced, and while most of them were valueless, Yoohyun received the call from MKC.


‘I have to take care of Seokwon Choi.’


He is an S class hunter who had made a contract with that filial duty addict like the dead Gyeonsoo Yoon. He was in hiding and being protected after the lake dungeon incident, which made approaching him difficult. Yoohyun Han, the Haeyeon Guild Leader, will not be able to see even his face. However, Minyui Kim, who was considered to be almost S class and a candidate for scouting, will be able to meet him directly.

Contact had been made quietly and a secret meeting was going to take place. While he did not know whether Seokwon Choi would come out directly, it was highly probable that he would appear when a candidate said he wanted to meet the guild leader before moving between guilds.

Yoohyun called Yoojin’s phone before going out to the designated spot, and after Hyunjae Sung answered, Yoohyun could hear his brother’s voice.


[You can’t even visit once? What’s keeping you so busy?]


Yoohyun smiled without thinking at his brother’s sullen voice.


“Wait for a bit longer. I’ll clean up as fast as possible.”

[What are you cleaning up? I can’t move here, so tell me.]

“Have you eaten dinner?”

[I’ll [[do so]] soon. Where are you? Home?]


The call continued as Yoojin asked to let him go home, and Yoohyun Han stood up after the phone call ended.

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