The Spoilt Village Beauty – Chapter 4 – The Disgusting Man

There was only one sigh left, Lin stood up and walked toward the door.

When looking at the back of Lin, Tao Linger bit her lips and was not particularly delightful.

Although it has only been one day since she got into this weird world, Tao Linger already knew very clearly what kind of a person Li was.

There was not a single man in the third family. As what the head of the village said, they were an orphan and a widow. It made sense why they were bullied so often. However, Tao Linger did not want to live like this anymore, not for one more day.

She had to find a way to stand on her own as soon as possible, this way, she could also save her mother from so much suffering.

After making up her mind, Tao Linger briefly cleaned up herself, and when Lin finished cooking, she quietly finished her meal and went back to her room.

In these hot summer days, it was particularly sunny at noon. You could sweat even by making two steps outside. No one went out at this hour to work on the farm.

Taking advantage of this hour when nobody was out, Tao Linger sneaked out and relied on her own memory to look for a river in a remote area.

The way she was being treated at the Li family was bad. There was only arguing and beating in the house every single day. Especially under this weather, it was impossible to take a bath properly.

In the morning, after fighting with Grandma Li and Li Daniu, she wanted to find a place to take a bath. Now that the river was so clear, Tao Linger cheered, took off her clothes and jumped into the river.

Being inside the cool water, it was the first time Tao Linger felt so comfortable.


After she washed herself thoroughly, Tao Linger got up reluctantly. She thought to herself that she had to come back here for a bath in the future. When she turned back, an unknown object flew above her head.

She put on her clothes briefly, she tried not to care what it was, but the unknown object was approaching her. Gradually, there came a human figure.

It was a man!

Tao Linger got so scared that her legs were trembling. Was this a dead person?

It was a remote and deserted area. Suddenly, there was a dead body, and it was even in the river where she had just bathed. The more she thought, the more petrified she was.

They all said that when it was at noon, you shouldn’t go to the river to take a shower, because there was a ghost who would pull you down.

Tao Linger didn’t believe in these tales before, but as the man got closer and closer, she unconsciously took a step back and wondered if she should just run.

She looked around and saw a big tree next to her. It was as if she found a savior. She quickly ran over and hugged the tree with all her strength. There was no one who could pull her away from it.

The man was floating toward the shore and didn’t move, neither did Linger.

Suddenly, the man’s arm moved, his mouth squirmed, and he seemed to be talking.

It seemed that he hasn’t died?

Tai Linger tried to sum up her courage and slowly approached to the man.

“Save…save me…”

The man had a weak voice. Although Tao Linger was a bit scared, seeing that the man was in a difficult situation, and that he had a handsome face, she tried to let down her fear.

However, it was not the time to sigh yet. She tried very hard to drag the man under the tree, and without hesitation, she took off the thin clothes of the man.


Although the man was injured, and he didn’t have a lot of consciousness, he still knew what Tao Linger was doing.

At the moment, he felt a bit shy. As a man, he was being stripped off by a woman. And the woman didn’t feel ashamed at all. It seemed that…she was used to doing stuff like this.

The man suddenly felt an unknown rage inside him, but before he could speak, he fell unconscious again.

“Hey, hello…you wake up…”

Tao Linger reached out and smacked the man’s face, but he did not show any signs of waking up, so she gave up after a short while.

She checked the upper body of the man carefully, the injury on his abdomen was the most serious, it could be described as a bloody mess.

Tao Linger had never seen such a serious injury, and suddenly she was afraid of it.

But she also couldn’t just walk away. If she did, the man would surely die.

After biting her teeth, Tao Linger tried to clean up the wound and ran back and forth between the river and the big tree.

For a long while, the wound was cleaned up. It didn’t look as bad as before. Now, Tao Linger was exhausted and she was sweating again.

She frowned and thought that it might still take some time before the man woke up again. She jumped into the river again and decided to take another bath.

“Ah ah ah!”

“What the hell are you screaming for?”

“You…you…when did you wake up?”

“When you went down the river.”

“You – you’re a thief! You’re disgusting!”

Although she was not completely naked, it was still unacceptable for her to be seen bathing by a man.

The man was expressionless. If it was not because he was wounded, Tao Linger could have given him a fist right now.

“I thought you were not ashamed.”

The man snorted, and his eyes were full of disdain.

“What do you mean?” Tao Linger walked quickly toward the man and said with a high gesture, “I just saved you. If it wasn’t me, you would have died already. Is this how you should act toward your savior?”

While her body was still wet, Tao Linger stood in front of the man. Her clothes were sticking onto her body. There was even water dropping from her soaked clothes.

But Tao Linger did not care about all these. What she had now was a strong tone and motion.

Looking at the messy wounds in the abdomen, the man said with a smile, “I have never seen a woman like you.”

“What about a woman like me? I am telling you – I really hate men like you!”


Before the man could reply, Tao Linger squinted at the wound in his abdomen, and said, “it seems now that you’re in a much better condition. I don’t think I’m staying any longer then, goodbye.”

She picked up her coat and draped it on herself, then turned around and walked towards the village.

Behind her, the man looked thoughtfully at the back of Linger.

Tao Linger had wanted to take a bath only before hurrying back to the village, with what had happened, she would surely be late.

She tried to speed up on her way back. Seeing that there were no people yet, she quickly returned to her home, only to see that Lin was sitting alone on the bedside, weeping.

Tao Linger shook her head helplessly and said, “mom, I am back.”

“Linger, you…Where have you been? You know how worried I was?!”

Lin held Linger and her body was trembling.

“Mom, I am alright, I just went to the river to take a bath.”

She stroked her mum’s back and gently pushed her away.

It’s too hot to hug together.


“You went to the river?” Lin wiped her tears and raised her voice, “going to the river at noon is forbidden. Why don’t you know how to avoid this kind of taboo? If anything happens to you, how am I supposed to survive?!”

Her tears were falling down again. Tao Linger quickly rushed to her mother and held her tightly, she said, “mum, I’m really ok. See, I am standing in front of you, right? Don’t cry anymore or you will damage your eyes.”

Tao Linger knew that her mother really cared about her. She couldn’t feel anything but helpless.

She went to the river to take a bath and rescued an ungrateful man. Then, after returning to the house, she had to comfort her mother and now she’s sweating again. The two baths that she took had completely gone in vain.


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