159 Part 1

Chapter 159 A Blue Fog (3)


“What made you come all the way here? Haven’t you realized by now that you’re just a nuisance?”


My brother spoke in a tired manner, to the extent that I may have been hurt if I did not know what was going on. He was pushing me away with a such an expression and manner as he had done for three years and would have done so for five.

I wanted to ask him how he had felt during that long time he had spent alone. At the same time, I did not want to even guess his thoughts since that knowledge may stop me in my tracks. I may have conceded to whatever Yoohyun wished despite the consequences.


“I’m sorry.”


Yoohyun looked shaken at my words. I had thought of some ways to persuade my brother, but nothing came to my mind now. Instead, I said what I had been thinking all this time.


“I’m sorry for being weak…”


If I had been stronger or had been more of an adult, would I have released him thinking that the time to let him go had come? Would I not have tried fruitless things instead of accepting my reality and accepted hate as a shield? I did not know since I still had my brother now.

I slowly moved while trying to empty my thoughts. Yoohyun frowned as he stared at Taewon Song, Velare, and Noah because he felt that something was not quite right.


“Yoohyun, let me explain.”

“…What are you trying to do? He seems to be an S class hunter.”


Yoohyun glared at Taewon Song with suspicion.


“It won’t work even if you involve my brother, so don’t bother.”

“That’s not what’s happening.”

“It’s not? Then why are you here…and here is…”

“You’re at MKC Seokwon Choi’s private house. You won’t remember, but…”


Yoohyun moved in confusion right in front of me without even giving me time to react. His hand pulled my arm, and I could see his cold eyes up close.


“What is this magic?”


“That earring.”


Yoohyun’s hand touched my ear and swept against my earring.


“It seems to be a high-class item.”

“Yes, the Sesung Guild Leader gave it to me.”


The truth came out in surprise, and Yoohyun’s brow furrowed at the word Sesung.


“Damn, are you insane?! I warned you not to get involved with guilds and hunters. Sesung? Did you go nuts?”


Yoohyun let go of my earring and instead grabbed my collar, and his face became darker as he dragged my body.


“…You seem to have awakened…how strong are you?”

“F class, but my skill levels are high, so you don’t have to worry. I’m being protected since I’m useful.”


While I rambled on, he seemed not to hear me. I avoided his eyes because they were too intense.


“You know all about this, and you just don’t remember now because…hey!”


Yoohyun roughly bent my arm behind my back, and Noah, who had been looking at me nervously, came up forward.

“Mr. Yoojin!”

“Why is he acting like he is on intimate terms with you?”

“He’s not an enemy, and, hey, it hurts!”


While my skill will nullify a broken bone, he was just gripping my arm with force, and my shoulder was going numb. Noah urgently explained himself.


“I work under Mr. Yoojin Han! My name is Noah Luhir!”

“What nonsense is that guy speaking?”

“While it’s temporary, it’s also true. You don’t remember because parts of your memory are missing. Check your inventory. You will see some new weapons, and that black contract would have disappeared.”


Yoohyun’s face grew rigid at my mentioning Diarma’s contract, and he became silent for a moment after checking the inventory.


“The contract…what the hell happened?”

“A lot happened, but nothing serious. You know all about this, and we did this to…hey, my arm!”
“I just watched? I must have been the crazy one.”


Yoohyun whispered. Well, he did try to imprison me, and I had just sneaked out in one of the attempts.


“You kept me safe, and you were satisfied…”

“Don’t say things like that.”


Yoohyun’s voice turned rough, and while he was acting like a predator, I faintly felt his desperation.


“How did you think I let you go? I just…”


Yoohyun let his words hang, and I could not hear what he was going to say. Instead, I heard his teeth clench, and he held the sword again, originally stored in order to grab me.


“I don’t care about my memories and such, and a hunter that belongs to you is even more unnecessary. I should take care of those who might talk.”


Yoohyun’s aura turned murderous, and Noah jumped back in reflex at Yoohyun’s temper. Taewon Song had been silently looking at us but now changed his pose.


“Yoohyun! Stop!”


What was he going to do to take care of them? I shouted as I tried to pull back my arm.


“It will be all right when you get your memories back, so my skill…”

“Why? Are you guys close? They must have treated you right. However, they are high-class hunters and that does not suit you.”




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