Chapter 167 A fake S Class (1)


“I think I will begin a new life.”


Minyui Kim muttered despondently as he stared at his cell phone.


“Did you like her a lot?”

“I thought there was a chance this time…”


It seemed to have been a one-way crush, but I consoled him anyway.


“Why is she dating someone else when a hunter under a large guild is considered popular?”

It was a good question, and the probable answer was that she did not see him as a man.


“Don’t worry, you’ll find a better person in the future.”


I did wonder whether Yoohyun would find a girlfriend soon, as it would be good for him. Maybe I should ask him when there was a chance.

I told Minyui Kim to think about it until tomorrow. Whatever his choice was, I was going to give him as much compensation as I could. It would be better if he remained an S class so we could use his identity.


“Some MKC hunters have contacted us already.”

Simyeong Seok spoke as I came out of the corridor.


“They came in after we released the fact Hunter Yerim Park conquered a dungeon, and we are about to buy rights to an S class dungeon suited for her.”

“They would not want to drop from an S class team to an A class team.”


Hunters who wanted to get stronger needed to go into S class dungeons, as the chance of getting higher items and skills are much more likely than A class dungeons.


“Please select the interviewees well so Yerim would not get a weird hunter.”

“Don’t worry. We will investigate them first.”

“By the way, I heard that you are building a convenience facility soon.”


Simyeong Seok nodded at my words.


“Yes, it would include a dormitory, and we already started negotiating.”


“Can we use that too?”


I could not let a chance like that go by, as we had weak and rare ones with us. He smiled at my question.


“Of course, we are family.”

“Don’t bring us in. We will pay the admission fee.”

“Don’t be a stranger. I will find a building near the breeding facilities.”

“That’s good news.”


My phone rang, and Hyunjae Sung had called me about the Japan dungeon.


“You’ve been busy.”

-I said one sentence.


He was in a position to do so, and the guild that had bought the stamina potion dungeon was a middle-sized one. While it was an easy opponent, there was a chance that a major guild will intervene when a foreign guild made contact.


-Since it’s principally forbidden to deal with other countries, the conditions would have to be quite nice.

“We will need bait.”

-I’m curious what you want so much from that dungeon.


I set a line at those words.


“Sesung gets thirty percent as agreed, including the connection fee and the protection fee.”


Since other guilds would come in when the value of that dungeon was revealed, I had asked Sesung’s help since we did not have enough manpower. I turned to Simyeong Seok after a few words.


“We may need to bet the slime dungeon, and I promise that it’s valuable enough.”

Simyeong Seok nodded as I prepared to persuade him.


“I will prepare the documents for that process, as it’s complicated.”

“What…? Aren’t you being too certain?”


The slime dungeon was a gold mine, and Simyeong Seok was not being his usual cautious self.


“You will not harm our guild leader.”
“How can you be sure when we have met each other for only a few months?”

“I gave up on being suspicious after a few investigations came out empty-handed. What can I do but to trust you?”


Since I had contracted hunters and known dungeon information due to my return in time, nothing would come out. However, I was surprised that he had given up.


“If things go wrong, then let’s set a contract for life…”

“No, give up on that.”


He was persistent, and my response was mixed. He had treated me like an obstacle before, but now his gaze was so warm that my blood ran cold at times. If I became useless, will he cut me out? He may not be cold as before since I was on good terms with Yoohyun.


“Prepare then and let me know a good dungeon item production company.”

It was time I started preparing someone’s birthday gift.




I went with Yoohyun, Yerim, and Peace to a restaurant with private rooms and catered for high-class hunters. Peace sat next to me while they sat across, and Peace wagged his tail. Yerim ordered champagne to celebrate and cut the bottleneck instead of drinking it. The liquor shot out like a fountain towards Yoohyun, but it evaporated mid-air.


“Don’t use skills too much outside dungeons.”


“All right.”


They answered well. Yerim ate everything well while my brother was picky. I asked them a question as I ordered food for them.


“Do you guys date or have a crush? I heard people date early these days.”
“That question is behind the times. No. Guys my age or younger are childish, and I don’t like old people.”

“I don’t either.”

“How about in the past?”



My heart ached at my brother’s indifferent answer, and even Yerim seemed surprised.


“I thought you would be popular. I did have people asking me out.”


She laughed as she said she refused them all. Yerim then asked us to go to a game center, where the awakened could break things if they recompensed them. I saw other hunters, but they all disappeared when they saw Yoohyun. They started to play a shooting game, and while their aim was equal, I took Yerim’s side as it was her day.

However, they started fighting and broke several machines, which I paid with Hyunjae Sung’s credit card. Yerim then broke a crane machine and said Soyoung Kang was good at this. Yoohyun was extremely good at it and won us multiple dolls.

We played late to the night, and the two returned to Haeyeon after bringing me back home. I heard Chirpie’s song, and the chick chirped when seeing Peace in my arms.


“It’s been a long time since you two met, right?”


Peace tapped Chirpie’s head with a paw as a greeting, and I introduced Velare, who was in the living room.


“Velare, have you been well? This is Peace. Don’t fight.”


Peace growled at seeing the jewel snake, and Velare hid behind Chirpie at the sound. While Peace did not seem to like snakes, Chirpie seemed to play mediator as the two calmed down.


“Thank you.”





Minyui Kim’s face was paler the next day.


“I thought things over all night and decided that I will choose between becoming an S class or remaining a B class.”

“Which one out of the two?”

“I decided to flip a coin.”


Was that the right move? However, Minyui Kim placed a coin on his fingers.


“Heads, S class. Tails, B class.”

The coin spun in the air and fell on the floor. It was heads.


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