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Chapter 136 Caught up in trouble


Although I wasn’t willing to let my classmates call me the “faux supernatural”*, word always spreads. I didn’t get long to enjoy my peaceful school life before what I’d done in front of our dorm got out.


Later on I investigated. The first one to spill the beans was one of the security guards at the school.


After the rumors spread, more classmates came up to me asking different questions every single day. For example, questions about their future, their love lives. People asked me to read their palms and faces, or literomancy. Basically, they treated me like a hokey fortune teller.


Although foretelling the future was technically also a Daoist skill, it wasn’t something I was personally skilled in. My stepfather Master Liu understood some fortune telling, but it wasn’t something he claimed proficiency in so he refused to teach me to prevent misunderstandings in the future.


Of course other than people hunting me down for fortune telling purposes there were also people curious about the reasoning behind the dispelling ritual itself, asking if I intended to capture the old lady ghost. In the end I was forced to tell them that I was doing rituals for the dorm just as a demonstration, and that I didn’t have any real skills.


Saying this managed to drive away some of the people asking me questions, but others were more persistent. Notably, Xiong Ying and Gao Xinying.


Because I’d written a peace amulet for Gao Xinying, he stubbornly clung to the idea that I not only knew Daoist magic but was an absolute master at it. Day after day he pleaded with me to teach him some “real skills” so he could learn how to defeat monsters and ghosts.


Xiong Ying, on the other hand, had heard stories from You Xiaoqing about me, so she was also committed to the idea that I knew magic. Instead of bothering me about learning some for herself, though, she just nagged me to tell her ghost stories, and then overwhelmed me with a bunch of follow-up questions. For example, can a Daoist master have a girlfriend? Get married? Have kids? Would the kids be trained in Daoist magic too?


Basically, all these questions contributed greatly to my annoyance in that period of time.


Winter had arrived. Another month and we’d have a winter break and then Chinese New Year. It was almost half a year since I arrived in high school.


*Literal translation is actually “god stick”, but I thought this was more appropriate for context.

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