The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 29 : Candy


After simply packing up their things, Lin Xiang and the others were ready to go. Risa and the others were afraid of the sun, so they found some cloaks. Fire Dance put on the cloak, so no one could see her face clearly. It should not be easy for the spirits to recognize her when she was standing with Risa and the others.


“I… Sir Lin Xiang… Goodbye…” That day could be said to be the happiest day for Fan’er. After spending all day in the water-boiling room, she met so many people and ate delicious food for the first time.


She really had the urge to ask if she could go with Lin Xiang and the others. No matter how dangerous it was outside during that period.


However, she had her job, which was to guard the water-boiling room, so she did not speak.


“What a good child.” Yalide patted Fan’er on the head and made an ice pop, “This one tastes better.”


“Is this… ice?”


“That’s right! Its full name is ice pop. Do you want to try it? Come on, open your mouth. Be careful not to bite it.”


“Hmm…” Fan’er opened her small mouth, and Yalide gently pushed the ice pop into her mouth. However, Fan’er’s mouth was small, so it was a bit difficult to hold the ice pop in her mouth.


“That’s it.” Yalide kept pulling the ice pop out and pushing it in. Fan’er’s expression became a little weird.


“You scoundrel! Get lost!” Lin Xiang pulled her over to him as soon as he saw Yalide’s behavior, “Fan’er, be careful when you see her in the future, get it?”


“Woi (Why)?” Fan’er felt that the ice pop was cool and sweet. Although it made her mouth feel a little sour, it tasted very good, and she liked it very much.


“Remember, don’t eat like this guy taught. Just lick or bite it.” Lin Xiang glared at Yalide. How could she make other people’s actions so erotic while eating an ice pop?


“No! If you eat it that way, the ice pop will lose its meaning of existence! Do you know why this ice pop is shaped like a cylinder? Not a square or a triangle? It’s just because it will be easier to hold it in the mouth, so you can… mhhm!”


Lin Xiang covered Yalide’s mouth, “Remember, don’t believe what she said, understand?”


“I understand!” Fan’er pulled out the ice pop and licked it. As expected, it was more convenient to eat that way.


“Good, then Fan’er can stay in Thunder Castle obediently. I’ll make you other delicious food when I come back later.”


Hearing the terms ‘delicious food’, Jensy pricked up her ears.


“Everyone has their share.” Lin Xiang noticed Jensy, and added another sentence.


Jensy nodded again and again, “Thank you very much, Sir Lin Xiang.”


“Fu, fu~” Fox leaned back on the chair and was dozing off. She did not even know why Jensy was thanking him, so she followed, “Thank you, Sir Lin Xiang, I’m not sleeping, I’m not sleeping, fu~fu~” After she spoke, she nodded off with her head down again.


“Well, just take it as a reward for teaching. Kuji, take care of your safety.” Lin Xiang dragged the struggling Yalide downstairs.


Before being pulled away, Yalide threw out a few candies. The few exquisitely-packaged candies fell to the ground, making a sound like falling stone to the ground.


Jensy picked it up curiously and looked at it, then turned to Kamiki, “Excuse me, Miss Kamiki, this is…”


“It’s called candy. It’s a snack for humans, which has sour tastes and sweet tastes. Many human women like it.”




“Yeah, but after eating it, your teeth will rot.”


“Eep!” Jensy was startled.


“That’s right. Look at your teeth, they are very white now. However, eating this will gradually turn them black, and then rot. You will feel severe pain after that.”


“Is this… is this demon’s fruit?” Jensy’s hand that was holding the candy trembled.


“Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if you eat a little. As long as you pay attention to cleanliness, you’ll be fine.” Kamiki smiled.


“No, no, no, I absolutely don’t want these. Miss Kamiki, you have such healthy teeth, you must have never eaten this, right?”


“I don’t like sweet things very much, but Risa does, as well as Dusty and the others.”


“However, I don’t think they have the situation Miss Kamiki described.”


“That’s why it’s fine if you pay great attention to oral hygiene usually.”


“Anyway, I’m not going to eat this thing called candy.”


“Candy? What candy?” Fox had been half-asleep as she opened her eyes sleepily.


“It’s this one, the snack for humans.”


“Snack? Is there any difference between snack and food?” Fox took one and observed, her fingers unconsciously rubbing against the wrapping paper.


“I’m not sure, but Miss Kamiki said that this…” While speaking, Fox removed the wrapping paper to find a beautifully-colored candy inside appearing in front of her eyes.


“Ahh mm”, Fox put the candy into her mouth as Jensy’s eyelids flung wide open. She wanted to stop her, but it was too late.


“Idiot, idiot, idiot Fox, spit it out. This is a demon’s fruit! If you eat it, your teeth will break.”


“I think this candy is pretty good, don’t you want to try it?”


“I don’t want it. Miss Kamiki said that our teeth will be rot.” Jensy looked at Kamiki, hoping that she would warn Fox once.


Kamiki’s gaze shifted to the side, “Well… It seems I said something a little extreme. Actually, a small amount is fine.”


Oh no, this spirit is really fun to tease.


“Did you hear that? It’s fine to just eat one, right? And the more you eat the candy, the more delicious it becomes. This taste can make people feel better, and I don’t seem to feel so sleepy anymore.”


