Chapter 166 The Next Day (3)


Peace growled and laid flat on the floor, and I lifted it back up into the bathtub.


“You have to take a bath, Peace. Be good.”

“Do you want help?”


I shook my head at Yoohyun’s question.


“Do you think I could handle him if he really resisted? He’s just playing with me.”


A kick from Peace, even in baby form, would be enough to make me fly. Yerim and Peace came with me to the Haeyeon Guild public bathhouse to wash off monster flesh and debris. This was only possible for guilds with high-quality facilities that had exclusive pick-up vehicles. Lower class hunters prepared a change of clothing and wet tissues to clean so they could go home.


‘It had been hard to wash off and change clothes when I was tired.’


Low-class hunters and high-class hunters differed even here. I hesitated a bit before placing Peace in a secluded tub, but since this was a hunter-exclusive facility, I decided to treat Peace like a party member.


“It’s not bad, right?”


Peace’s eyes narrowed to show his dissatisfaction, and he jumped as to run away. Actually, he increased his body size a bit before jumping down, and I was drenched in the splash he made.


“Are you having fun?”


Peace growled in pleasure but seemed sorry as he licked my cheek before rolling his body in the tub. I tapped him to signal that he should change to the smallest size, and Yoohyun got me the clothes that were available in the bathhouse.


“You don’t need to wash him off so hard since he can burn the excessive debris with fire.”
“That’s not washing, and he wouldn’t be able to control his fire resistance skill so easily.”

“It’s easy since he doesn’t have any clothes. Despite remaining still, he can dry himself.”

Yoohyun spoke while he stared at Peace, who turned away at seeing him.


“Right, right, I’ll dry you off.”


I just used a towel and dryer since Peace would be tired and went to the resting area. I saw Yerim with a drink and some boiled eggs. She and I chatted a bit before I got to the point.


“Yerim, please remain calm. MKC’s guild leader died last night.”

“He got killed?”


“Did our guild leader do it? I can keep a secret.”


Yerim poured lemonade into a cup and pushed it to Yoohyun, who stopped right in front of him.


“He tried to kill you, which kind of justifies things.”

“No, Yoohyun didn’t kill him.”

“Yes, yes. He was in a dungeon with me. I understand.”


Look at her go. Yoohyun spoke as he took a sip.


“Unfortunately, I didn’t.”

“What? That’s a disappointment.”

“It’s not! Don’t kill people, whatever the reason, and don’t treat death so lightly. Remember the law.”


I removed the shells from the eggs as I spoke.


“Don’t place violence as a priority even if the world had changed. Both of you. It can’t be helped when you’re ambushed but try to stay level-headed. Yerim, call me or the guild in such cases, all right?”


She was still a minor. I tried to give Peace an egg, but he only sniffed at it.


“Since MKC guild leader has disappeared, many A class hunters will emerge from there. There will be people who want to be on the same team as you, Yerim, as you proved you can conquer S class dungeons. Simyeong Seok will provide you a list of useful hunters and an interview room, so go and choose.”


“Of course, it’s your team. You need to build the basics and choose a defensive, support, and healing type each. Match the support type to you, choose a healer you like, and a defensive type specialist.”


If a defensive type hunter did not specialize in defense, they could not last in high-class dungeons.


“I don’t need protection.”

“You don’t, but your healer and support type will need it. Generally, S class hunters go upfront with other hunters’ support in S class dungeons.”


It is also possible for expert A class hunters to conquer low-class S class dungeons with enough information.


“Haven’t you experienced it this time?”

“Me and Peace just bulldozed, and I did not receive supportive or healing skills.”

“You cannot go in alone, since you may need help. Also, don’t move far away from them since they may die if you go too far.”


I advised her mainly on safety, and Yoohyun also put a few comments in.


“Since its’ your first time to conquer an S class dungeon…do you want anything as a present?”

“Let’s have dinner and play! Guild leader can come too.”

“It’s fine with me. How about you, Yoohyun?”
“I just need to report to the association about the conquest.”

“Take care.”
“Yerim, you have to go with me.”


“One needs to report on any special activities during an S class conquest, and you’re it this time. Learn, since you will need to report as a team leader in the future.”

“That’s a chore.”


I suddenly remembered I needed to finish up on something as Yerim continued to complain.




“Did it finally end?”


A pale face asked me, as Minyui Kim had been stuck in a secret room all this time. We had kept him indoors, and I felt sorry at seeing his face that did not know what had happened. While he could watch TV at night, the possibility of him being an S class had not been reported yet since it was not confirmed.


“I almost started reading books since I was so bored. Is that Peace? He’s cute!”

“Mr. Kim.”


He seemed like a good guy, and I felt some remorse as I spoke in a serious tone. He opened his mouth with some anxiety.


“Do I have to stay in again?”

“No, you can go out, but you have become a semi-S class hunter.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You have blocked a rushing truck and saved people.”


“You have stopped an S class hunter from rioting.”

“You have defeated an A class hunter in Sesung and blocked an SS class hunter from going berserk with other S class hunters.”


I tried to look as sorry as I could as he stared at me with a vacant face.


“This is a new secrecy contract, and the rewards have increased with the reinforced conditions.”

“I will keep a secret, but..”

“There are three possible ways.”


“Yes, the first is arguing that you’re a B class and everyone had been mistaken. While there are witnesses and evidence, things will die down after a while.”

Minyui Kim grimaced as I told him that many would not believe him.


“We will place guards on you as high-class hunters who think you deceived them may pick a fight with you.”


“Second is to disappear overseas for a few years.”


While it was too much, it was the safest method if we spread rumors that he had been scouted in secret.


“That’s…I have to cut all ties with everyone I know. I even have someone I’m courting right now.”

“I think so too. The third is that you can become an S class hunter.”


Minyui Kim’s mouth widened when I told him I recommended this method the most.


“I’m a B class hunter. I told you that.”

“You’re already known as a semi-S class hunter. We can fix that for you.”


Minyui Kim hesitated even when I told him that there was a certain and safe way.


“I can’t lie well. Can I think things over?”

“Things need to proceed fast, so please tell me by tomorrow.”


Minyui Kim nodded as I returned him his cell phone, and he smiled as he looked over his messages.


“Everyone is congratulating me on becoming an S class, and…why are you two dating!”


Minyui Kim screamed as his crush seemed to have started a relationship.


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