Welcoming Party

“Tiara, are you tired?”

”No, but thank you for asking, Aqua-sama”


 Aquasteed gently wraps his arms around Tiararose while slowly stroking her hair. She felt relieved by this action as if all of her worries were being washed away.

 After arriving at Marineforest, she had met the heroine Aishira. That terribly rattled Tiararose, making her even more scared.


 Coming to the end of their 20 days of travel, they have finally arrived at the royal palace so Tiararose is now resting in her room.

 She is scheduled to greet the king and the other nobles after tomorrow. Right now, the anxious Tiararose spends her free time being pampered by Aquasteed.


“Tell me immediately if you need something, okay?”

“Thank you”


 Aquasteed surveyed the room, pondering if everything is complete. However, since all of her essentials has..………..Continue Reading


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