164 Part 1

Chapter 164 The Next Day (1)


An S class awakened will also tire, and one’s eyes would still sting and their head would ring after fighting, being wounded after a day of hard work and still working into the night.

Taewon Song sighed and raised his head from the desk. He was in an office belonging to the Hunter Association and not the Awakened Management Office. Normally, the documents would go through the Association and come to the Awakened Management Office, but he was just reading it directly to save time and effort when both were short.


“This is the final S class dungeon managed by MKC.”


An association employee placed a file on the desk and asked Taewon Song whether he wanted some coffee. He agreed despite the caffeine not being effective and read the documents again. Seokwon Choi was labeled as using an illegal item that had made him an SS class and therefore killed him. He was written down as missing after running to a nearby A class dungeon after S class hunters Taewon Song, Riette, Noah and semi-S class Minyui Kim along with A class hunter Soyoung Kang had managed to stop him.

Taewon Song reported the situation as such, as he could not explain that Yoojin Han, an F class, took care of Seokwon Choi after he turned into an SSS class. He had no logical explanation, and Yoojin Han himself asked him to keep it a secret.

Taewon Song visited MKC himself to inform what had happened to Seokwon Choi, so the upper guild members would not lash out at hearing that their guild leader was missing and most possibly dead. He then spent the night gathering the S class items and S class dungeon documents in MKC, as he could not allow other hunters to do so as the opponent was quite formidable. As the guild was breaking apart, he needed to take care of things quickly so that other guild members could not lay their hands on them.

Therefore, he was reviewing whether nothing had been missed after coming back to the Association from MKC.


‘I would need to hold a press conference after finishing up…’


He would also need to wash and change his clothes, and Taewon Song did not drink the coffee, simply holding it. The warmth was welcome in winter, and the cup’s small size was quite cute. It would have been a healing moment if not for the uninvited guest.


“Director Song.”


Taewon Song had noticed him before the door opened but stood up only when his name had been called. Hyunjae Sung was standing there with a smile and a white baby chick. While he could not read the bird’s expression, Taewon Song thought that the chick did not look happy.


“What brings you here?”


Taewon Song’s voice made other Association employees who had been frozen stiff at seeing Hyunjae Sung and the chick immediately run out.


“Of course, to ask about the previous night. You seemed to have spent some enjoyable time with Yoojin Han yesterday. I told you that it’s courtesy to return items belonging to someone else if you picked it up.”

“First, he is not an object, and think of your neglect first.”

“You’re right on that point.”


Hyunjae Sung formed his face to a pitiful expression.


“I did not know he would leave with this one left behind.”


A small beak pecked at the fingers approaching it.


“Hunter Soyoung Kang was also at the site.”

“She’s on a date with Hunter Riette, saying that she needed to reconstruct yesterday’s sensations before she forgot. She’s in a dungeon now.”


Soyoung Kang disappeared right after leaving only a dungeon conquest report. Since they were in a dungeon, the only person who could give Hyunjae Sung objective information was Taewon Song. While Yoojin Han would provide some information, one should face the individual with the most information last, as one would need as much prior information as possible to establish facts.


“There will be a public announcement soon.”

“That’s not a funny joke. Did you have breakfast?”


Taewon Song looked at the S class hunter, who was one of the oddballs out of all the S classes, with what had happened last night. Yoohyun Han was also strange in Hyunjae Sung’s opinion, as things had been different last night. He was a human being, a child barely turned adult at that. He seemed like a human being wrapped in human emotions rather than a beast emulating such feelings.

Could it be that this man also felt such things, and what about the other S class awakened? Especially those who Yoojin Han had already fostered?

It was then a woman in her forties came in, and she was Eunyoung Choi, who had been a previous official in the Hunter Association and was now reinstated. She smiled as she looked back and forth at the two men.


“Well, it’s a treat. Director Song is amazing, but still…”

She spoke while approaching the two men with large steps.


“You’re still a piece of art, Sesung Guild Leader. Your new fashion suits you. I was almost sorry not to be able to see you up close after leaving the Association.”

“I thought I gave you my number.”
“I remember it, but I’m not courageous enough to meet you in private.”


Eunyoung Choi turned her gaze to Taewon Song while smiling but with a softer face.


“You can leave the rest to us and turn in.”

“It’s all right.”

“We’re not, and since he would have brought a nice car, I would like to ask the Sesung Guild Leader to take you home.”

“I will take him safely.”

“Then, I will believe that Director Song is chasing away an S class hunter who is disrupting the association and see you tomorrow.”


You can come the in day after tomorrow. Hearing her justification, Taewon Song hesitated before organizing his desk.




The room was quite bright when I woke up, and Yoohyun was still sleeping. He would be using his own energy to heal large wounds, and I saw red marks on his shoulders that made me think the fog lowered regenerative skills. I should really have not let Seokwon Choi die so easily.


‘It’s nearly lunchtime.’



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