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Sairin Yuusha no Fukushuu Hanashi 76 – Teaser


5-1  Midnight Visitor



A veil of darkness has fallen on Leytesha.

The grasslands that surround the Peter Religious State had been engulfed in the dead of night.

In there, the Holy City of Schmelz, which was surrounded by its great snow-white gates, was the only thing to shine with white light.


A huge mansion has risen from the ground of the ‘Holy District’, bathed by moonlight.

A lovely, beastly voice echoed through one of its rooms.

The furious outcry slowly turned into a shrill, until it eventually stopped.




A scent sweet enough to melt one’s brain drifted about in that room. A man in there snapped his fingers as if to distract the voice.

Several female demihumans had lost their consciousness and came tumbling to the floor, and the man had rudely placed his foot over one of them.

The man combed his short, yellowish-green hair backward with his fingers and let out a sigh.


The thing he had been doing to his heart’s content had been set back by an unforeseen interference.

And those two who ran the orphanage –George and Lily– still had a lot to do.


“Those idiots…”


The man –Marx Pietro Sandalphon– frustratedly uttered those words in a low voice as he trampled the woman’s head underfoot.


Before, there had been plans to sweep everything under the rug, even if the existence of the orphanage were to be discovered.

No one would be able to figure out that George or himself had anything to do even if the orphanage’s basement were to be searched from top to bottom.

He had been conducting his investigation in that orphanage, but there was no evidence that would lead to him there.


So that wasn’t an issue.

The question was, what happened to those two?

There were slight traces of battle in the orphanage’s basement.


Marx’s estimation was that those two were attacked by someone and were already dead.

Then, who had killed them?

Marx still was lacking crucial information.

They would use the Knights Templar to conduct an official investigation, and their subordinates to gather information behind the scenes.


That was what was irritating Marx.


“A… Ah.”


Suddenly, the woman at his feet let out a feeble groan.

She was a werewolf that had been kidnapped several months ago.

Her long, beautiful limbs were covered in so many wounds that it would make anyone look away instantly.

Her eyes, which had sparkled like a pair of jewels, had long lost their light.


“Shut up… Who said you could open your mouth?”


Marx kicked the werewolf woman in the stomach.

Even though her eyes were open, she was still unconscious, so she showed no signs of feeling any pain.

Almost as if her lack of response alone meant that he was allowed to, Marx continued to kick the woman over and over.


“Can’t you at least react? Huh? This is boring, come on, entertain me!”


“Ack… ugh…”


Then, at the last minute…

Marx’s thick fingers were tightening up around the woman’s neck.

Her white skin was starting to swell up with blood, foam was starting to come out of her mouth, and her eyes looked as if they were about to pop out of her sockets. Then…


“Mr. Marx, sir.”


The door opened and a man came in.

It was one of Marx’s subordinates, a member of the Knights Templar.


“Don’t go interrupting people when they’re enjoying themselves! Lord Melt has said so himself! Honor your superiors, for crying out loud! Do you think you’re so important that you can afford to bother me? Eh!?”


Marx blurted out his anger as he grabbed a nearby ashtray and threw it at his subordinate.

The terrified man apologized nervously and quickly left the room.


“…Get out of my sight, you incompetent lowlife.”


Having said that, Marx let go of the woman’s neck.

His subordinate’s interference has killed the mood for him.

He squinted at the werewolf women lying on the floor with contempt.


“You unsightly beasts.”


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