160 Part 2


“You acted as my bodyguard until recently. You used an item to change your appearance so we could go about it together. What did you do with the glasses?”


Noah had told me he had used it to meet Seokwon Choi, but I could not see it anywhere.


“…I put it in the inventory since I did not know what it was. So…we were together.”

“Yes. Put me down first.”

Seokwon Choi was not moving much, as if he had not adjusted to his size yet, but we could not just stand by and watch. Yoohyun hesitated but put me down. I looked up at his confused face.


“I’ll repeat this again, but I won’t be injured. I might get scratches at the most since there’s a minimum that must be met to trigger the damage nullifying effect. You’re the one in more danger here, do you remember how to use the green willow leaves?”


“You can step on them and can use it as a flying skill. There are benefits if you get used to it.”

“I can do that?”

Yoohyun looked happy despite himself and then composed his expression. He had really wanted a skill like that, and I also explained about Irin. I used my teacher’s skill to explain the sensations of weaponizing the flames of the fairies as specifically as possible.

The giant started moving slowly, and he took a step.


“I cannot let it escape from the barricade.”


Taewon Song spoke after taking out his phone.


“I’ll extend the evacuation radius as much as I can.”

“Please also call Mr. Seonghan Kim and tell him to wait outside the barricade. Can we call Hanshin and Breaker?”

“The Hanshin Guild Leader is currently in a dungeon conquest, and the Breaker Guild Leader is overseas at the moment to bid on monsters.”


When did Hyuna Moon go overseas? Yoohyun intervened in our conversation.


“Seonghan Kim will not be much help against an SS class.”

“He became an S class.”


Yoohyun’s eyes widened in surprise.


“Does that mean Haeyeon has two S class hunters?”



“Including Peace, four.”

“What’s Peace?”


Why did that bastard Seokwon Choi steal his memories and made everything new to him? Noah turned to a dragon, and Riette quickly moved to the back of the dragon and crouched to jump like a leopard.


-Oh, this is hard.


The black dragon’s teeth scratched the dark blue armor, but it ended in mere scratches. Riette circled in the air and stomped on the giant’s body with four feet. The giant went on one knee to make a round hole, and when the pillar-like arm swung to the dragon, Riette moved with surprising speed.


-I can do this since he is slow now, but things will go to hell when he becomes faster.


Riette spoke calmly, but maybe I really did need to buy some time until…wait.


“Riette, Ms. Soyoung! What’s the rate on your stats added on by the Dragon Rider skill?”

“About sixty percent!”


Soyoung Kang spoke in a loud voice. It was low compared to how well they were acting together.


“Ms. Soyoung! Don’t block this skill! You too, Riette.”


I used my teacher’s skill to connect their senses together, and they both stopped moving before shouting in surprise.


-Look at this! Darling, what did you do?

“It’s a hundred percent! I have all of Riette’s stats! Mr. Yoojin Han, I love you!

-Soyoung, you should become an S class faster!

“It will be amazing then. I can hardly wait!


Maybe you should slow things down a little. I used my teacher’s skill just in case, but it had worked more effectively than my expectations. The giant rolled his feet with a screeching sound.

The ground shook, and Yoohyun supported me when I was about to fall. The ground shook again, and rock pillars shot out in lines. Riette was avoiding all of them, but I could see that she was being pushed in one direction.

It was then when Riette was blocked by a thick rock wall. She could easily break or cut it, but that was when there were no obstacles.




The giant’s hand grabbed Riette’s tail, and while the poisonous thorns scratched and oozed poison on his hand, Seokwon Choi was indifferent as he dragged the dragon to him.



Yoohyun looked back at me as he jumped out in reflex.


“I have Mr. Noah with me, so don’t worry. He’s a healer.”


Yoohyun nodded with some anxiety, and I saw green willow leaves flutter as he grabbed Taewon Song to jump upwards.

They went over the wall in a moment, and I saw Riette struggling against the giant’s grasp amidst the loud noises. Yoohyun opened his mouth.


“While his stats are SS class, the giant being that huge probably means that the armor itself may be a skill.”


Taewon Song nodded in understanding, and I saw black shadows form in his hands as Yoohyun let him go. As Taewon Song dropped down quickly, Yoohyun’s eyes flickered red. Irin’s body burst up and became a massive spear of flames.

Taewon Song landed on the giant’s arm, and the black shadows circled around the armor. The range was small, and the spear was thrown to the small target area. He had been standing by at the very last moment to use the looting skill to the maximum, and Taewon Song stepped back with slight burns. Immediately and almost the same time, the flaming spear honed in on the weakened spot.

The red flames swirled up, and it melted the armor before bursting with heat upon impact. The giant’s arm became rags, and Riette used invisible blades to cut the arm and surrounding rock walls and pillars.

The giant stepped back with a missing arm, and Soyoung Kang spoke.


“It regenerated.”


It did, in an instant. The entire body needs to be crushed at once, perhaps. Should we buy time until morning, or…I stared at Taewon Song, who was being treated by Noah for his burns.




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