158 Part 1

Chapter 158 A Blue Fog (2)


‘It’s like a dungeon break.’


Some dungeon had been leaked like this by monsters a few times. However, there were no news articles about a dungeon break or anything else. The internet said that due to a clash between high-class hunters, regional citizens should evacuate, and that entry will be restricted.


‘I can’t see what happened.’


I could find the way since I had a navigating device and could see in front of me thanks to the headlights. It was the victory of modern technology that I could find the right path even if I could not see any signs. So, I made a left turn here.




Velare let out a wary sound, and I also felt that a human shape with heat had suddenly approached us. The car was grabbed with a crushing sound, and the wheels scratched the asphalt with loud noises. A large-sized car was stopped like a toy car for children.

The door ripped open before I could understand the situation, and a large hand suddenly reached in, grabbed my shoulder, and threw me out!





I rolled on the floor until I hit a tree. It hurt, and Velare had also been bounced off and quickly crawled at me with dissatisfied hisses. I could not see who it was due to the heavy fog but could guess who he was.


“You can’t throw me out like that since someone as weak as me would step towards the afterlife if I hit the ground after a long throw, Chief Song.”

“You would use the damage nullifying item the moment you entered a dangerous state.”


He knew me well. Taewon Song showed himself from the fog, and he did not look happy. It was inevitable.


“You also managed to come here despite the fog.”

“You were the only one coming in with the car sounds.”


He held out his hand, and I stood up with his help. Velare, please do not bite him even if you are angry. Please refrain.


“You should have stopped me with words.”

“You would have not have stopped.”


He know me well, I would have simply increased my speed more.


“Have you understood the situation?”

“Not yet. The information is unclear even to me.”


Taewon Song looked at the murky fog.


“Since Mr. Yoojin Han is here, it seems that the Haeyeon Guild Leader is involved in this incident.”

“My brother is a victim. He could have been dragged in.”

“You seem certain without seeing for yourself.”

“Yoohyun does not have a weird ability like this, and a hunter who can cause this kind of widespread phenomenon does not exist at present.”


Therefore, I searched for my car as I told him that we should go to where Yoohyun was said to be, and I saw the car in a very bad condition. Would the engine work after being stopped like that, even disregarding the ripped door? Well, even if the car worked…


“….Umm…will you run carrying me? Going in a straight path like that with you will be much faster.”

“You should return now, as the car would still move.”

“However, it will be difficult for you to search since the fog’s like this, and you don’t know the exact address.”


I spoke as I turned on the map application on my cell phone.


“How about bringing along human navigation?”


Taewon Song sighed and reached out when I added that it would be better than letting me wander about since I would not return obediently.


Taewon Song really ran as if he flew, and he actually jumped over buildings as he went straight down the path I pointed. He would gather weight before jumping and control it in the air. I saw a brimming fog below my feet. I felt heat above my head when we almost arrived at our destination.


“Chief Song!”


While the fog made it impossible to see who it was, Taewon Song also sensed the ambush, and he dropped down although I thought that it would be difficult to avoid the attack since we were in mid-air. He increased the weight load so we would fall.

Something clawed sharply at the fog above our heads, and I saw some gold scales and the size of the heated shape.


“Mr. Noah?”


It was Noah’s dragon form, but why was he attacking us? Did he think that Taewon Song held me by force?

Taewon Song’s feet touched the rooftop of a building, and he raised his gaze to the sky as he placed me down. However, the fog was still deep, and I hurriedly used my skill to share Velare’s heat senses with him.


“Mr. Noah must be mistaken.”

“I hope so. Please detoxicate me since I’ll try to subdue him.”


Taewon Song took out wire ropes from the inventory and grabbed them with both hands, and they were not your normal wire ropes. The fog swung with the heated shape’s movements, and the dragon’s wings beat to push and pull in the fog until it rose up.




With a low growl, the golden dragon came through the fog and came down towards Taewon Song. Poison wrapped around his body, and I could see his teeth and claws. Taewon Song still held the wire and accepted Noah’s charge. The wire scratched the golden scales with loud screeches and wrapped around Noah, and Taewon Song twisted his thick arm around Noah’s neck as he sidestepped. At the same time, Noah’s claws scratched at Taewon Song’s side, and the floor cracked because it could not sustain their weight and fell down. I hung at the railings lest I also fell and used my teacher’s skill to Noah. While there was a slight resistance, thanks to the Lauchitas’s nemesis effect, I could convey Noah’s movements to Taewon Song without many difficulties. However, why was Noah resisting? Was there a problem? Noah was attacking Taewon Song and even resisted my skill.




Noah had fallen to the first floor after breaking through multiple ceilings and writhed to push away Taewon Song, who was pressing him down. Taewon Song had tied up the dragon and added weight load so Noah could not move. However, Taewon Song would be paralyzed if I left the situation to him since the poison was spreading. The looting skill’s range was too narrow to completely nullify the poison.



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