158 Part 2


“Well, here goes.”


There was only one thing to do, and I held Velare in my arms with a sigh and jumped down the hole.


“Damn, that hurt.”


While I had no major injuries, there were bruises and scratches here and there. I hurriedly stood up and approached Taewon Song.

Noah revealed his teeth as I came closer, and he growled as his nostrils flared. It seemed that he could not speak, and I spoke to Noah as I detoxified Taewon Song.


“Mr. Noah, can’t you recognize me? I’m Yoojin Han.”



The tail hit the floor and widely swung at us, and Taewon Song pushed it aside with only one arm.


“You can’t speak in that form, so please form words like you’re using a skill.”

-Let go of me!


So, he can speak, which meant that he still had some reason left. Not recognizing me and forgetting how to speak in dragon form meant that he had lost his recent memories.


“We’re not enemies, and are not here to hurt you. We’re only holding you down so you won’t be hurt.”


Pale gray eyes blinked as they looked at me, and while Noah still growled, he stopped flailing.


“Won’t you return to human form first?”


Noah glanced at Taewon Song and nodded. The wire ropes unwrapped, and Noah stepped back to become human. His shoulders shrank, and he looked at us alternately.


“Mr. Noah, don’t you remember me?”


“My stats are F, and I’m much weaker than you.”


So, please calm down. I was slowly approaching him as I spoke.


“You’re in Korea. Do you remember coming here? You’ve helped me out a lot.”


Was it poison, a curse, or another mental skill? I thought of Diarma’s successor, who had looked like a jellyfish. It had been a strange creature that had fluttered with crazily vibrant colors, and while outer looks and skills did not always match each other, it seemed that the jellyfish would have hallucination abilities and poison.



‘If the fog had erased memories, there’s even a higher possibility that it is poisonous.’


The reason that Taewon Song and I were fine was probably the poison resistance skill then, or maybe the fog’s effect had weakened due to its spread.


“Korea…I think my sister spoke about it.”


It seemed that Noah had most of his memories due to high poison resistance, and I spoke as gently as I could as I approached Noah.


“She would have told me to meet me, Yoojin Han. There was a monster you would have to entrust to a monster breeder. Do you remember Velare? It is this jewel snake.”



I went even closer as I showed him Velare, and my poison resistance skill should affect him about now. I stared at Noah’s eyes and used my teacher’s skill with more force since it might be a mental skill issue. I tried to deliver the memories I had of Noah.


“You had come to entrust Velare to me, and…”



Noah’s brow furrowed, and his hand grabbed my shoulder. I felt his nails pierce my skin until there was blood as he growled out moans, and I stopped Taewon Song with a hand as he tried to move in on reflex.


“Similar to my sister…”


The hand that grabbed my shoulder tightened its grip as he remembered that incident, and thanks to that, the damage nullification kicked in, so my shoulder was not ripped out.


“Do you remember?”

“Yes. Oh, Mr. Yoojin. I…ah!”


Noah let me go in surprise at seeing my shoulder, and he used a healing skill on me with a pale face.


“I’m so sorry!”

“It’s all right. Can you tell me what happened?”


Noah nodded and told us about what had gone down with Seokwon Choi.


“A fog came out from Seokwon Choi’s fallen body, and while the Haeyeon Guild Leader and I immediately stepped back, the fog spread more quickly. It had been much thicker than now, and my sight blurred for a minute. I think the Haeyeon Guild Leader attacked me. I don’t remember clearly, but I ran away while I healed my wounds.”


So Yoohyun attacked Noah. It seemed that Yoohyun thought him dangerous at seeing him in part beast form without remembering who Noah was.


“I was surprised and was wandering in the fog when I attacked you two. I think I was targeting Mr. Yoojin Han but had gone after Mr. Taewon Song since he was the more threatening one.”

“Was the fog that made you lose your memory some kind of poison?”

“It was mainly poison, and I felt like it was a hallucination. Especially when it got me at first.”


We had been lucky that I had been able to bring back his memories with my skill, and I spoke to Taewon Song as I turned around to stare at him.


“Since Yoohyun does not have any poison resistance skills, there is a possibility that he lost more memories than Mr. Noah. However, he would remember Department Head Song and me. Mr. Noah, please stay as it’s dangerous for you, and Mr. Taewon Song, please wait for now. I’ll try to talk to him first.”


If Yoohyun did not lose all of his memories, he would remember me. I had been next to him since he had been a baby with unfocused eyes.

Taewon Song contacted the Hunter Association and the Awakened Management Office for confirmation. The answer was that multiple people had memory issues despite a fast evacuation after the fog spread out. Since only recent memories were lost, they seemed to think it only a mental shock due to the sudden incident.

I went out of the building straight to where Yoohyun was, and while I had been worried that he may have moved, fortunately, I could see the fire from Seokwon Choi’s house.

A long-tailed flame pushed away from the fog, and Yoohyun Hand stood between crumbled buildings. He raised his brow at seeing us.



I called him with a slight shake as I stepped forward. He had some of his memories, right? Yoohyun slowly opened his mouth.




He remembered me, and that was a relief, but his voice and expression were freezing. It was both strange and familiar, and Yoohyun spoke to me in a rigid voice.


“I told you not to come near me.”


I remembered that I blocked his number after hearing him say that on the phone. I fisted my hands at the memory.



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