162 Part 1

Chapter 162 The Sea of Fog Family (3)


“A negotiation? Do you think that’s possible?”

“It will. That jellyfish will be overjoyed that it can make a contract with me with only you as the price.”


Seokwon Choi seemed suspicious.


“You’re that valuable?”

“I’m incomparable to S classes, so stop being so suspicious.”


He was hesitant despite saying that he had only one day left.


“You have nothing to lose. I won’t force you if you don’t want to live, and instead, recommend good books and music so you can die in peace.”

“This isn’t a trick, right?”

“I won’t be able to do this all day, and I’ll take you to meet the jellyfish. How about it?”

“Right now? You can bring him here?”
“Of course not here, but anywhere with a dungeon. I just have to send a sign and go in to be connected to where the jellyfish is.”


I had been intentionally speaking in a large voice so my brother could hear, but I remembered that Yoohyun currently did not know about the dungeon where depraved were. His memories probably had not returned, but I only could think of this method.

Seokwon Choi was still a person and not a monster, so he would be able to enter a dungeon.


“What are you doing?!”


I heard my brother’s voice, and I wanted to say that everything was fine, and take care of yourself until I came back.

“He’s loud.”


Seokwon Choi gathered fog to form a long blade, and my vision turned red.


“You will die if something happens to my brother.”

“What can an F class do?”

“Don’t you know contracts have to be accepted with free will? The jellyfish won’t have left me alone if he could force it.”

“Is that so?”


Seokwon Choi sneered, and he threw the blade. I heard a muffled moan, and I felt like my intestines were burning inside.


“You bastard.”

“I didn’t kill him even though I wanted to.”


I just breathed in and out to calm down.


“…Will you let the time pass by like this?”
“I thought I may take care of at least two beforehand as an example, since you may change your mind.”

“I can die out of spite, so don’t try.”


He laughed.


“Is any dungeon okay?”


I heard a small voice calling me, and I tried to ignore it. The damn guy looked to where Yoohyun was lying down, and I became afraid of what he would do. Thankfully, Seokwon Choi dragged me and turned around. I heard my brother scream, and the sound became smaller.


Seokwon Choi blasted away a dungeon building with a light wave, and the gate showed itself. He pushed me in front of the gate.


“Send the signal.”


I looked at him briefly and knocked on the gate three times.


“It’s done. We can go in now.”

“That’s too simple.”
“It’s customized for me. You can go in and see for yourself.”

Seokwon Choi moved toward the gate while grabbing my arm, and I felt cold air and snow under my feet. He looked at the white forest with a bit of surprise.


“It really is a different place.”


He walked while dragging me with him, and I thought something would happen soon.


“Is that a monster?”


Seokwon Choi responded at the ice spear, and he broke it into pieces to fly towards where it had come from after letting me go. His hand accurately grabbed something and crushed something invisible, and a red toy soldier shaped like a nutcracker appeared. The toy soldier’s remains spread on the snow, and Seokwon Choi turned around with a smirk.


“Did you bring me for such tricks?”

“That’s an S class, you know. And yes, this is a trap.”


He smiled as I said that I was sorry if he had thought it boring. The smile wanted to crush my bones.


“You’re an idiot, and you should have said that after the gate is closed.”

“How can a guild leader not have even a gate stone?”

“You have a big mouth for an F class, and I should cut off your limbs and have you beg for death in front of Yoohyun Han…”


Seokwon Choi’s hand had been reaching out for me, but now was blocked by an invisible wall.


“Well, a barrier like this…”


He knocked on the wall, but it did not move. His face became contorted, and he knocked again. I watched with indifferent eyes him move about frantically, and he let out a livid roar while turning red.


“You damn rat! Come out!”



I saw a volleyball, and it shouted with a fierce expression.


[You guys, assemble together!]

“What is that?”


Seokwon Choi looked at the volleyball, and during that time small and big toy soldiers of various classes gathered around to form a toy knight. He had a white cape, gold epaulets, and a formal red uniform with a sword sheathed to his side. I used my identifying skill on it.


[Toy Knight Leader? SSS Class – Contractor unknown]


It was a knight leader and not just a knight. The volleyball jumped up.




The knight leader unsheathed his sword at the command and aimed the sharp blade at Seokwon Choi. The guy straightened his back and lifted his sword made of fog.


“What weird…”



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