Chapter 168 A fake S Class (2)


“While your stats are C class, the numbers are closer to B. So you can probably go to B class.”


Minyui Kim scratched his head at my words.


“I just want to live comfortably.”

“…Why did you throw a coin? It would be easier to live as a B class.”

“I don’t need to study if I become an S class.”

“What do you mean?”


While B class hunters can be exempt from university classes if they go to dungeons, they still needed to submit assignments and take tests. Minyui Kim said that he had failed a semester twice now.


“If it wasn’t for that, I would have remained a B class.”

“You can earn easy money if you become an S class.”



By paying the price. Anyway, I could raise him to a B class hunter using keywords and going to A class may be possible. I promised myself I would not use keywords again after Noah, but he seemed not dangerous. Minyui Kim had various skills ranging from A to C, and with the right stats, he could have gotten into an S class team.


“You just need S class stats and have enough skills. Eat this and sleep.”


Minyui Kim frowned at the pill.



“You’ll see this often.”


An S class identity I could use as a fake would be handy.




I was going to use Noah to retake Minyui Kim’s hunter class tests and called the Association to make the arrangements.


“I’m sorry to call you so suddenly.”

“No, it’s not difficult.”


Noah smiled while wearing glasses, and he was handsome. Since we had glasses that took on Minyui Kim’s form, getting approval as an S class was easy, but inflating stats could be noticed outright, like when shaking hands with a high-class hunter. Therefore, we decided to get stamina and power stats measured at a lower rate.


“This it the contract with the stats penalty stated.”


I gave Noah the contract and a pen. Noah had low stamina and power stats for an S Class. Since he was closer to an A class, I used the contract and another hunter’s skills to lower them, so they were B class. Then, I could just use items after making Minyui Kim a B class hunter. Of course, since his average stats would be below an S, I brought in Yerim.


“Hello, Noah!”


Since Yerim had high magic skills, Noah could use his rent skill to use half of Yerim’s stats with other buff skills, which would make his average an S class. Also, magic stats did not show in everyday life.


“Since those skills won’t last a long time, we have to use them after arriving at the Association. Mr. Noah, use this mask. How your lips move will be noticed.”


While using a translating item would deceive one by voice, lips were a different matter. So I gave Noah the mask and went out after receiving stat lowering stats from another hunter. Noah rode on the driving seat since Yerim and I did not have a driving license.


“I need to get a license. Do you have time?”

“I may need to go to Japan.”

“Really? Can I go?”

“If you participate in your classes.”


She grumbled but said yes. Noah drove well, and I saw several reporters near the Association building. I had told them I would use an item that would blur us from the cameras, but they had not given up. Noah and Yerim used the skills before we went out of the car.


“Do you need anything? I’m going to the Hunter Market.”

“Buy mana potions and several S class contracts. Use this card.”


I gave her Sesung Guild Leader’s card and said she could buy her own things. Yerim smiled after receiving the card.


“I can go wild?”

“Of course. Try to use this to the limit.”

“Thank you!”


I wondered whether he would have me return his card if I spend millions with it.


“Then, Hunter Minyui Kim. Shall we go?”

Noah nodded while wearing the mask, and we walked quickly into the building.


“Come here, please.”


An employee guided us to the measurement room, and I heard noises and shouts along the way.


“What is going on?”

“Some MKC hunters have come and are complaining why we had taken S class dungeons and items when their Guild Leader is only missing. While we cannot handle them well, the vice-president-elect said not to call Director Song yet.”

“Who will that be?”

“Eunyoung Choi will take that position.”


I agreed with her about not calling Taewon Song, as he belonged to a different institution. However, relying on him too much will make things worse. Things were going better this way.


“We will only retake stats as requested.”


The measurements went as planned. The employees began to whisper about the unbalance between the power, stamina, and magic stats. An employee went outside and then came back.


“While you have S class stats and A class skills, you being able to go into S class dungeons will be undecided for now.”

“He is not going to.”

“Yes. You would have heard of him the past few days. He had been able to do so because he could change his magic stats to other ones.”


Of course, such a skill did not exist. The employees looked surprised.


“If Hunter Minyui Kim can do that, he will be able to act as an attacking hunter. So why won’t he go into a dungeon?”

“The skill has a time limit and a long cool time. It does not work well for dungeon conquests, so he will be mainly protecting Haeyeon and the monster breeding facility while going as help in dungeons every once in a while.”


I smiled as I placed a hand on Noah’s shoulder.


“He will work for the breeding facilities mostly. I am counting on it.”


Noah smiled as he looked at me.


“Right. That’s nice to hear.”

“Yes. He has helped me a few times.”


We talked a bit, but in the end, Minyui Kim became an S class hunter. We had been waiting for the hunter license to be reissued when we heard a bang.


“You cannot do this here!”


A few hunters came rushing in, and one of them shouted as he stared at Noah.


“Minyui Kim! What did you do to our guild leader?!”


He was an MKC member and seemed close enough to Seokwon Choi to know about the meeting. I quickly whispered to Noah.


“How long until you regain your stats?”

“I have five minutes.”


That meant I would have to take some time. Finally, I faced them and spoke.


“Look who’s barking.”


“Well, think of what Seokwon Choi did to me. Would he have let you guys act like this? How about apologizing? You know I can connect you to new guilds.”


Two of them perked up at that, and the man who shouted flushed as he also noticed the change.


“You guys!”


The man kicked them away and came rushing at me.


“You know something, don’t you!”

“Of course…”


His hand came up against my throat, but Noah moved quicker than any of us to grab his wrist.


“Step back.”


Noah also used his legs to kick, and things ended quickly from there.


“He can fight like an S class!”


The employee spoke in an admiring voice, and Yerim came whirling in at that moment.


“Did things end now?”
“Yes, did you shop well?”

“I spent over fifty million won, but the credit still lasted.”

“You did well.”


I checked my phone, but he did not send me a message. So I looked around after receiving the card and items from Yerim.


“Spread the word around that he can fight well.”


So, no one would pick fights easily.

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