162 Part 2


Seokwon Choi could not finish his words, as the knight leader’s sword pierced his chest without time to respond. The was no blood, but thorn vines came out to wrap around Seokwon Choi.




He screamed, but Seokwon Choi disappeared amidst the vines that wove like a cocoon and shrunk until it became the size of a soccer ball. Despite being the same rank, he had not even reacted once and must have been a lower rung of the rank.


[Honey, what happened?!!]


The volleyball came and asked.


“He made a deal with the jellyfish. But can someone become that strong just by giving up one’s life?”


There were several hundred S class hunters in the world, and the number would continue to increase. It would be a problem if they all became SS or SSS classes.


[It’s not like that, as he is an S class awakened, who normally do not make a deal like this. Also, that jellyfish used expediency.]

“An expediency?”

[Yes, that jellyfish is a member of the Sea of Fog family, who swallow others’ memories through fogs. I think the jellyfish made that man a member of the family and gave him some fog. Since the fog is from their King, the fog would have been able to transform memories into power quite well.]


I grabbed the volleyball at the word memories.


“He took my brother’s memories!”

[Calm down, honey!]

“I have to get them back! What happens if the owner dies? Will the memory disappear?”

[How long has it been since he lost his memory?]

“About one to two hours.”

[Then it’s still all right. Knight Leader!]


The knight leader came holding the thorn cocoon, and the upper part of it was open, so I could see that there were several hundred small marbles in it.


[While some may be missing, most of them seem intact. They will go back to their owner upon physical contact, and the marbles’ size is relevant to the number of memories.]


An especially big marble came into my eyes, and since Yoohyun would have drunk in the fog from the nearest spot, this would be his. I took out empty bottles and bags from my inventory to move the marbles, including my brothers, and I saw a magic stone gleaming faintly at the bottom. While it was an SSS class stone, the size was small and color murky compared to its class.


“It does not seem useful.”


The state of the stone was unsellable or to even give as a gift, but I thought that maybe Myeongwoo may use it to make a weapon.


[Honey, you can combine stones to make monsters. While the stone is weak compared to its class, the result will be at least an S class.]

“It’s not possible when the stone is not a cursed poison dragon stone.”

[Why? You’re not the owner but the nurturer of the cursed poison dragon. It doesn’t matter what the race is.]

“…It doesn’t?”

[Of course. You’re raising humans, dragons, griffons, and others.]


The volleyball answered while spinning around, and I wondered if that was true since the skill was originally for combining to create cursed poison dragons. I grabbed Seokwon Choi’s magic stone and looked into it.


“This seems ominous even if possible.”


It was a human being’s magic stone, which made me uneasy about using it.


“Does the awakened in our world form magic stones when they become an SSS class? Or is this because he had become something else?”

[Normally, the stones form from SS class as it means that they had overcome the limits of the current race. Monsters have random stones regardless of class, and I cannot go into specifics.]


I took Seokwon Choi’s stone, and the volleyball shouted that there was not much time left. While the dungeon usually lasted for thirty minutes, the time did not reset if I came again in a row. I was told that it took about a week to reset.


[Then honey, be safe!]


The environment around me changed with those words, and I saw a barren field. I should return quickly-

I ran towards the gate the moment I heard a growl, but something heavy ambushed me from the back with one step. What the hell.


“Biting won’t work-”


I felt something bite me in the back of my neck and saw other monsters approach me. I used my identifying skill while flailing.


[Class 2 Land Wolf Type – Long Teethed Wolf

Current stat class A

Possible stat class B ~ A]


So, Seokwon Choi had come to an A or S class dungeon. While the ambush would have been due to the magic stone in my possession, I deemed everything to be Seokwon Choi’s fault. He should have chosen a C class.

I was dragged when the gate was only five steps away, and the monsters scratched at me to get to the stone. Having the damage nullifying skill towards A class would last me for some time, so I would need to pretend I was dead until they gave up. I hoped they did it quickly since I did not want to use a gate stone.

I felt a wound here and there from their teeth, and the monsters became more excited at the smell of blood. They began to growl, and I thought I would need to use the gate stone.

It was then the monster on top of me began to shout, and I smelled burning flesh.




He had come, and Yoohyun kneeled in front of me and embraced me with both arms.


“Hey, did you heal-”


I could not finish the sentence because I heard a sob.



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