163 Part 1

Chapter 163 The Sea of Fog Family (4)


My younger brother had been a mature child, and he had rarely cried or thrown a tantrum. Since he had been that way as a child, he became an even more inexpressive adult after going out on his own. He had become an unshakable adult from a young age back when I only could see him on TV.




I hugged his shaking body and felt him take in a breath. How had I done this when we were young? I did not remember much, but Yoohyun used to say that he was all right after a while even as I tried and failed to console him.


“It’s only a scratch.”


I had wanted to comfort him by going out without any wounds, but those monsters had blocked me.


“He died, so you don’t need to worry.”


“Are you all right?”


“It’s all right, Yoohyun.”

“…Nothing’s all right!”

I heard a wet voice speaking to me.


“It hurts so much inside…”


Yoohyun stopped to breathe, and I felt something well up inside. I again did not know what to do but remembered that I had his memories. I stroked his back while taking out a bottle with only Yoohyun’s memories inside from the inventory.


“This contains your memories, and things will become better once you get them back.”


He would know that I had someone who could help me in the dungeon, and I hoped that would be at least some relief. Yoohyun raised his head, and I saw that his eyes were red while he had bit his lips. His eyes were filled with sorrow but happy at the same time. It was much better when he would show such emotions rather than bottling them up.


“Let’s go back home after you get your memories back.”


“Yes. It’s not where we had lived, but it’s still home.”


Home. I opened the bottle, and the marble disappeared into Yoohyun’s body. His eyes blinked a few times.


“You remember, right? What I did wasn’t that dangerous.”


Yoohyun did not speak for a minute, and he stared at me with closed lips. However, his face slowly turned back to normal, and his gaze was calm now.


“…I still don’t like it.”


His voice was sulky, and his brow furrowed.


“People get wrinkles even when they are S class…probably.”


I could not be certain as everyone’s skin had been smooth, even Hyunjae Sung after five years.


“I thought I was going to go crazy.”


“He may have changed his mind before going in, and if you hadn’t had help, then…”


His voice shook again as he went on speaking.


“Everything fades away when in a dungeon, and I…”


“Don’t say that. You’ll do this again.”

“Sorry. But I won’t die, Yoohyun.”


While it may be arrogance, I was also sincere.


“I can’t die now no matter what happens.”


I had worked hard to survive and still had things left to do.


“I want to see you marry, and want to be there when Yerim finds someone.”


I had a duty to see him through, and I took a handkerchief out from the inventory and wiped the tears off his face.


“I know that I’m weak, but I’m not reckless. I won’t go into hopeless situations and only act when I know I will survive.”


The lizard came out of nowhere and nipped the tip of the handkerchief to swallow it. I allowed him to do so since he had done much today.


“You told me you would help me whenever I needed it. I believe you.”


My brother’s face relaxed, and he was easy to read in situations like this. I had thought I did not know him for such a long time.


“I’ll survive knowing you have my back, and you know that I’m useful. I’ll make anyone who tries to kill me change their mind to allow me to live, so you will have time to prepare and rescue me.”


I had survived somehow despite having nothing in the past, and now I had more than enough.


“…You can just avoid such situations from the first place.”

“I want that too, but the world never does anything we want it to. Who knew that guy would revive as an SSS class today?”

“Why does Seokwon Choi’s contractor want you?”
“That zombie you met wanted me to agree to a contract saying that it will let my loved ones live, but I refused. That things seems to be interested in you, so refuse any offer as I did too.”


Yoohyun hesitated before nodding, and I repeated the warning again before standing up.


“Let’s go before the gate closes.”

“You said home, right?”


Yoohyun stood up, and I saw that he had bled from shoulder to toe. Seokwon Choi had died too easily.


“Stay close.”

“All right.”


Yoohyun smiled at those words.


“Didn’t you have to stay at Sesung?”

“I ran. You know I stayed there as much as could.”

“You went alone?”

“I wasn’t. I had Velare and a hiding skill. You went to meet Seokwon Choi without letting me know, so let’s not have any secrets.”

“That depends on you.”



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