Chapter 165 The Next Day (2)


“The Red Sand Island would suit the little lady.”


Hyunjae Sung spoke as he elegantly fingered the toast. He was ranked first in Korea, and the young man next to me was considered second. What I meant was that what was being spoken could have national consequences.


“If she has the ability.”

“Hunter Yerim Park can tackle it if Seokwon Choi managed it. We only need team members.”


Yoohyun spoke confidently, as he was her guild leader. She was that good, and if the dungeon environment suited her, she would be much better than Seokwon Choi.

Yoohyun flipped his smartphone screen and looked at the information he had requested from Simyeong Seok to make an agreement with MKC as Hyunjae Sung was here. Moving as quickly as possible meant more gain in this case.

Since Haeyeon and Sesung were the only guilds with extra S class hunters, making an agreement here meant that the deal would be nearly finished. While the Hunter Association would have acted, they would not be able to do so now.


“Does anything interest you?”
“I don’t…but there may be something I can give to Noah.”


I could not use Noah as a guard forever, and while I could not force him into a dungeon, I should ask him if he wanted a strategical team. If so, I would like a few dungeon management rights.


“Is there an A class person suitable with poison? It would be best if Noah could go in alone, as a team would need poison resistance skills.”

“I don’t think you need to take care of someone who has been a guild leader.”


Yoohyun spoke indifferently. While I did understand that he was a competent hunter, he was still young, and I could not erase his sobbing face in my head.


“There isn’t anything that I want. Get a healer, Yoohyun. He said he would allow us to pick first.”


Yoohyun looked at Hyunjae Sung with a suspicious gaze.


“Did you say that you will give him something in return?”

“No, he said he would since he did not show yesterday and broke in here. Isn’t that right?”

“If you say so.”

“Have something to drink. There are milk and orange juice, but the coffee you have to make for yourself.”


He chose orange juice, and we spoke about hunters we would contact. Hyunjae Sung seemed not interested, as Sesung did not need additional hunters. Haeyeon was the one that needed many.


“The second team in MKC is better, as the main team has quite a history.”
“I heard rumors.”


Hyunjae Sung advised him on some points, and Yoonhyun accepted it. He then sent the list to Simyeong Seok.


“We should go to the Hunter Association concerning yesterday or the Awakened Management Office.”


I spoke as I fed Velare meat mixed with magic stone powder.


“You can go tomorrow as Director Song has left the office.”

“He did? It’s unexpected but a good thing.”

I thought he would stay there until the end, as he hoped to end things quickly.


“I took him home and was about to take care of his breakfast, but he refused.”
“Don’t go overboard.”


Why would they do such things? They were polar opposites, and Hyunjae Sung looked disappointed at my words.


“Why can’t people believe in goodwill? I told him I would help him with paperwork if he came to the office again.”

“He should rest up today.”

I looked at my brother cleaning the table before speaking.


“Haeyeon is not looking overseas yet, right?”

“Yes. We only have auction routes.”


It would be the same for other guilds except for Sesung, and I looked at Hyunjae Sung.


“Do you have lines to Japan?”
“I don’t really look, but there are contacts.”

“I want a dungeon there, so can you help?”

The dungeon with the stamina potion ingredients would have been conquered, so I should eat it up before people knew.




I received a message from Haeyeon that the S class dungeon had been conquered. Since Yoohyun was supposed to be there, I shared my hiding skill with him.

There were a few Association employees and a few reporters. While it was an S class dungeon, only employees would come for confirmations with a few exceptions. The reporters were here because this was Yerim’s first S class conquest.

I passed them with Yoohyun, and everyone seemed well. I sighed in relief at seeing Yerim and Peace safe.




Yerim shouted at me, and Peace turned baby sized and jumped to me. I lifted it up and realized that this was the first time we had been apart this long.


“Yes, yes. Did you want to see me?”


Peace welcomed me with everything it had, and Yerim may have given it a bath since the body was cleaner than I expected.


“Yoohyun Han! I mean Guild Leader!”


Yerim shouted when she saw him and called him a swindler at having deceived her to go out.


“Didn’t you guys decide by rock, paper, and scissors?”

“Yes, but he also included Peace to make me lose!”


I did not want to pry, and her anger made other hunters step back a little. Her blue shawl floated like wings whenever she stomped her feet.



“I didn’t lie.”


My brother spoke without missing a beat. I calmed her down by taking her side.


“Put the shawl back in the inventory before going out. How was it?”

“This was amazing!”


Yerim glared at Yoohyun but smiled at me. Her face was busy.


“This strengthens water skills, helps me avoid attacks, and assists me in flying, so it’s an all-rounder!”


Just as I thought, it was better since her defense was weak, and she would benefit more from increasing her speed.


“You should have seen me taking on the boss. It was by the river, and I dunked it and froze it into pieces!”


She went on about how she managed to do so in an instant, and she had done that as an S class team leader since Yoohyun went out.


“Did you do well with Peace? How about other hunters?”

“While I could not fight with Peace since our attributes don’t match, he was quick! I want a riding beast for my own! It helped me a lot and helped me conserve my strength.”


While I wanted one for her, too, it would not be easy. The beast would need cold resistance with flying and swimming skills. Perhaps it would be better to raise two for flying and swimming.


“Were you all right? There must have been something for him to jump out.”

“I’m fine now.”


I should explain to her about Seokwon Choi later, as an S class’s death would not be pleasant news. While me and my brother were dealt with it, he should not have made the strange contract in the first place.


“Can I dye this?”


Yerim shook the shawl before putting it back in her inventory.



“Yes, I think that dying this will hide its identity. It should be used for dungeon breaks and such.”


I thought it may work since it was plain cloth at a glance.


“Let’s try. What color do you want?”

“Anything but red, but how about black?”

“Isn’t it too drabby?”
“It won’t become dirty easily.”


I thought that she would choose the color she considered pretty if she could decide.


“Just do what you want. An S class equipment does not become dirty easily.”


I should search if dyes for equipment existed. Yerim washed her face when I said that there were reporters outside and brushed her hair with a comb and a mirror that she said she had received from Hyuna.


“I want to change clothes.”

“That may be a bad image. You should look more tired since this is your first conquest.”
“Is that so?”


Yerim rumpled her hair, as high-class hunters who earned massive amounts of money despite going about dungeons easily may damage reputations. While Yoohyun, Hyunjae Sung, and Hyuna Moon were requested to look relaxed to abate the public, Yerim was still young. A story of hard work and growth would work better. If she had a good image, it would work well when she causes an accident somewhere. I told her to cut the interview short and be bright while tired.

I was worried that there would be a weird reporter, but things ended easily. Well, she was an S class awakened while young, so they could not act rashly.

Yoohyun pretended he had come out, and now was the time Hunter Minyui Kim went back to his place. But I needed to do something about that first.




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