164 Part 2


I should feed him something. I stood up and saw Yoohyun narrowly open his eyes. I stroked his head and told him to sleep. I did not use my glasses since my eyesight had been restored a little, and I would need different ones again. However, I could see enough now.

Velare turned her head towards me at the windowsill, looking as if she had been about to photosynthesize. I took the snake and went to the bathroom next to the bedroom. She liked water and spun under the showerhead after I turned it on. I washed and went out of the bedroom. I should bring Chirpie back. Should I ask them to send the bird?




I heard a chirp in the living room connected to the kitchen, and I was not surprised as it could have teleported. Well…


“You woke up.”

“What the-“

It was Hyunjae Sung, and I could not hide my surprise. I saw Yoohyun come out of the bedroom with a still sleepy face.


“Why is he-“
“You don’t have to come out. I’ll take of him, so go get some more sleep.”


I told him to go back, but he was still glaring at Hyunjae Sung. I told him that he did ask me to stay at Sesung and go wash to send him back. Hyunjae Sung looked quite pleasant despite being a no-show yesterday, I would have shouted to Seokwon Choi not to touch him quite emotionally if he had come.


“Why did you break and enter when you did not come as I asked?”

“I thought I would make some excuses while I returned something.”


Hyunjae Sung looked at the chick flying around me in circles. So he had brought Chirpie here.


“I’ll hear you out.”

I spoke indifferently and went to the kitchen. I expected nothing to be in the refrigerator but saw fresh vegetables, meat, and even seafood. I turned around to see him, and Hyunjae Sung took out a credit card on the table.


“You forgot this.”

“I granted it for good use. About the refrigerator…”

“I have a contract that’s still active to feed you well.”

“I thought that had been broken.”

“It’s not a violation if you went out of your own will despite me providing enough security devices. Did you use a hiding skill?”


I was planning to go back within the time limit just so I would not have to say anything about the skill.


“Yes, you found the added bonus. I won’t ask for payment since it’s a bonus skill, so ask me when you need it.”

“It’s a surprise that it’s free.”

“It’s a rare service, but I will ask for a business trip fee and an additional fee per ten minutes after the basic thirty.”


It was a logical rate, and Hyunjae Sung was looking at me with a strangely satisfied face as I took out ingredients from the refrigerator.


“Why are you staring at me like that?”

“I think the real one is better.”

“Help if you’re just going to say nonsense. You said that the jellyfish appeared?”


Meat roasted in the frypan, and Hyunjae Sung nodded as he broke eggs in a bowl.


“It asked whether I knew the Crescent Moon.”

“It’s one of the Depraved that Jellyfish knows but it is sleeping now.”


Why was Hyunjae Sung questioned? Was it because of his chains? He said that the conversation with the jellyfish had not been long, but time seemed to have differed as it had been near midnight when the fog lifted.


“I received complaints that I wouldn’t be beneficial again.”


Who was he with? I explained about the family of the Fog Sea to him.


“Don’t contract again, as I cannot deactivate it.”

“I won’t, as it bored me.”


It seemed like he was not lying, but I thought I would need to be careful about the S class hunters in Korea. Two went missing when I increased the number by two, but Noah and the newbie at Sesung did mean an increase.


“Sesung’s new S class hunter’s name was Eveline, right? Is she trustworthy? Other hunters may be approached by the jellyfish.”

“She does not like street sellers and cults.”

“I feel the same.”


It meant she would not be a pushover, and considering the last one, I was worried about Hanshin Guild’s Minkyu Park. I would finish up in Korea if I managed to stop S class hunters from going over to the jellyfish.


“Please let us have the MKC hunters. We need two new teams.”


Many A class hunters would come out as their guild leader was dead, and MKC had been quite a large guild. Also, S class dungeons and S class equipment would also be on sale.


“Don’t take the healers. Sesung already has an A class healer.”

“You can never have too many.”

“No, we have three S class hunters but no A class hunters. Give up.”


I remembered that the MKC’s A class hunter was quite skilled, and he would be a Chinese man. I also told him about the cold resistance items. Yoohyun came in, but I chased him to the living room. He may warrant a vacation. Hyunjae Sung called me when I wondered whether I should set the table for three.


“You won’t contract with it, right?”


Hyunjae Sung brought me closer, and with the water running from the sink, Yoohyun would not be able to hear as he was whispering.


“What difference does it make?”

“I don’t like things being taken away from me and would never got used to it.”
“I am a bit concerned about you.”


He did look sweet enough to lock me up if I said yes, and my brother would help.


“I won’t.”


It was not a lie, as despite the jellyfish’s proposal being attractive….


“My brother’s still young.”


He said that everything hurts, so I would have to be with him.


“Just have some toast and jam.”


That would be enough for Hyunjae Sung.



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