“The brain needs glucose for thinking. This candy contains the ingredient, which can more or less have a refreshing effect. However, if you eat too much, you will also feel drowsy.”


“Although I don’t understand anything you said, it seems like an incredible thing. If Jensy doesn’t want it, give it to me. Daylight is my enemy, so I need candy to fight against the enemy with me.” Fox took away all the candy in Jensy’s hand.


“Fox, does this candy really make people feel better?”


“Try it yourself.”


Jensy grabbed a candy from Fox, took off the wrapping paper and put it in her mouth, “Huh!?”


Out of the blue, she snatched all the candy back from Fox’s hand.


“Jensy, what are you doing?”


“Say no more! Even if my teeth are broken, I will eat up this demon’s fruit, and I will not let other spirits get hurt.”




“Please beware of your safety, Miss Reidy.” When leaving the castle gates, the captain of the guards repeatedly reminded her.


“I will do it even without you reminding me. Let’s go.” Reidy led the way out of the castle gates.


After walking out of the gates, there was a main street leading directly to the woods not far away. There was a plantation beside the street, and some spirits were working in it.


“Will we encounter powerful demons?” Risa looked around and asked.


“It’ll be alright, dear Risa, because I’m here! Demons, or whatever, can’t even touch half of your hair.”


“I’m not afraid. I’m just looking forward to fighting the demons and testing my skills.”


“Oh~ you have a courageous spirit!” Yalide spoke for one minute and be quiet the next as she chatted with the girls, so the atmosphere would not be dull. Silent Water also felt a lot more at ease because of Yalide’s presence.


After walking out of the town, without the effect of the enchantment, the sky in the demon world was still so red that it made people uncomfortable. As the distance travelled increased, fewer spirits could be seen on the side of the forest road.


“Look at mine, Invincible Destruction Fist.”


“Bie!” Fire Dance dodged Dusty’s fist and made a grimace, “You can’t hit me.”


The two had been noisy, which added some vitality to the quiet forest.


After all, Fire Dance’s physical strength was not as good as Dusty’s. After playing for a while, she became exhausted.


“Master… shall we take a rest?” Fire Dance took Lin Xiang’s hand and acted coquettishly.


“We haven’t walked too far. You won’t be tired if you don’t run around.” Lin Xiang patted Fire Dance on the head.


“But, I’m a little tired.”


“You’re tired because you’ve been busy playing.” Yalide waved her hand in front of Fire Dance, and an ice pop appeared. Fire Dance’s eyes lit up immediately.


After taking the ice pop, she happily licked it, and stopped mentioning about her being tired.


“Sister Yalide, I want it too.” Dusty saw the ice pop and was eager to have it.


“No problem, everyone has a share.” Yalide gave everyone an ice pop, except Lin Xiang.


“Hey, what about me?” Although there were big trees around, the temperature was gradually rising because the sun had fully risen. It was a very good choice to eat ice pops to relieve the heat.


“It’s finished. I’ve distributed them all.” Yalide shrugged.


“Why do I think you are deliberately targeting me for pulling you away earlier?”


“I’m the Lady Yali, who has the tolerance of the great ocean. How can I target you because of such a trivial matter?”


“What if I see you take out a new one later?”


“I’m just kidding you. You are really a man who haggles over every ounce.”


“It mainly depends on the other party.” Lin Xiang took the ice pop from Yalide’s hand and took a bite.


He felt great. It might be that the weather was too suitable for eating ice pops, or it might be due to of watching Yaleid’s deflated appearance.


“Is Sister Yali really Lin Xiang’s sister… Why do I feel like you two have a love-hate relationship…” Nagisa felt that the relationship between Lin Xiang and Yalide was unusually good.


“Of course I’m his sister, but this guy is very naughty and doesn’t listen to this big sister.” Yalide wrapped an arm around Lin Xiang’s head and pulled him over to her.


Lin Xiang’s face was being held up by a giant object, and he felt helpless, “Let go, it’s hard to walk like this.”


“In the past, he was always clinging to me and said that he would marry me when he grow up. You see, this is how he’s becoming now. Sigh~ I was abandoned.”


“We don’t have that kind of past, okay?!”


Reidy, who was walking in front, peeked behind her. She felt an inexplicable anger in her heart, especially when Yalide’s illegal chest was pressing against Lin Xiang’s face. Although Lin Xiang said to let go, there was no sense of repulsion shown on his face at all.

Hmph, dragon god? She’s simply a breast god. A shameless breast god.


“Your ice pop melted on my ear, let go.”


“I’m really sorry.” Yalide bent her head, stuck out her scarlet tongue, and licked Lin Xiang’s ear.


“You… what are you doing!”


“We can’t waste food.”


“Ke…” Reidy gritted her teeth, and the ice pop in her mouth broke immediately. She turned her head and placed her hands on her hips. She could not bear it any longer, “Let go of him. If you keep being so noisy, what should we do if the demons are brought here?”


“It’s fine, it’s not like you don’t know my strength.”


“Even if you are strong, you can’t be relax and careless. Quick, let him go.”


“Yes, yes~” Yalide let go of Lin Xiang, and Reidy pulled Lin Xiang to the front. She said something like staying away from Yalide in the future to Lin Xiang.


The corner of Yalide’s mouth rose slightly. Her eyes were vaguely looking at the way they came from, “Though, I don’t think I seem like I’m relaxed enough.”


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