The Spoilt Village Beauty – Chapter 1 – Once You Touch It, You’d Know!

“Steal? You like stealing so much, right? Ok, I will let you steal, and I will kill you today!”

A sharp voice sounded. Afterwards, her face felt some wind, and there was a big palm that followed. Being able to only hear a loud ‘bang!’, Tao Linger felt to one side uncontrollably.

Her head hit the corner of the table, and she instantly fell unconscious. Her blood was flowing on the floor, silently.

“Oh! Linger, Linger! Don’t scare your mother, do wake up!”

“What are you crying about? This thing does no good to us, it’d be better if she’s dead!”

The old woman was scared by all the blood on the floor, she didn’t dare to say anything any further. She just glanced at the woman who was holding the unconscious Linger and turned away.

It was at night. Linger, who was lying on the heated earth bed, started to wake up. There was no light and she could barely see. She could only feel how painful her head was.

Did she just survive?

After she thought about it for a while, she didn’t think that was possible. After all, the cliff that she fell from was so high, if she had fallen from it she would have broken into pieces. It was impossible for her to just suffer from a headache.

Before she could think more thoroughly, an unknown memory suddenly sneaked into her brain. It made her head hurt even more. Now, she was really suffering from a lot of pain.

Ding Dong –


It was the sound of an iron bowl falling, the water in the bowl splashed on the floor.

“Linger, Linger?”

Hearing an uncertain voice, Tao Linger looked up and hurriedly saw that a woman was looking at her with both anxiety and joy. Then, Linger continued to hold her head, with a painful look on her face.

It was a real torture for her to deal with such a memory. She didn’t expect it to hurt so much. Her head was already painful, and now with the memory flooding in, her head hurt even more.

“Linger, did you survive?! You…what’s wrong with you? Where do you feel uncomfortable?”

The woman approached anxiously, and she was trying to find out what happened. She only saw that Linger was trying to wave her hand with a lot of strength. The woman didn’t know what to do. She just stood there anxiously.

After a long while, Tao Linger gradually became normal, but the back of her head was still hurting.

Seeing the woman’s worried look, Linger tilted her mouth and said, “mother, you can rest assured, I am fine.”

The father of Tao Linger, Li Santie was killed in an accident. Now, she was alone with her mother Lin. Her grandmother, Mrs. Li, firmly believed that Li Santie was cursed by her mother Lin and Tao Linger, that’s why she often let her temper out on both the mother and daughter.


Unfortunately, Lin was a weak woman, and Tao Linger was a timid girl, there was no way they could live a comfortable life with Li’s constant bullying.

“Why make such a noise in the middle of the night? Is anyone dying!?”

Li’s sharp voice stormed outside the door. She went to the door to see the iron bowl that had just been knocked over by Lin. She frowned and went right up to kick it.

The iron bowl rolled over on the floor, and it was full of water. Lin’s newly washed clothes were splashed.

Fortunately, it was summer, she didn’t take it as a big deal.

“Grandma, is there something?”

In the dark, Tao Linger’s eyes were focused on Li who was coming in angrily. Her clear voice sounded a bit eerie in the lonesome darkness.

Li originally thought that Tao Linger had already died. After all, during the daytime, she invited several doctors to see how she was. She had to spent quite a lot of money, but nobody could save her.


She said, “both this mother and daughter can only cause me to lose money!” She felt really mad and beat Lin up.


Today, in the middle of the night, she was still not sound asleep. She was really pissed off and now she had a good excuse to beat Lin up.

Seeing that Tao Linger was sitting up on her heated earth bed and was looking straight at her. She felt scared and asked, “you…you, are you a ghost or a human?”

“Grandma, once you touch it, you’d know!”


Afterwards, Tao Linger slowly came down from the heated earth bed.

She set one foot on the ground, then another. Taking one step at a time, she headed toward Li’s direction.

This chain of action was done very slowly. It’s not only because Linger felt very painful on her head, she did this also to deliberately scare the old woman.

Unknown fear can kill, not to mention waiting in this darkness. There was now even a pair of black eyes staring at her, she could feel the evil smile through her eyes.

During this hot summer, Li felt a stream of cold air behind her back, her lips began to shiver.

“You…you…don’t come over, Lin, Lin, I will settle this tomorrow with you. I will go to sleep first!”

Li ran away quickly, with her legs still trembling. With a disdainful smile, Tao Linger stopped at the right moment.

“How could you? How could you scare your grandma like that? Later, she will beat you up again. You still haven’t recovered from your injury. Now, what to do?”

Lin was full of worries, this showed how much of a coward she was. Tao Linger could not help but sigh.

If you’re too nice, you will be bullied by people. Just like a nice horse will always be rode. If this went on, sooner or later they would be killed by Li.

It was not the first time that Lin belittled herself in front of Li. Not only Li was becoming more and more mean, she had no mercy toward Lin and Linger at all. If so, why should they continue belittling themselves?


“Mother, don’t worry, there is a solution to everything. It is important that we sleep well first.”

“Sigh…” It is as if Lin didn’t agree with what Linger said, but she was helpless. She said, “go back to your bed. I will take some water to wash your feet now.”

Looking at Lin leaving, Tao Linger knew that some deep-rooted thoughts could not be changed in a short while, she shook her head and convinced herself to take things slowly.

Li’s good night was disrupted by an eerie sound. She yelled, “Tao Linger, get up! How did you dare to scare me last night? I am going to get you this time!”

Li kicked open the door furiously. She thought about what had happened the whole night and couldn’t sleep. And finally, she understood that Tao Linger was trying to scare her! She was outrageous. While Lin just left, here Li came.


Although Lin was weak, in the end she was an adult and she had lived more than half of her life. If she wanted to toughen up, she could as well.

Today, she made up her mind to teach Tao Linger a lesson. Therefore, she waited for Lin to go to work in the field and rushed to find Linger.

Although she was old, she could perfectly deal with a wounded young girl.

“Grandma, good morning!

Tao Linger smiled and her smile formed a sharp contrast with Li’s fierce look on her face.

“You little bastard, you stole things during the day and you tried to scare me at night. Now, let’s see how I will kill you!”

Li, being such a rude and uneducated woman, wouldn’t understand it if someone told her to stay nice to someone who was smiling at you. She only thought that the reason Tao Linger smiled was because she’s afraid of herself. And that she wanted to beg her pardon.

But it was too late!

Li picked up a broom and went straight to Tao Linger. There was dust everywhere, and Li even hit on the wound of Linger’s head.

Feeling the sharp pain at the back of her head, Tao Linger’s face went pale. She did not want to bear any sequela after this hitting. It was her head and she couldn’t afford anything going wrong with it.

Not caring about how dirty it was, Tao Linger reached out the broom and grabbed it. Li wasn’t aware of what Linger was doing and she made a few steps backward. She loosened her grip on the broom.

“Tao Linger, you!”


Linger hit the broom unrelentingly on Li’s head. Li yelled with pain. She was covering her head, almost swearing. Tao Linger smiled lightly and gave her another strike.

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