160 Part 1

Chapter 160 The Sea of Fog Family (1)


The question about childhood memories did not suit the situation, and Hyunjae Sung opened his mouth as he sent a small amount of electricity to the ground.


“Schedule an interview with my PR team, I may have some time around next year.”

“That’s a pity.”


Hyunjae Sung showed his disappointment at the thing’s answer.


“Have you copied only his appearance?”


The conversation bored him, and Hyunjae Sung felt Eveline and other hunters’ presence through the veil. While their positions differed from when they were shrouded by the fog, they were still nearby. The reason they were quiet was that the sound was blocked.


“Don’t I look completely the same? You recognized me quickly, by the way.”

“He would tell me that I was late without mentioning he had sneaked away.”


Yoojin Han would say things like, even the Sesung Guild Leader cannot beat the traffic, or where was the helicopter, and then try to use Hyunjae Sung as much as he could. He would do so to the maximum while never stepping out of the line.


“Find someone less busy if you’re going to bother me since I cannot be late. Visit the Sesung Guild homepage for my profile. The basics are there.”


Hyunjae Sung’s eyes were cold, and they were stating that he found the current situation trivial.


“You’re treating me badly despite him being a favorite of yours.”

“You would need to at least respond similarly to raise my interest.”


Golden chains appeared to end the conversation, and Luga Peya, the filial addict wearing Yoojin Han’s shell, narrowed his eyes.


“Don’t you remember the original owner of that chain? They would not be yours without reason.”

“Are you talking about that Crescent Moon? I see him two to three times a year.”

“Two to three times? Are you the one being called?”

“Do I need to tell you to raise your head and look at the sky?”

“The sky?”

“It seems that you don’t have a moon nearby.”


Hyunjae Sung muttered that the talk was lacking as his fingers moved lightly. The ends of the chain shot into Yoojin Han’s chest, at the place where the stone had been. The chain wrapped around Yoojin Han’s neck after penetrating his back, and while the bloody scene was terrible, Yoojin Han’s face was indifferent.

Hyunjae Sung did not like that attitude, and it annoyed him.


“I sincerely miss the real one.”

“Why don’t you have childhood memories? Were you ever a child?”

“I don’t know why you keep asking me, but I was a cute and handsome child. Can’t you guess from looking at me?”


The real Yoojin Han would grimace and complain at those words, but still nod admitting that the truth was the truth. However, the fake observed Hyunjae Sung.


“Has it been planted instead of being moved? Or…”


After that murmur, Yoojin Han disappeared, and a faint jellyfish-like being appeared.


“I want to ask the Crescent Moon directly, but it can’t be done. I need to investigate deeper. This world is full of unexpected and strange things…”


A bolt of golden lightning crashed down indicating that the conversation should end at this point.




The dark blue giant, Seokwon Choi, tried to stand straight. Each stumble made the asphalt crack and the building crumble.


“That’s an SS class! Be careful! Riette, don’t rush at it.”


While his optimized skills were at S class, one did not know whether there were new skills.


‘The waiting time for the sharing skill is not over yet.’


I had used it exactly a week ago and still needed twelve hours. It seemed that although it was an SS class, the way it reacted to Riette’s tackle made me think that the situation may be manageable.

We could try, and if something’s not right, we should endure the situation until the waiting time was over. I wish Yerim was here, and what was taking Hyunjae Sung so long? I should call Seonghan Kim if the situation warrants it. Maybe Ms. Hyuna and the Hanshin Guild Leader could be called. I did not know whether they had gone into a dungeon since I had been blocked from information for the last few days.


“Riette and Soyoung…”


I had to stop because Yoohyun had grabbed me.


“Hey, what are you doing?!”

“I want to ask you the same thing. I need to evacuate you first.”


Yoohyun spoke to Taewon Song, and I remembered that he only had some of his memories back. He would see me as a barely awakened F class, and everything I did would look strange to him.


“Yoohyun, I have an L class damage nullifying item.”



My brother’s eyes widened at my voice.


“There’s an item like that?”

“For my use only, which means that I’m the safest person here.”


Yoohyun’s expression was still disbelieving at my words, and Taewon Song added his own explanation.


“Mr. Yoojin Han is right, and he has been involved in an A class dungeon conquest and cleaning up a dungeon break. This is not new to him.”

Did he really need to say that much?



Yoohyun bit into his lips at Taewon Song’s words, and he looked like he had undertaken a deep shock.


“An F class…and I just left you like that? Really?”


“What was I doing at that time?”

“You had been protecting me, of course.”


I spoke as calmly as I could since Yoohyun would feel some confusion at the dramatic changes. Two more S class hunters at Haeyeon, the breeding facility, Myeongwoo, Noah, and the relationship with Sesung…maybe I shouldn’t talk about Hyunjae Sung.



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